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What do you guys think of Janus Putkonen? He says the good guys are patriots and the bad guys are na Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 10:29:46 103891 1
janus putkonen.jpg 6Кб, 225x225
What do you guys think of Janus Putkonen? He says the good guys are patriots and the bad guys are nationalists. He openly talks about the khazaar bank mafia of the Rothschilds. He says that the Russian culture has a lot of democracy and that's why Donetsk and Lugansk can have a vote on their independece/joining into the Russian federation. (For comparition: Finland could never have a vote on leaving the euro currency or the EU.)
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 11:18:22 103898 2
>>103891 (OP)
>For comparition: Finland could never have a vote on leaving the euro currency or the EU.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 13:33:19 103903 3
wojak facemelt.jpg 93Кб, 430x377

Our major politicans said it. I don't know if it was a slip or a straight order from the (((overlords))). They literally said that you can in a legitimate way have a petition with half of a million names (of a five-million people population) for setting up a vote, but it still won't happen. In my country that's called "peeing into someone's eye".
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 14:03:34 103910 4
All capitalist democracies are democratic only when you don't oppose their policies for real.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 17:15:15 103923 5
svenska vs vjin[...].jpg 260Кб, 950x596
>>103891 (OP)
if you look at history finns wer always slaves under germanic boot, so nothing changed it all came back to normal, finns wer seen under swedish rule like africans in USA

then came svenska vs venajan war and finland got under russian rule.
alexander however changed it from duchy into grand duchy, made finnish language state language and allowed religious freedome on finland soil, inculding catholic, orthodox and calvinist church, before that only lutherian(german) church was allowed, latter it got autonomy "do what ever you want just dont bother me"

finnish patriotism and finnish traditionalism is russian invention

while finnish nationalism is just german ideology subliminaly pured into suomi heads in order to use them as cannonfudder against russia, this way you save your own soldiers and also get ridd of pesky finns while taking over their territory.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 19:30:24 103931 6
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 20:10:46 103938 7
nato finland ru[...].jpg 102Кб, 612x408

At least we didn't get that German king who never set his foot in here. Phew.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 20:13:05 103939 8
pepe bart shelb[...].jpg 72Кб, 449x406

Capitalsim, communism, corporatocracy — whatever you call this shit, at the end of the day it's just "profits: private, losses: public" as always.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 23:46:01 103953 9
lemon tea.jpg 100Кб, 1170x1246
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 00:50:51 103961 10
communism.jpg 54Кб, 512x342
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 10:17:56 103980 11
pepe wojak 4.jpg 60Кб, 535x284

So, communism was just like HIV: it just wants to kill everything? It doesn't care that it'll just murder its host inevitably? They didn't do it for the money, just the sheer murdering per se was the profit?

Top-fucking-kek, my friend. Prost.
23/09/22 Птн 11:55:12 103987 12
гамаз1.jpg 22Кб, 462x613
> HIV: it just wants to kill everything?
Just faggots.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 22:06:49 104027 13
lemminkäisen äi[...].jpg 176Кб, 1200x966

Heh. But still, if I was a nasty vermin inside their burning brain, I'd let them live, but spread as far as I could. And I don't mean as far in one man's ass-hole as possible, no – I'm talking world-wide spreading. And I don't mean spreading like in spreading ass-cheeks, but global spreading: literal fucking globo-homo-spreading (not ass-cheeks!).
Anonymous  25/09/22 Вск 22:12:58 104108 14
Anonymous  25/09/22 Вск 22:25:18 104113 15
was better.jpg 290Кб, 900x1192
Don't confuse real communist with Kaustky's followers. They are total faggots and Lenin despised Kautsy.
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