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I am a good Russian. Ask me what you want. Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 17:17:34 101257 1
kohler.png 22Кб, 593x584
I am a good Russian.
Ask me what you want.
Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 18:05:01 101259 2
>>101257 (OP)
у тебя попка розевая или каричневая?
Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 20:52:24 101266 3
1656428692.5343[...].jpeg 76Кб, 602x803
Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 21:14:54 101267 4
>>101257 (OP)
Why all memes in /po/ revolve about roosters, pigs and why are Russian called pig farmer by Ukrainian. What does a rooster mean?
Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 21:57:16 101268 5
Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 22:00:18 101269 6
This is an old insult of Soviet prisons (it originated in the gulags). In soviet and modern russian prisons, passive homosexuals were called by "cool" convicts as "rooster". Rooster is a cocky, impudent bird, that's why they were called that.
Now not much is known about the criminal etymology of the word, but but if you ever find yourself in a Russian prison, use this word only in relation to the lowest stratum of the Russian prison hierarchy.
theme name  27/07/22 Срд 23:55:09 101271 7
A good Russian would not say he is a good Russian, he would just quietly sell out and exterminate his fellow comrades without requiring any form of credit or payment for his superiors, like a good slut.
Anonymous  28/07/22 Чтв 00:02:59 101273 8
Joe Biden Confr[...].mp4 9624Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:25
Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 12:38:18 101330 9
Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 14:12:34 101332 10
Do you suck dicks? Can you do a barrel roll?
Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 14:12:53 101333 11
Do you suck dicks? Can you do a barrel roll?
Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 16:48:42 101336 12
Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 17:26:50 101337 13
No such thing as a good r*ssian, you are all subhuman beasts
30/07/22 Суб 03:25:21 101363 14
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 09:25:34 101373 15
yes its true, but dont come to russia they are racis
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 11:28:08 101375 16
I'm not the OP. It might be cheaper in absolute values, but people struggle to pay the bills. Many are being paid like 30,000 rubles a month, and pensioners get even less than that. Also, they do their best not to pay pensions, my mom doesn't get hers, and her parents weren't getting theirs too even though they'd become pensioners in the USSR and had been receiving pensions in the USSR. By the way, this is one of the reasons why I'm not employed: you work all your life and you get nothing in return in the end.

tldr some things are cheaper because we are poorer, but many things aren't cheaper
30/07/22 Суб 21:01:20 101393 17
I don´t think you can live with less than a €1.000 a month in Spain, the minimum wage is €950, you can pay bills but not go eating out with that, I am not that sure it is as cheap as the blogger says.

If you want to live like Americans who only live for money but don´t have time to spend it, ok, be my guess, what that blogger calls lazy I call it quality of life.
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 21:10:00 101394 18
>I don´t think you can live with less than a €1.000 a month in Spain
>€950, you can pay bills but not go eating out with that
Dude, going out to eat is not "unable to live". You can live on self-cooked food much cheaper than when "going eating out". 2ch is full of discussions and advices on that, because that's pretty much how 2/3 of Russians (at least) live.
30/07/22 Суб 21:27:13 101397 19
Spain is full of restaurants and bars, going to the bar is part of being Spanish, that is what apparently some foreigners call "being lazy".
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 22:28:09 101402 20
>going to the bar is part of being Spanish
Ah, Spain, where even would-be-2chers socialize every other day in a bar.
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 22:47:58 101403 21
Anonymous  31/07/22 Вск 07:37:14 101413 22
> going to the bar is part of being Spanish
I'd say paying for entertainment is part of being well-paid. Also, same is for paying for digital content, going abroad, paying for hobbies and education, ...
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 08:44:29 101554 23
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 12:53:00 101562 24
Accept yourself and your kinks
Anonymous  08/08/22 Пнд 02:28:47 101699 25
Теперь это твоя судьба. Попробуешь перестать - будет только хуже.
Anonymous  08/08/22 Пнд 21:40:30 101723 26
Anonymous  08/08/22 Пнд 22:40:15 101725 27
Anonymous  08/08/22 Пнд 23:01:58 101727 28
theme name  09/08/22 Втр 02:35:45 101730 29
>actively trying to become a pedophile in Russia
Good idea or nah?
Anonymous  09/08/22 Втр 02:40:02 101731 30
If it's the best logical move.
Anonymous  10/08/22 Срд 04:44:37 101767 31
Anonymous  10/08/22 Срд 09:51:53 101774 32
What's a pedopaul?

I don't think I am one, but I will learn.
Anonymous  10/08/22 Срд 12:10:23 101776 33
Glad to hear you've liked Kotka! I prefer Lappeenranta, but Kotka is super nice too.
Anonymous  10/08/22 Срд 14:32:37 101779 34
russian power.png 234Кб, 587x447
Anonymous  10/08/22 Срд 19:42:04 101792 35
Does Kotka has anything to do with kalakotkas? Those were super-popular on 2ch many years ago.
Anonymous  15/08/22 Пнд 07:41:40 101925 36
Ya. Kotka = Eagle, Kalakotka = Fish eagle. As simple as that.
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 17:23:38 101983 37
>is this true?
If you eat gas and ride on water.
Anonymous  19/08/22 Птн 02:41:56 102035 38
Jordan Peterson[...].mp4 9263Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:17
1) What's the English fluency of the average 2ch anon?
2) How many years do you have obligatory foreign language at school?
3)How are you forced to learn the Latin script?
4)Does your foreign media gets most of the time dubbed to Russian or subbed?
Thanks in advance
Anonymous  19/08/22 Птн 11:46:41 102058 39
1) average is relatively poor, but nearly all 2chers understand at least the basics
2) don't quite remember, maybe seven (classes 5-11?)
3) everyone studies a foreign language at school (usually english, sometimes german, french or spanish), so the script comes naturally. even if the language is learned at piss-poor level, at least the script is understood by everyone. foreign script is actually the smallest problem when learning a language, you would know if learned russian
4) almost universally dubbed
Anonymous  24/08/22 Срд 15:29:12 102346 40
Anonymous  24/08/22 Срд 16:31:18 102350 41
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 11:52:12 102408 42
I remember my math teacher teaching us some Latin script, but these days it seems they have foreign language lessons since the 2nd grade -- long before when one needs Latin letters in math.
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 18:52:44 102416 43
Atomnoe-pravosl[...].jpg 136Кб, 666x756
Our country does not have the high degree of anglization and enslavement by Western masters that you have, so this is a very strange question. There are many products in Russia, not only cultural, but also from the field of IT, which have a basis in Russian going along with English (equally). That is why English is not in such high demand as western slaves like your country.

The same statement applies to China. But compared to Russia, most Chinese cultural and IT products are not translated into English at all.

I hope this information was helpful to you. Have a nice day:)
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 00:00:26 102428 44
I've asked because there are people in /po/ that can't somehow read the screenshots of news in English. It's different from the Russians in 4chan.

In my area, we need English to search in Medline database and search engines like PubMed and read international society guidelines - Americans and European scientific societies that some including Russian scientific society. Knowledge is constantly updated and no one is going to translate every article to European Portuguese. Plus there is sometimes international guests here to do some lectures, they do in English.
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 01:21:51 102429 45
In that case these people are either too lazy or too young to know about Yandex. The Yandex neural network (also a Russian product) is good at translating pictures into Russian, both from complex languages such as Chinese and primitive languages such as English. CTRL+C by pictures, CTRL+V in the translator window. You can set up text blocks or line translations.
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 01:31:39 102430 46
image.png 223Кб, 808x615
image.png 61Кб, 1124x436
image.png 51Кб, 1139x342
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 03:33:53 102512 47
That's good because it lets you save translated OCR photos. Google Lens (at least on web) doesn't do it.
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 12:21:59 102516 48
And after this, russians are fascists? Understandable, have a nice day.
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 13:23:19 102519 49
russian are best dont listen towestern fags
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 16:02:21 102525 50
Danke, you too. I hope this xenophobia end soon
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 17:20:19 102529 51
>you too
thanks, but iam already russian
Anonymous  30/08/22 Втр 10:44:53 102541 52
>>101257 (OP)
>Ask me what you want.
Why do so few Russians emigrate to Australia?

>18,278 (by birth, 2011)[1]
>74,317 (by ancestry, 2011)[1]

It's basically a rounding error, every other nation has more.
Anonymous  31/08/22 Срд 16:06:59 102578 53
All we sanes do. I'm glad an average Finn (98 %) of pop - including myself can't separate Ukrainian language from Russian, so you don't face much xenophobia by that here. Russian license plates on cars are unfortunately another deal...
Anonymous  31/08/22 Срд 16:10:40 102579 54
ChoolburraSeanB[...].png 209Кб, 300x485
They're afraid of toilet sneks and ceiling spders. That's also why I avoid even thinking about Australia.
Anonymous  31/08/22 Срд 17:47:00 102585 55
>Why do so few Russians emigrate to Australia?

If a Russian wants to live in a waterless desert, where children must be circumcised, then the choice will be made between Israel and the post-Soviet Central Asian republics. Simply because there are quite a lot of Russian speakers there.

>They're afraid of toilet sneks and ceiling spders. That's also why I avoid even thinking about Australia.

Russia has its own terrible insects. The butterfly calyptra thalictri drinks blood. Gadflies can arrange myiasis and get into your brain. Karakurt is little inferior in venom to the black widow. We also have our own giant Asian hornets. Only in Russia, Stomoxys calcitrans can tolerate anthrax in addition to Staphylococcus and tularemia. The water scorpion can swim, run and fly. Ticks carry contagious diseases, primarily tick-borne encephalitis. This disease affects the human nervous system and manifests itself in the form of muscle cramps, vomiting, blurring of consciousness. Eventually, it can lead to hallucinations, paralysis of the whole body and death.
Anonymous  11/09/22 Вск 18:43:07 103331 56
Why do part of Russians have an Ukrainian family member or cousin? It's due to internal migrations to Moscow or something or deportations in USSR?
Anonymous  11/09/22 Вск 19:09:44 103332 57
Of course due to internal migrations
Anonymous  15/09/22 Чтв 21:19:00 103625 58
Because since the time of the Rurikovichi, Russians have lived there. The name Little Russia seems to hint.
It was only during the Civil War of 1917 that the Polish Uniate sect, with the support of the Austrians, loudly declared itself, and the Bolsheviks pumped up this sect with resources, trying to make it their puppet. So Lenin's government recognized Ukraine as a state, and Stalin's government carried out Ukrainization, within the framework of which a holodomor of the ethnically Russian population was arranged. Also, the Russian educated population of the cities was subjected to repression and was replaced by illiterate peasants, who were easily convinced even that they were Ukrainians, Martians or elves.
During the Second World War, the Uniate sect contacted the Reich through the Austrians and helped collaborators. For example, Khrushchev was recruited through his wife to save collaborators from being shot. After the war, already in 1957, when Khrushchev became general Secretary, he released all Ukrainian and Baltic Nazi criminals and helped them become part of the government of those regions.
Since then, anti-Russian propaganda has been strengthening in the Ukrainian SSR, and after the collapse of the USSR it became the basis of the policy of the Ukrainian government.
After 2014, when the United States decided to overthrow the greedy Yanukovych (he refused to sell the country cheaply and tried to balance between Moscow and Washington), the best American specialists were already engaged in propaganda.
And all this together has led to the current military conflict. It's good that Russia is not Yugoslavia and Americans are afraid to bomb our cities with nuclear weapons.
Anonymous  16/09/22 Птн 02:45:58 103638 59
>>101257 (OP)
Tell me good russian sites to download stuff from
I want to get russian audio books specifically
Like dostoevsky and Tolstoy and chekov
Anonymous  16/09/22 Птн 11:27:27 103645 60
Anonymous  17/09/22 Суб 00:15:29 103680 61
>children must be circumcised
Anonymous  18/09/22 Вск 01:49:17 103703 62
Anonymous  18/09/22 Вск 07:34:58 103707 63
Anonymous  19/09/22 Пнд 06:50:23 103740 64
No how, you are sucky murican, your are not allowed.
Anonymous  19/09/22 Пнд 17:26:14 103750 65
V Avstralii obyazatelnoe obrezanie dlya vseh novorozdennih
Anonymous  20/09/22 Втр 01:49:29 103762 66
Can the Russian prisoners join PMC Wagner in Ukraine with HIV/AIDS or hepatitis B/C?
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 17:41:20 103924 67
damn your mods :( btw if I get a work visa or student visa and accidentally stay where is the best city too hide? I want to experience this >>101363
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 18:35:54 103925 68
Ok that's what have been revealed to me when I've been reading The Bible while I was in Georgia, Tbilisi.

Does that mean we get pruned by oncoming nuclear rampage?
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 20:05:09 103937 69
niinistö nato r[...].jpg 87Кб, 612x408
>>101257 (OP)

What's up?

>Oh, my!
>There you go, you Finnish bastard!
22/09/22 Чтв 23:41:20 103951 70
Anonymous  01/10/22 Суб 18:24:27 104474 71
What's a Skuff or Skufidon?
Anonymous  01/10/22 Суб 18:46:27 104476 72
someone who is alpha-male in a cuckold relation. dominant male which force his wife to have relations with men the alpha cuck likes.
Anonymous  01/10/22 Суб 19:22:44 104478 73
Anonymous  01/10/22 Суб 23:58:31 104494 74
Anonymous  02/10/22 Вск 00:05:10 104498 75
Anonymous  02/10/22 Вск 00:17:50 104499 76
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