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Let's discuss HDI. This year, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan are all considered Anonymous  14/11/18 Срд 12:42:04 395591
2436px-2018UNHu[...].png (418Кб, 2436x1095)
Anonymous  14/11/18 Срд 13:27:26 395612
Anonymous  14/11/18 Срд 14:53:52 395653
Anonymous  14/11/18 Срд 15:46:34 395664
I will never say never, will never say never again
Anonymous  14/11/18 Срд 17:51:19 395725
>>39559 (OP)
>What do you think?
I think HDI is relative, how do you define "development" what are the criterias ? Who do you consider human ? What needs to be fullfilled to qualify as a human(humans are very different) ? Who do you apply for the job to judge if someone or something does reach those standarts, who sets the standarts and compared to what ?
>Is it accurate?
It can not be accurate. Its meaningless like having an opinion.
Anonymous  14/11/18 Срд 19:30:34 395736
hdi.png (24Кб, 1232x218)
This is a good formula, right?
Anonymous  14/11/18 Срд 20:01:44 395747
putin neo.jpg (35Кб, 900x500)
reality.png (435Кб, 1266x512)
yes its very good. i know dis. i wanted to go deeper into dis. we russians are extremly smart people and see how the world realy is.

long healthy life(how long can the slave be exploited and how many days he will not miss his job due to sickness)

long good education(how long can the slave be brainwashed and programmed for the working)

good income from job(how much efforts will the slave make to finance our existance via production and taxes by chasing our "money")

but what do "they" see from this ? what i see i put in (reality)

Anonymous  14/11/18 Срд 20:23:40 395758
Come to the /int/ discord server, tankie fam.
Anonymous  15/11/18 Чтв 11:23:17 395889
Anonymous  17/11/18 Суб 00:51:04 3963610
>>39559 (OP)
From wiki:
>according to HDI country with immortal population and unlimited GDP but without education would have HDI0.666(lower than SAF)
Anonymous  18/11/18 Вск 18:39:44 3967711
>>39559 (OP)
I love how high the HDI of the Onega Lake is. Everyone should move there.
Anonymous  18/11/18 Вск 18:42:00 3967812
Good thing there are no such countries to skew the statistics like this.
Anonymous  15/12/18 Суб 15:38:41 4088213
1543847012559.jpg (99Кб, 719x420)
16/12/18 Вск 03:52:37 4091114
Fuck you, don't post this disgusting shit. You disgust me.
Anonymous  18/12/18 Втр 23:02:26 4103115
shut up i like it(i dont know what it is about tho)
Anonymous  19/12/18 Срд 00:15:09 4103216
Ладожское озеро же закрашено, Онежское правее и как раз оно - белое.

Anonymous  20/12/18 Чтв 21:46:14 4109617
german subhumans disgusts me
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 20:32:34 4113018
slovak.JPG (73Кб, 1158x655)
slovak.PNG (849Кб, 1174x639)
slovak2.JPG (78Кб, 1198x652)
slovak3.JPG (61Кб, 1144x663)
yes me too, germans flood yourope with shitskins and subhumans like you, but dont worry we will genocide your kind

viva la polska!
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 23:19:19 4113619
Да, обосрался. Значит, всем в Ладожское.
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