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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Napue#The_terrible_sufferings_of_the_civil_population Аноним 14/01/21 Чтв 10:36:35 7179051
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>The human losses did not end at this, for after the battle the situation turned to hell for the civil population. The Russian soldiers were allowed to "do whatever they wanted to". Almost all the women were raped, people were killed and tortured for no reason, houses were burnt, and robbing of possessions and cattle was widespread
>The command on Peter the Great was not to occupy but to make the region impossible for living. In that sense, a huge number of young children were captured and taken as slaves to Russia
>So it is no wonder that people in this area have for a long time had some doubts and mistrust concerning Russians. The saying: "A Russian is a Russian even if fried in butter", was based on these terrible collective memories.
>Many of the Swedish authorities considered, as crown prince Adolf Fredrik in 1746, Finland as their storeroom and wall against Russia.[
>Swedish historian, Jonas Nordin from the University of Stockholm stated in 2000, the Finnish part of the kingdom was not properly defended.

>Plundering and raping was widespread, especially in Ostrobothnia and in communities near the major roads. Churches were looted, Isokyrö was burned to the ground
>some 10,000 taken away as slaves, of whom only a few thousand would ever return; According to newer research, the amount of those killed is closer to 20,000.[6] Newer research also estimates the number of slaved children and women to be closer to 30,000.[7]
>Thousands, especially (SWEDISH) officials, also fled to the (relative) safety of Sweden. The poorer peasants hid in the woods to avoid the ravages of the occupiers and their press-gangs.[8
>Atrocities were at their worst between 1714–17 when the Swedish Count Gustaf Otto Douglas, who had defected to the Russian side during the war, was in charge of the occupation

Spasibo spasibo brata :)
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No problem. Contact us if you need to arrange a massacre again
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