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You live in regime? Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 10:49:07 405111
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Guys, I often hear in the media world and opposition Russian-Putin's regime. ( Have you heard your media ?) Well, it's like the Pinochet regime, Kim Jong-UN rejime or any other rejime used to be said.
But the people did not hear that at least one person said Putin's Regime ( I swear to God ,for his life has never heard ). What does that mean? It says that people feel comfortable enough . If there is some authoritarianism,it is not felt and no one climbs into your personal life,social.
Well, it's about Russia, I say ,I anon Russian. But you ANON, what would you was to feel in his country rejime ,and feel that your personal or social life climbed the tentacles of the state causing discomfort? ( That's what I call regime)
Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 11:08:09 405122
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 18:19:51 521203
>>40511 (OP)
You need to be born at family with well contacts otherwise you can rename your life into 'slave's life simulator'.

Good example is an Ancient Rome, but people are not fighting yet for freedom and food at the arena for the joy of rich.
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