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Check this out!
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From Chelyabinsk to Germany (somewhere) Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 20:46:09 104017 1
XMWd7q8EffU.jpg 34Кб, 750x775
In Germany, everyone is talking about refugee status, they would like to get there somehow. I am 22 years old. Category "B", 1.5 thousand. + the money that I can sell, if they buy at all, the PC costs 60 thousand somewhere used and even for small things, so that's it. There is not even a foreign passport.
Parents 0 help, just wait.
If you don't know yourself, where can I find out more specifically to ask?
I can get to Yekaterinburg, but the embassy has realized that a lot will not help, and in general, just go anywhere, at least stay homeless there, just breathe calmly, that you will not be put in jail and thrown for meat, well, it is desirable that they do not deport you...
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 20:53:03 104019 2
Not a German.
But this link can help if it wasn't blocked


I got it from here - Deutsche Welle

>ProAsyl calls for admission of deserters
The German-based human rights organization Pro Asyl also called for countries to grant asylum to deserters and conscientious objectors from Russia and Belarus.

>"According to EU law, those who escape a war that violates international law have a right to asylum and protection. In this sense, Germany and Europe must now unbureaucratically organize the admission of the people who vote with their feet against the Russian war of aggression," the head of the European department of Pro Asyl, Karl Kopp, told the Rheinische Post newspaper.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 20:55:43 104020 3
asylumassociati[...].png 400Кб, 612x609
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 21:48:53 104025 4
rinochek.png 556Кб, 793x578
>>104017 (OP)
Eu will split apart soon, then achmeds and ubungus will roam with machetes and rape and kill white people. Moving here makes no sense if you want future. If you like riots and violence i would suggest to move to germany, they take anyone.
Anonymous  24/09/22 Суб 00:57:15 104036 5
армия лишний ст[...].jpg 16Кб, 320x271
Anonymous  24/09/22 Суб 03:32:58 104040 6
Anonymous  24/09/22 Суб 03:33:25 104041 7
routesoutofruss[...].jfif 91Кб, 1312x942
Anonymous  24/09/22 Суб 16:42:50 104065 8
If you start talking about tiny dicks and sucking dicks Out of Nowhere, you have a problem.
Anonymous  24/09/22 Суб 18:24:37 104066 9
Anonymous  24/09/22 Суб 19:31:01 104069 10
bunny.jpg 6Кб, 168x300
Немец поймал зайца и говорит жене: -Пожарь на ужин -Так ведь газа нет,-отвечает жена -А ты на дровах,-говорит муж -Так масла подсолнечного нет Немец берет зайца и в сердцах выбрасывает в окно Заяц, немного офигевший, встал и говорит: -Слава Путину!
Anonymous  25/09/22 Вск 10:45:53 104078 11
Anonymous  25/09/22 Вск 12:22:43 104080 12
megaphone.jpg 66Кб, 510x801
How do you know it's not retarded cockhole?
Anonymous  25/09/22 Вск 15:03:53 104091 13
Anonymous  26/09/22 Пнд 08:49:37 104143 14
Anonymous  29/09/22 Чтв 22:30:42 104372 15
It's been almost a week... How much time have I lost ...
I still have a question, if I go to Germany (well, or the USA, they also declared asylum), can I get there without a visa and a passport?
Even if not from Russia, but from Kazakhstan? How in general, what to do?
Anonymous  30/09/22 Птн 11:27:13 104407 16
eu is collapsing dude, no one speaks english here, what jobs will you do ? shitty ones. your education doesnt matter here. soon it will be a poor muslim country, with mad achmeds and mutombos roaming streets.

if you like being marodeur then come here, otherwise its not wise to come here. you need to handle weapons, perferably knifes and machetes
Anonymous  30/09/22 Птн 11:54:19 104409 17
If it's so bad, why are you staying there?
Anonymous  30/09/22 Птн 13:20:20 104411 18
Because he is an autistic retard, the lowest of the low xD every single word in every single post of his is a lie, daddy left him so he became a beast maybe even worse than you xD never believe him xD although done come to the EU, we don't want you here xD
Anonymous  30/09/22 Птн 16:40:30 104419 19
He has a fixed proxy in the Lachta-center.
Anonymous  30/09/22 Птн 17:40:50 104423 20
6million ukrani[...].jpeg 349Кб, 1200x1200
cia login.png 374Кб, 857x1027
iam monitoring the denazification of germany.
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