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Pedo, zoo, shizo, incest,faggot... Anonymous  26/11/18 Пнд 13:25:54  40055  
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Strange is catching up with Russian culture, Western European culture. I am 38 years old and I remember that 20 years ago the word gay was offensive and for it it was possible to get a fist in the face. And now only offended or joke in response (especially young people). And for word faggot, 20 years ago not only could beat,but and kill .(Especially in remote towns and villages). As I see , and the West word faggot ,still offensive. That's good. Russia had in the world, the Western channel with a delay of 15-20 years. That's good. Russia always has the time to see what the West has done . What I see now? I see prodigene to the approval of pedophilia. https://youtu.be/2vjPBrBU-TM It is gradually happening, with the scandals and metaphorical allusions in this song . https://youtu.be/bsUWK-fixiA its goes on Push comes to the brink of the possible through the media... I am grateful to the West and you forchane that faggot is still an insult ,and not as the word gay.
Anonymous  26/11/18 Пнд 21:31:13  40073
>>40055 (OP)
Anonymous  06/12/18 Чтв 22:01:48  40483
Biggest most offencive beat and kill insult in Croatia is "I fuck your mom". This is considered worst of all insults here and if you dont get into fight because of it your pussy.
Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 11:15:34  40513
In Russia for this,for such words, too, can kill.
Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 12:27:45  40517
jebem ti picku materinu
Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 12:39:33  40520
nah russia is just attractive to a bunch similar minded snobs and fanatics, it's not in any way better as more differences can coexist in the west, but not in russia
Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 14:29:39  40524
And why co-exist with scum and perverts? Isn't it better to hit and kill them?

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