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diray-education #9283492374273 satiocity !!qbmiCLxXVM # OP 24/01/20 Птн 19:50:25 3337521
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at this time i have only this :c БВИ ИТМО

and i want to get some international olympics diploma (technically i already have one, but it is only participation-proof and it was low-level InTeRnAtIoNaL olympiad (CIS countries + baltics + china + ukraine) )

+ randompic
satiocity !!qbmiCLxXVM 24/01/20 Птн 20:26:04 3337742
#Day 1

Sup, yesterday I have done some bureaucracy stuff for the final of another competition :c
Ruined all day for that stuff. But at least read the first chapter of Concrete Mathematics by Knuth.

satiocity !!qbmiCLxXVM 25/01/20 Суб 10:57:55 3340063
#Day 2 (1 PM)

So, I just checked the video about the pizza cutting problem from the small mehmat of MSU. I wasn't really understanding this problem before and I think this is good patch for my knowledge.

P.S.: Yes I am in EKB Timezone :3

Since this moment, there will be just ping-stuff from me (with day and time) and a full log of the day that will be named like this #Day N
satiocity !!qbmiCLxXVM 25/01/20 Суб 11:33:03 3340134
#Day 2 (1:30 PM)

I read another one chapter of Concrete Mathematics.
Started to read about Joseph Flavius Problem, but it is kinda hard :(
Аноним 25/01/20 Суб 11:33:56 3340145
Аноним 25/01/20 Суб 11:34:33 3340156
Или "are" там надо было ставить сука
Аноним 29/01/20 Срд 18:42:02 3355327
Nope, but I have couple friends that actually got in MIT and CalTech with the need-blind grant (they are from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus) and they are PoOr (like me kek)

As I understood, default pack for this: International Olympiad or ISEF, but anyways it is so fucking hard (for example MIT apply only 3 international students every year) and probably when I play Minecraft, my dear friend from China solving hundreds of tasks (and I want to do the same thing since start of this thread)
Аноним 29/01/20 Срд 18:48:37 3355338
#Day 3 (it was yesterday)

Tryna to write some article about my winter holidays in Letovo International School, but mY aRtIcLe KiNdA sUcKs :c

Deanonomisation: I am in 8th grade
#Day 4 satiocity !!qbmiCLxXVM 30/01/20 Чтв 17:07:15 3358479
1580282340055.png (2670Кб, 4125x2400)
I found a cool picture from /sci/ 4chan thread, maybe someone need it.
Why there are no posts for 3 days? satiocity !!qbmiCLxXVM 05/02/20 Срд 15:30:21 33742210
I was on mathematical olympiad in Innopolis. No diploma :(, but top 5.
satiocity !!qbmiCLxXVM 16/02/20 Вск 15:01:53 34169511
Hello guys, I am accepted to IB school.
Continuing to solve USACO problems
#Day 6 satiocity !!qbmiCLxXVM 18/02/20 Втр 19:50:52 34229112
Just solved the first chapter of USACO :)

Broken Beads was extra hard, but I finally solved it
The next chapter is waiting!
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