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Does Russia need this war? Anonymous  22/06/22 Срд 15:32:09 100445 1
image.png 330Кб, 700x604
In Russia they talk a lot about the successes of the war, but where is the success? The declared plan for the fall of the capital of Ukraine did not materialize in a few days. Can we say that this war is already lost?
Anonymous  22/06/22 Срд 17:46:44 100446 2
Anonymous  22/06/22 Срд 19:21:44 100448 3
Taiwan whose?
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 11:18:19 100486 4
>>100445 (OP)
There was no plan to capture Kyiv, it was a distraction so that reinforcements from Kyiv would not reach the east of the country.
American media said about the capture in 3 days
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 12:08:27 100488 5
>>100445 (OP)
The main goal of the war is to protect the Donbas from shelling, and not to seize territories. We don't need territories. To achieve the main goal, we need to destroy the Ukrainian army and the military industry. The entire military industry is the former industrial centers of the USSR, which are concentrated in the Dobass and Kharkov region. And it is better to destroy the army near our borders, so as not to stretch the qublogistic lines. Read the Art of War - Sun Tzu. Economy is the main part ow this operation
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 23:41:04 100669 6
image.png 457Кб, 1204x1198
>>100445 (OP)
This war don't need. But our government is stupid.
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 15:14:32 100682 7
1651959255161.gif 1998Кб, 280x338
You can doublespeak as much as you want, it's a war. Introducing a law that punishes calling a war doesn't change that. Don't be one of those idiots.
>Only Putin knows what is the plan,
That sounds as stupid as "Only Trump knows the plan. Trust the plan."
These guys aren't great 4d chess players, they wing it day to day, just as you and i.

If it was, it didn't work. Ukraine had 8 years to bring weapons to the south dig in and they did exactly that.

>We don't need territories.
Then why fight 8 weeks for a city with less than 100k families?
This war did nothing good for everyone. Ukraine get's support from every democratic country on the planet, including Switzerland, plus some of the autocratic ones. Finland and Sweden join NATO, Austria thinks about it.
Ukraine has more weapons than ever and it seems to be getting more and more every week.
They even pissed off Germany that is dependent on Russias natgas. All we wanted to do is make our stuff and life a good life, now we have to send PzH2000 and SMArt to Ukraine and we have to buy US natgas and build LNG terminals to get it.
We could have had Nordstream 2 up and running by now, plenty of money for Russia and Germany.

That is the all one can conclude.
Putin and his dudes must have had very wrong information about the capabilities of Ukraine and his own army. Paired with the wish for a greater Russia through conquest, your get this shitshow.
This is what you get if you don't exchange the leaders every 4 years.
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 17:01:34 100686 8
> All we wanted is
> now we have to
Just shake off the American yoke and do what you want
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 17:44:18 100688 9
1656907305360.jpg 81Кб, 791x484
1656927805277.jpg 43Кб, 474x328
What a thoughtful argument.
Meanwhile the west is thinking about the post war order.
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 19:22:05 100693 10
KvMAedmfXVw.jpg 267Кб, 1063x709
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 21:12:39 100698 11
>Just shake off the American yoke and do what you want
Come under r*ssian yoke, we will let you do whatever you want xD nobody believes you you fucking retard xD we are not as stupid as you are xD xD xD
Anonymous  05/07/22 Втр 18:45:40 100716 12
>I live in peace so it is not a war for me
how can you be THIS fucking retarded xD you must be trolling xD
Anonymous  15/09/22 Чтв 05:29:09 103573 13
>>100445 (OP)
This war is already a win.

Globohomo USA is losing.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 11:07:58 103895 14
Russia needed this war.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 11:16:17 103897 15
image.png 275Кб, 460x360
>>100445 (OP)
Don't worry, Russia will not lose this war because Russia cannot lose this war.

There is always last stand plan.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 00:45:45 103956 16
This war starting was already a win for Russia.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 10:28:18 103981 17
This is a good question. The primary objectives were
1) seize natural gas basins around Crimea and Eastern Ukraine
2) prevent Ukraine from developing so Russians don't start thinking why they live like shit anf former USSR countries have developed

Results have been not good so far. Especially forcing EU to stop buying Russian gas and oil must be a great success.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 11:00:03 103982 18
>let me win or I nook
Anon, Russia has already lost this war. Everything built in the last 30 years post-USSR will be over, but don't worry, Russia will win by losing. Argentina "lost" the Falklands war, but they got rid of dictatorship, meanwhile UK was stuck with Margaret Thatcher. Russians will live like the rest of Europe 20 years from now. Imagine living the good life with working roads, consumer goods, and free travel to all of Europe. The best part is that EU and USA will invest a lot of money to keep a similar situation from happening again. All Russia has to do is transition to liberal democracy and give up nukes.
23/09/22 Птн 11:42:07 103985 19
Фитиль 90 Совес[...].webm 9599Кб, 480x320, 00:02:13
>Everything built in the last 30 years post-USSR will be over,
So nothing lost, nothing to lose then.

A small Soviet cartoon about NATO conscience.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 11:48:52 103986 20
Sorry, what is the point of that cartoon? I don't speak Russian, and I have about two competing interpretations.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 18:01:27 104005 21
Russia already tried to be pro-Western in the 90-00s. As a result, it was almost destroyed from the inside by Western officials, and from the "profits" it received only the sale of oil, gas and resources for a penny, which had already been stolen after February 24th
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 19:28:42 104008 22
ukraine1week.png 638Кб, 1386x1000
I don't know if the Russians are allowed to know the truth since there are media as foreign agents (with some justification when concerning some sites being white propaganda by USA or pro-USA) and they have blocked sites but since Berlusconi was interviewed by Italians and the guy is friends with Putin.

They wanted to change the government by taking Kiev in 1 week but now since it didn't work, they get compensation prize of Donbass + Kherson + Zaporizhzhia if they can hold it out. Their Russian president has to justify the causalities with something.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 20:11:39 104012 23
>They wanted to change the government by taking Kiev in 1 week
No. There would've been very same people just without teeth like in Georgia.
>compensation prize
That's not a prize. They've tried to shove Donbass back into Ukraine since 2014. Now they have to take them otherwise people will have their heads on pikes.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 21:22:30 104022 24
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 22:57:50 104030 25
It wasn't the west that decided to loot the corpse of the USSR, or were the oligarchs from the west? No. This was former Soviet officials fucking over their own country to get rich.
Anonymous  24/09/22 Суб 00:51:36 104035 26
вижу слышу скажу.jpg 167Кб, 879x659
>Where i'm wrong?
You are replying to local schiz.
Anonymous  26/09/22 Пнд 14:57:07 104180 27
Anonymous  26/09/22 Пнд 15:52:27 104184 28

Well... Do you consider Israel "west"?
Anonymous  26/09/22 Пнд 22:11:30 104196 29
>they get compensation prize of Donbass + Kherson + Zaporizhzhia if they can hold it out
except Ukraine will never agree to any peacedeal or ceasefire until pre-2014 borders are restored and can keep amassing NATO gear for as long as they wish
Anonymous  26/09/22 Пнд 23:40:51 104205 30
What does that have to do with Soviet oligarchs?
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 20:02:24 104248 31
image 851Кб, 1280x960
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 21:39:59 104253 32

Oh, nothing. They're all jewish, but that doesn't matter? They literally are dual citizens of both Russia and Israel and many of them live in Israel. They all have jewish names. But that probably doesn't matter?
Anonymous  28/09/22 Срд 00:48:13 104270 33
Anonymous  28/09/22 Срд 06:02:14 104274 34
Anonymous  28/09/22 Срд 13:34:05 104295 35
Anonymous  29/09/22 Чтв 10:33:19 104326 36
Anonymous  29/09/22 Чтв 16:46:01 104359 37
>>100445 (OP)
> Can we say that this war is already lost?
It was lost three days after it had begun.
Anonymous  01/10/22 Суб 00:07:20 104440 38
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