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Opinion on my favorite anime Haibane Renmei? Noticed the show has a small but strong community in Ru Anonymous  17/03/23 Птн 07:23:58 113399 1
20230317051515.jpg 69Кб, 540x680
Opinion on my favorite anime Haibane Renmei?
Noticed the show has a small but strong community in Russia.
Anonymous  17/03/23 Птн 07:28:28 113400 2
>>113399 (OP)
Also, sorry if it's against the rules to post any anime related stuff when the board for that exists.
Anonymous  17/03/23 Птн 22:39:44 113420 3
It's not againts I think. Don't think there is any real rules to post in /int/.
>>113399 (OP)
Don't watch anime, sorry. Is this hentai ? They are pretty ugly for it.
Anonymous  18/03/23 Суб 01:38:16 113426 4
Nah lol, it's a slice of life-drama with fantasy and misteey elements I know you're ironic, but yeah, they don't look shiny or very pretty in the pic i posted, the lack of pretty colors i assume. I haven't seen an anime episode in over a year now, but i often think about this one given that it left a big impact on me.
Anonymous  18/03/23 Суб 01:41:03 113427 5
20230317050410.jpg 426Кб, 1536x2048
Anonymous  18/03/23 Суб 05:37:21 113430 6
I think I saw some edits or pics with it, but no more. My knowledge of anime litteraly based on 4 titles: One Piece and Naruto watch them in school, Evangelion and Boky no Picu, the type of title that can get you quite litteraly to sit on "picu".
Anonymous  19/03/23 Вск 04:20:15 113463 7
20230317051525.jpg 251Кб, 1280x1024
I am not totally surprised you have seen edits for it, when i search for the Russian title on YouTube, I find many videos related to it in the Russian language, anyways thanks for your positive output
Anonymous  20/03/23 Пнд 20:52:24 113573 8
1272877770376.jpg 32Кб, 494x408
One of my favorite anime. I looked somewhere towards the end of the 00's when I was a schoolboy.

Pic related
Anonymous  21/03/23 Втр 00:33:40 113581 9
Awww, did you found it on some DVD store or something since you refrenced the Russian DVD pic i posted?
How old were you when you watched it? Can't imagine someone who's too young would appreciate it
Anonymous  22/03/23 Срд 12:18:05 113673 10
1358713761596.png 348Кб, 640x480
I watched this anime in the summer when I had already finished school and was taking my university entrance exams (so I was 17).
My uncle brought it to me but it was an American edition, and I was already into anime at the time. (actually it wasn't really about anime, it was more about manga. I had already read RM by Peach-Pit for example. And that's about when I came to the imageboards.
Back then there were a lot of places where you could buy anime CDs, at least here in St. Petersburg.
I rewatched this anime several times after that.
Anonymous  22/03/23 Срд 16:31:53 113683 11
That's a wholesome story anon.
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