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Сап. У меня появилась идея перевести монолог Аноним 10/10/19 Чтв 19:51:19 4420331
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Сап. У меня появилась идея перевести монолог идущего к реке, помогите исправить ошибки и подкорректировать текст чтобы сделать его тип более живым что ли
I am so overflowing in my cogniting, like i've been living for a hundred trillion of millions years on trillions and trillions of planets like this one. I’ve understood this world fully, utterly, and now I'm looking for just one thing - it's peace, like, appeasement, harmony from connecting with the infinitely eternal, from contemplating this great fractal likeness and this wonderful unity of being, splendid interconnection of the endless, everlasting existence, present wherever you look: look in the deep - see the infinitely small, look in the upward - see the infinitely big.

And you still speak to me about this and that the whole shabang, go, keep bustling about, for these are your priorities and your way, and your horizon of your knowledge and being of your nature. And your horizon is disproportionately smaller than mine, get me?

I’m like I’m the deep elder one, immortal, I mean I’m already almost immortal. I’ve been here since the planet was born, when the Sun had just formed like a star. And when stellar nursery, I mean after the Big Bang, when some coacervates and planets started to form, see? I’ve been living there for like almost five billions years. I know this place inside and out, backwards and forwards, the whole word, but you tell me something like..

I don’t care about your cars, yachts, houses, material goods. I was an infinite set in this Universe. I was better than Caesar and better than Napoleon and better than all famous people, do you understand? Of course somewhen and somewhere I was mean and the worst, worse than now. I feel all this number of states. Somewhere I was like a flower, somewhere like a bird or a worm maybe, somewhere I was like a coagulated stone. It is the soul, get me?

It has completely diverse aspects of similarity, an infinite set. But you never get this, so, let you go. In this world we live like with different feelings, with different aspirations, so, we have different priorities, like we live in completely different worlds.

So, I wish you to have the best cars and the best girls spreading their legs in front of you and I wish you to sail on the best yachts and fly on the best planes and you can do whatever you want, and if you have no ideas then ask me, I could hint you, on every your idea I can tell you a million new ones.

But now I walk like I’m an deep elder one who saw an ethernity. I’ve touched the divinity. I’ve become a God-like and I aspire in this infinite ethernal. I’m being in peace and harmony. That is all. That’s difference between us.

Well, then you are, so to speak, more active, like this woodpecker hollowing, or an ant that is very active in its path. So our paths diverge, I mean they have verges of similarity of course, because everything is one, but, yeah, I absolutely understand you but you hardly me. Like you are just a one little particle of me, so, ok, go, get out of here and I’ll go to enjoy beautiful autumn sunset on the riverbank.
Аноним 10/10/19 Чтв 19:58:41 4420342
бамп в надежде что кто то поможет
Аноним 10/10/19 Чтв 20:45:40 4420383
>>442033 (OP)
Я не помогу, но если захочешь ещё что-нибудь перевести, переведи fucking mouth of this casino
Аноним 13/02/20 Чтв 23:11:35 4618634
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>>442033 (OP)

Слишком литературно, просто добавь матершины и будет ок.
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