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I dont understand Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 14:07:37 411141
15453838463090.mp4 (3592Кб, 132x240, 00:01:15)
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I am not surprised why Danish, stupid, young girls went to Morocco, believing that there live cute, kind and tolerant people. That from shortage of fuck, they fuck even goats.
I'm not surprised they cut their throats after the rape.
I'm surprised those Moroccans videotaped the whole thing.
I don't understand it at all.
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 18:09:28 411212
they got it for

Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 19:39:49 411243
15440884261163.jpg (57Кб, 492x369)
I not rule out have these young girls propensity and love to savages,rapists and murderers.

I don't understand another question. I do not understand why these savages, rapists all shoot on video?!
After all such video will lead, can lead police to them! That should be clear even to the feeble-minded.
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 19:57:27 411254
curious.jpg (71Кб, 585x944)
maybe this is what they were after
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 20:10:58 411265
>>41114 (OP)
The Birth of Ishmael
…11The Angel of the LORD proceeded: “Behold, you have conceived and will bear a son. And you shall name him Ishmael, for the LORD has heard your cry of affliction. 12He will be a wild donkey of a man, and his hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” 13So Hagar gave this name to the LORD who had spoken to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “Here I have seen the One who sees me!”…

Arabs are all wild animals, 90 % animal 10% human.

G-d bless israel, usa and russia for killing muslims.
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 21:25:13 411336
I don't think only Muslims are so wild and cruel.
It is simply a matter of culture and a sense of impunity.
The level of culture is low in Morocco, very low.
In The Arab Emirates, the Muslims it is much higher and they are very civilized (compared to these savages from the movie ).
And the feeling of impunity is that they are STUPID, very STUPID shoot everything on video ,without even thinking about the consequences of the opportunity to get to the police.
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 21:31:29 411347
38bf0ba3e57ac57[...].jpg (83Кб, 930x670)
Russia does not kill Muslims inside the country. Putin ended it in 1999.
Yeltsin killed them . In Chechnya, he killed 15,000 people with bombs and troops and wounded a lot ( about 150,000 people with disabilities).
Putin decided that it is more reasonable to pay off than to fight. It's cheaper than fighting.

Now Russia is killing Muslims outside the country - Syria, Central African Republic, Sudan.
Mercenary troops work there and advisers.
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 23:41:40 411438
That’s an old tactic. Divide the savages, team up with one faction, arm it and let the savages fuck each other up. Yermolov did this to the Caucasian tribes in the 19 c., Britain and France and the US did this to Germany and the USSR, and now Putin does this to Chechnya again.
Anonymous  22/12/18 Суб 10:31:36 411619
It is. But I am not satisfied with the migration policy in Russia.
Putin didn't start it. This policy is copied from the West in Russia in the early 90s-under the pretext that it was not enough to have children,and the elderly live long, it is necessary to bring a lot of migrants to the country. And now, 2-3 million Muslims live in Moscow
.Of course ,they are Muslims from the former Soviet republics ,they know Russian and have become more civilized and cultural than Africans in 70 years. But even just by their appearance they are annoying and of course, they are strikebreakers ,are competitors in the labor market.
They carry a Muslim culture, which for Russia is not news (Tatars and Caucasians have always been close to Islam) ,but they were not so much as it is now.
There's nothing we can do about them now. Geth in a world of this magnitude of personality ,there is no level of political will to begin repression or expulsion . This need to be man level Mao ,Stalin or Hitler.
Anonymous  22/12/18 Суб 11:27:09 4116310
Anonymous  22/12/18 Суб 21:09:23 4118211
>>41114 (OP)
>after the rape.

i didnt see any rape on video, maybe they just wanted to kill them

>I'm surprised those Moroccans videotaped the whole thing.

because they think violence is powerful and also giving more power to ISIS I guess
Anonymous  22/12/18 Суб 21:15:11 4118412
Anonymous  22/12/18 Суб 21:16:41 4118613
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 14:22:06 4157514
Anonymous  30/12/18 Вск 01:48:48 4160315
>>41114 (OP)
Damn, i just imagined how their moms feel about it, looking at their heads.
What was justification for their murder? Isis shit again?
30/12/18 Вск 01:57:23 4160416
you're being very raptiophobic
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 18:20:52 4766417
Did they actually find all the durkas who raped them?
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 20:38:38 4766918
>>41114 (OP)
>I'm surprised those Moroccans videotaped the whole thing.
It's fun, it's something special. It's normal reaction when person want to memorize something special.
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 06:40:53 4768419
And what should a person be like?
I think it's serious.
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 10:46:07 4768520
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 19:15:19 5454021
Long-Beard-Styl[...].jpg (106Кб, 650x813)
>>41114 (OP)
When will white races unite? We need to solve overpopulation and climate change problem. There is simply too many people in this planet and some of them must disappear. Is it us, or the less developed? Choice is ours.
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 20:13:40 5454222
R1adistribution[...].jpg (274Кб, 863x560)
>When will white races unite?
Russians are not white, sorry m8 we are gypsies. Thats why polish steal so much cars in germany. And russia steal so much clay.
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 20:30:29 5454523
afghani.jpg (124Кб, 800x1155)
pashtun-man-hat.jpg (135Кб, 500x333)
tadschik2.jpg (222Кб, 1600x1163)
tadschik.jpg (126Кб, 720x1078)
tadshikistan, kirgistan, afganistan, poland, ukraine, russia ,north india, norway, serbia etc
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 20:33:37 5454624
uzbek women.JPG (111Кб, 1072x715)
uzbek.jpg (75Кб, 683x1024)
kyrgiz girls.jpg (35Кб, 500x373)
kyrgyz.jpg (59Кб, 333x500)
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 20:42:56 5454725
typical russian[...].jpg (74Кб, 332x500)
finnish women.jpg (33Кб, 480x360)
typical finnish[...].jpg (60Кб, 900x550)
Anonymous  04/03/19 Пнд 00:10:27 5455226
if this is true[...].mp4 (100Кб, 480x360, 00:00:03)
>Russians are not white
White enough.
Anonymous  06/03/19 Срд 12:49:06 5705027
she was my ex gf
Anonymous  06/03/19 Срд 14:25:28 5705128
Was she dumb, naive or idealistic?
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 21:35:43 5747129
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 13:36:23 5748130
PCAofItaliansan[...].png (1117Кб, 2008x3937)
Russians aren't white, but Finns aren't white either. Finns and Russians are kinda close actually.
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 16:04:33 5748431
i fucked your white in ass bich
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 22:11:17 5771232
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