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yes Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 20:33:22 406071
Friends-in-Adop[...].jpg (104Кб, 1024x724)
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 01:08:42 406212
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 04:12:27 406233
>>40607 (OP)
Uuun ich hob lib zu tanzen sich dreien in a-rod
To lomir alle tanzen, a-dreidel-karahod hey
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 09:22:32 406254
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 09:59:20 406265
Go fottere yourself, spagetti scum
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 19:16:09 406396
dreidel dreidel dreidel, te te re te te
Anonymous  14/02/19 Чтв 08:08:18 520817
>>40607 (OP)
There was a photo in b of a swedish family celebrating winter holidays and there was a menora or whatever u call it in frame. And im like oy vey! And some swedophile cuck is all like fuck you that's advent candles not menora and im like shalom goy nice job protecting ur masters and he kept butthurting and his balls kept growing bigger with impotent rage until i got bored and left, and here we go, a de anon with another menora? What is that, another set of "advent candles"?
Rofl rofl dick on waffle.
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