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Why no one understand the context from which removed the Putin's words about Anonymous  29/11/18 Чтв 20:48:59 402251
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Why no one understand the context from which removed the Putin's words about heaven . Very romantic. This is Russian singer Zemfira.

Would you like?


Don't die,

Or I'll have to die, too.

You, of course, will go straight to heaven,

But I don't think I will.
Would you like

the sweet oranges?

Would you like

the long novels read aloud?

Do you want me to blow up all stars

that don't let you sleep?

Just live.

Because, you see,

I live off of you.

My enormous love

Should be more than enough

For the two of us.
Do you want

to go sailing?

Do you want

the newest music?

Do you want me to kill the neighbors

Who don't let you sleep?
Do you want the Sun instead of a lamp?

Do you want the Alps behind your window?

Would you like me to give away all of the songs,

all my songs about you?
Anonymous  30/11/18 Птн 01:10:13 402312
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>>40225 (OP)
humans already survived nuclear winter. their was an eruption of super volcano in sumatra equal to thausend of nuclear bombs, they sky was filled with ash for many many years.
Anonymous  30/11/18 Птн 12:27:58 402513
He'll get over it again. Just papelbum radioactive. Rumor has it that insects and rats are not susceptible to radiation.
Anonymous  12/12/18 Срд 00:28:06 407154
>>40225 (OP)
He’s quite a poet. I wonder when he wuotes that GrOb song about how it’s gonna be fucking awesome when communism comes and we just need to wait for a little bit longer, it’s gonna be so great nobody will need to die anymoe.
Anonymous  12/12/18 Срд 17:07:08 407345
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