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Elections Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 17:31:46 405631
1FDE2FCE-F13A-4[...].jpg (107Кб, 1071x1062)
Do you believe in people's elections ( plebiscite) of anyone : Parliament,Senate, Supreme court ,President ? After all, it is impossible in any way to check the percentage and the democratic procedure itself in principle. Russia is often scolded in falsification of election results ,not in real ,inflated percentages of voting for Putin. Why do you believe your government? Than it deserves trust? If you still believe your choice of law and its implementation, then put + in the comments.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 20:45:15 405652
>>40563 (OP)
For us, Trump is so despised by the media and political establishment that his getting elected is clear proof that we actually have a (somewhat)functioning democracy. Russia is of course still blamed for interfering, but there has been no substantial evidence of foul play, and besides (((certain))) other governments interfere in American politics to a much greater extent.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 21:39:05 405663
Media noise is no more than when I sit on the toilet and make noise too. The deep state puts the one they need . In Russia, too, it is . Just in Russia since the Soviet Union, the elite of the highest considered security forces. Russia is a country of the Spartan type, and the USA is a country of the Athenian type of democracy. If you know this, a lot of things fall into place in the understanding of our countries.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 21:43:11 405674
trump kaballah.png (120Кб, 800x211)
>>40563 (OP)
i dont believe in elections. i never voted in my life. i dont understand all this right and left things.

their is only one Boss to the World, which is the Almighty(Y.H.W.H)

trumps father is jewish, jews financed him. just like hillary. its just a play on tv that media is against him to get sympathy from white worker class "truckers" to keep them buzy

all this "wall" shit is hilarious to me. because their is huge tunnel digged by CIA long time ago between mexico and USA, which pumps drugs from south american drug countries right into miami. they catch only guis who dont work for them.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 21:46:43 405685
>Russia is a country of the Spartan type, and the USA is a country of the Athenian type of democracy.
lol their is no democracy in those countries. its all a show.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:02:39 405696
Let it all show, but show showing democracy. Of course, lobbyists are everywhere, their interests and conglomerates are everywhere . But among each other they observe politeness and semblance of democracy. We should not forget that there is a written right,and there is an unwritten one . And now, according to unwritten rules, they are quite democratic with each other. It is we, the plebeians for them and our rights with their rights diminished.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:07:23 405707
I do not know how in Germany, but in Russia the vote is semi-secret. To get the bill, you need to come with a passport and your data is rewritten . And then you vote out the right candidate. I think that it is important for politicians to statistics and to know in what region how active politically people are.
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:00:05 405838
I do not know i know nothing, i semi-know some nobles and thats it! Semi-poor russian secrets, so, in my opinion, as we russian people like to say, to kill the Bill you need to come, so you come thats right to difficult, lol, i mean hard, yeah oh me old dumbass please send money. So, im sorry to temporal disillusions of my alterations, so your data is rewritten, got it? You come and data write! Thats it! And then you — its You — vote, me write. Vote out the right candibate, yeah cool! That simple!
AAAAND its time for the oficeal spich:
I think that it is very importand for politicans to statisctics and know that in what religion that is we know in how is active peoples. Understood? I have very guud langvage
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:08:28 405849
Let it led, it to eat, you tiny letlet! Show showing some show, thats quite a show id say, ho-ho! Everywhere is a show of course, and they are everywhere, everyone is everywhere! Every time, every, so their interests are persisting me, cannot sleep, its all a show, i need to eat some letlets. But there is one point, there is always but, you cannot live without but, its our oxygen. But and vodka. But among each other they observe, staying silent and macabre. Thats it, got it, Germie? Ho-ho! Do not forget though to write something before you were righted just inside, o the great UNWRITTEN ONE. Ho-ho! So there are some secret rules the world obey, they are very polite never say a bad word always please and thank you please give me cup of tea, mister, very demoncratic — now you see! The veil is gone! Such a terrible world, ho-ho! Please forgive me im diminished plebian im so sorry please give money
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