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What are some good Russian beers? Most of those that I've tasted in Russia taste Anonymous  29/11/18 Чтв 14:15:12 401971
index.jpg (3Кб, 92x210)
What are some good Russian beers? Most of those that I've tasted in Russia taste awful, some even are salty. I think it might be the wheat that is used, almost all Russian beers have the same weird tint to their flavor, as if it's old or something.

Pic related is the latest one I've tried, it's alright, almost as good as a mediocre German beer. Stariy Melnik is also kind of alright, but has that tint of flavor I talked about, too. Wolf Brewery beers are fine, but they ALL taste like IPA. I think the best Russian beer I've ever had was in Crimea, but they don't export lol.
Anonymous  29/11/18 Чтв 14:16:43 401982
beliymedved.jpg (18Кб, 255x198)
lol I'm retarded, meant to post pic related

Zhiguli is piss
Anonymous  29/11/18 Чтв 15:23:57 402033
Anonymous  29/11/18 Чтв 16:16:51 402054
Anonymous  30/11/18 Птн 07:18:25 402435
65287.jpg (52Кб, 333x500)
Anonymous  30/11/18 Птн 19:59:19 402746
>>40197 (OP)
There is no good beer made in Russia, you bloody kike. Wheat would have no fucking impact on beer, once anyone can make it properly here, subject to all bloody conditions. We got plenty of fucking A wheat, hop, water, but no the fuck brains, skills and concern to brew a good beer.
Anonymous  30/11/18 Птн 20:30:36 402757
>>40197 (OP)
why you dont keep shabbat ? using electricity is like lighting a fire.
Anonymous  30/11/18 Птн 20:32:39 402778
its strong beer(white bear), i used to drink it a lot as a kid, it tasted good. german beer taste like piss.

but i dont drink now, it got boring afterwhile.
Anonymous  30/11/18 Птн 22:02:09 402869
Who is "we", kike? The government has a monopoly on alcohol.
Anonymous  04/12/18 Втр 22:44:37 4042610
Are you retard? Name even one goverment brewery, you fucking dumbass?
Anonymous  06/12/18 Чтв 18:22:19 4046911
90full.jpg (316Кб, 1000x765)
>>40197 (OP)
Most of russian bottled beer have taste of pee. You need to look for craft or draft beer if you really like tasty beer. You can buy it in small beer shops like on pic. Also highly recommended honey beer - medovuha.
Anonymous  06/12/18 Чтв 20:05:52 4047312
Anonymous  06/12/18 Чтв 20:06:30 4047413
Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 12:08:40 4051414
Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 12:12:35 4051615
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 20:43:20 4603116
Don't buy beer in the shops here, buy the craft shit from kegs.
Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 20:41:37 4945817
imperialkaliSML.png (365Кб, 400x853)
>>40197 (OP)
beer=german piss

dont drink this shit

real russian male drink only kvass
26/01/19 Суб 21:01:09 4945918
loooooooooooool you have gay man, you have gay

drinks german piss
aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, at least i don't have gay
Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 22:50:20 4979419
wtf beer gives you manboobs, you clearly the gay turning into a tranny
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