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REDPILL ON UKRAINE WAR Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 01:28:11 103966 1
1200px-Redandbl[...].jpg 83Кб, 631x679
The GLOBOHOMO USA JEWS want to enslave the world and put a GPS microchip with digital money in it, and if you don't obey USA they will turn off your chip, and you will not be able to buy anything. This is known as the "mark of the beast".

USA is trying to capture Ukraine. If USA capture Ukraine, putting military bases in it, all the money of Ukraine will go to USA.

Russia is not trying to enslave the world. Russia is not ruled by JEWS.

Russia is trying to capture Ukraine so USA don't capture it. Ukraine should become part of Russia again, so USA JEWS can start to fail.

You should help Russia, if you are a good person who wants FREEDOM for all the world.
theme name  23/09/22 Птн 02:47:23 103969 2
Does that pill contain fish oil?
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 10:15:54 103979 3

Snake oil. But seriously speaking, NWO wants to gain control over what is known as the "world island" and Donbas happens to be at the epicentrum of it. They believe the possession of it will give them some magical powers or some crazy shit. I'm not even kidding you.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 12:40:23 103989 4
Is it bigger than Epstein Island?
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 21:40:04 104023 5
bart apu.jpg 94Кб, 1377x1099

Heh. Sure. Where is that alleged pædo island, anyhoo?
Anonymous  25/09/22 Вск 21:19:49 104100 6
Sounds interesting, share some links or details?
Anonymous  26/09/22 Пнд 12:08:24 104171 7

The Anglo American empire has consistently held two policies across both of their histories: Support the 2nd strongest power on the European continent against the strongest. Make sure no power has full control of what Mackinder called the "world island".

NATO is nothing more than an extension of the Anglo American empire. About the Mackinder theory: all of the top geopolitical advisors in the US government believe in this theory. Russia is supposedly the heartland or something, so capturing gives USA power over the world.
Anonymous  26/09/22 Пнд 15:45:31 104183 8
xD do they pay you for this or are you just retarded?
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 00:19:13 104206 9
the only retard is you here. stop projecting
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 00:46:14 104209 10
No matter how hard you try, daddy will never come back xD
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 09:24:23 104218 11
istockphoto-173[...].jpg 48Кб, 408x612
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 12:58:11 104226 12

Shut the fuck up, Pol-ack. Nobody gives a fuck about you or your two-dollar highway whores that get fucked in the ditch on a dirty matress next to the road.
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 15:34:39 104233 13
Ok imbecile, go live in your fantasy world where geopolitical ideas that were useless even 100 years ago, and especially now, are believed by "all top US politicians" and whatever it is you said xD what a fucking idiot you are, you have no shame xD I am done explaining things to you, I don't have time for retarded kids xD you stupid mongoloid xD fucking subhuman, no difference between you and rssians xD

No, that would assume you're human xD why don't you dry some more about how daddy left you and it made you so traumatised now you pretend to be r
ssian as a way to reconnect with the idea you have of him xD you are a total animal, a complete fucking moron, you will always be a loser, everyone wants you dead, remember that xD
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 21:41:05 104254 14

Hide user. Not interested in the mindless rambling of a Pol-ack.
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 22:41:32 104260 15
He's obviously just another Putin's troll pretending to be a Finn.
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 23:55:33 104267 16
Anonymous  28/09/22 Срд 00:31:17 104269 17
You don't even fucking speak r*ssian xD fucking idiot xD daddy left you and he'll never come back, nobody wants you alive xD
Anonymous  28/09/22 Срд 09:08:47 104281 18
who is your daddy and what does he do ?
28/09/22 Срд 09:24:39 104282 19
polack.jpg 82Кб, 384x360
Anonymous  28/09/22 Срд 09:25:37 104283 20
Go suck NATO/EU's veiny cock, you mongool twink.
Anonymous  28/09/22 Срд 10:47:06 104284 21
Anonymous  28/09/22 Срд 13:09:06 104293 22
Hahahahaha we are not r*ssia, we do not kill out own allies xD however, a time will come for subhumans like you to die and you will squeal like the fucking pig you are xD you will be destroyed
Anonymous  28/09/22 Срд 14:39:03 104297 23
How are you boobs, Nikita? Are they still as big and soft as they used to be?
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