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So, european cuckolds, what you can say about that, huh? Anonymous  23/12/18 Вск 20:54:29 412401
15455809062690.jpg (421Кб, 865x966)
So, european cuckolds, what you can say about that, huh?
Anonymous  23/12/18 Вск 21:03:25 412432
Anonymous  23/12/18 Вск 21:05:23 412443
Don't pizdi, ved' this is international board!
Anonymous  23/12/18 Вск 21:42:44 412464
no, its gathering of russians internatianally.
Anonymous  24/12/18 Пнд 12:11:38 412635

Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 06:48:04 415676
>>41240 (OP)
>implying that Europe can get as bad as Russia
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 21:12:42 415857
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 22:15:15 415968
Trudeau-Putin.jpg (41Кб, 650x366)
russia in some parts are like canada, but you pay much less taxes in russia. if you live in northern parts, which are like canada regular. you get "northern bonuses" extra payment und need less years to retire.

the only thing good about canada is trudo, hes realy symphathic guy and good politician very similar to putin, both do combat sports, both are good actros, both seek peace and trade with others. unfortunaly canada is under control of united kingdome and have no real "own" thinking, everything is decided by the grandma.

yes europe can be realy bad compared to russia, like spain, portugal, romania, bulgaria, france(especially paris), easter germany, south italy. is very bad.
Anonymous  05/03/19 Втр 23:57:23 570379
Russia is similar to Canada if we're comparing their approximate sizes and climates. Their resemblances end there.
Canada is what Russia would have become if russian liberals (cadet party) won back in 1917 revolution, not bolsheviks. Too bad they didn't and we got stuck with bastardized version of socialism for seventy years.
Anonymous  06/03/19 Срд 01:08:29 5704110
russia is liberal and cucked like canada, i mean russia is more civilizied and advanced technologicly, like internetspeed. science, free education and free healthcare in russia. russia just got more corruption because their is more money in russia then canada and usa combined. russia got some trillionairs without any bank account or birth certificate. very deep
Anonymous  06/03/19 Срд 08:13:30 5704511
What's liberal about Russia? Media is cucked by the oligarchs, free speech is cucked by law (people go to jail for anti-religious, homosexual, drug and suicide "propoganda", there are laws for that), political activism is suppressed by FSB. Modern Russia is the opposite of liberal. Especially compared to Canada with it's anti-war-on-drug leftist approach.
Science is underpaid. Education and healthcare aren't free, it's a meme that stays with us since the Soviets... But I agree with you on the internet, that's a really good thing about Russia. Shows how important it is to let market evolve itself, without letting major monopolists and government to step in.
Anonymous  08/03/19 Птн 10:56:21 5707712
Anonymous  08/03/19 Птн 12:17:17 5708013
Anonymous  08/03/19 Птн 13:22:23 5708314
What is not? There are so much freedom not sucky murrica nor rotten gayrope will never had.
Anonymous  08/03/19 Птн 16:10:53 5708615
Rashkans are free to get raped by churkas :^)
Anonymous  11/03/19 Пнд 02:20:21 5713316
Ukraine should be divided into two parts: polish and russian
Anonymous  11/03/19 Пнд 17:08:36 5713617
Anonymous  12/03/19 Втр 11:23:07 5715118
Thanks, but I've been here for a long time. Sadly.
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 16:00:46 5745919
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 20:02:33 5746320
There is nothing inherently good about liberalism. I hope Russia never adopts Western culture. The West is slowly killing itself.
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 21:08:22 5746721
Господа, поясните, я очутился в сербии, и не могу постить на других досках, кроме этой, что за хуйня?
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 16:13:11 5748822
да иди ты на хуй блядь
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 18:36:20 5749523
Нет ты я даже в /d/ не могу постить
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 06:19:54 5750624
image.png (92Кб, 620x686)
>>41240 (OP)
>So, european cuckolds, what you can say about that, huh?
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 09:50:27 5751125
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 10:27:16 5751626
>people go to jail for anti-religious, homosexual, drug and suicide "propoganda"
I don't see anything wrong with that.
Please, be kind and tell me: are you a swede?
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 10:28:19 5751727
Странно. У меня такое никогда не случалось.
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 11:06:33 5751928
>Господа, поясните, я очутился в сербии, и не могу постить на других досках, кроме этой, что за хуйня?
IP range ban za Telekomove korisnike.
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 11:39:04 5752029
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 11:56:07 5752130
26/03/19 Втр 12:30:29 5752231
polskarosiacr-6[...].jpg (60Кб, 600x400)
I fully support. Let's divide Ukraine between Poland and Russia, finally
Anonymous  28/03/19 Чтв 10:58:20 5756432
What about Romania and Moldova? They'd like a piece of this pork fat pie as well.
Anonymous  28/03/19 Чтв 11:09:26 5756633
Putler has already created a Putinjugend ('Nashi' and other organisations like that) and Rosguard (basically, a shittier version of SS).
Putler has already annexed Crimea (Anschluß anyone?)
Are we really going to repeat WW2 history all over again?
28/03/19 Чтв 11:48:20 5756734
hqdefault (1).jpg (23Кб, 480x360)
Romania and Moldova should be a part of Russia, in my opinion.
Anonymous  28/03/19 Чтв 12:35:15 5756835
what?! no no no not those gypsies
we don't need them
spain may take them for free, you're welcome
Anonymous  28/03/19 Чтв 19:27:29 5757536
Tell Putin to annex Finland too. We have been importing degenerate Western culture for too long.
WW3 is not going to happen. War is way too costly for both parties because of the modern weapons.
Anonymous  28/03/19 Чтв 20:21:44 5757637
Prosvyachaem inostrancev v realii pidorashki. Putin vor eshe napishi
Anonymous  28/03/19 Чтв 20:24:36 5757738
Why Ukraine needs to be divided?
Anonymous  28/03/19 Чтв 21:39:39 5757839
moldova yes, romania, no.
gypsies are problematic, but not all. we just need to mix them with other nations.
>Tell Putin to annex Finland too.
not on the plan
>We have been importing degenerate Western culture for too long.
finland is degenrate because of inbreeding and swedish genes
>WW3 is not going to happen.
it will happen but start between israel and arabs
>War is way too costly for both parties because of the modern weapons.
idk, how much does sarmat rocket costs ? for russia war is not costly, war is for free in russia. why should russia attack finland ? its irrelevant country
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 08:10:31 5759040
inbreeding-grad[...].png (187Кб, 595x449)
>finland is degenrate because of inbreeding and swedish genes
No Finns are not inbred.
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 08:17:38 5759241
PCAofItaliansan[...].png (1117Кб, 2008x3937)
>swedish genes
Some of us have literally zero Swedish genes. Why are you opposed to Swedes when you are genetically closer to Swedes than we are? (not shown)
We are actually close to Russians as you can see in the image.
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 08:25:44 5759442
>it will happen but start between israel and arabs
Why do you think so?
>why should russia attack finland ?
As you said, Finland is an irrelevant country. I know that it won't happen, it was just wishful thinking. Would you not like to be a part of Russia?
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 10:35:40 5759743
Suomi should be poorer than the Russians for Finland to unite with Russia
See what happened to the Danish guy when he became part of Russia
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 13:01:25 5759944
Between 1809 and 1917, Finland was an autonomous part of the Russian empire. Something similar could solve the problem of wealth differences. As an autonomous part, the integration would happen peacefully, Western influence over Finland would decrease and those who would want to live here or visit could do it without passport.
Sadly, this will never happen. Today's Finns usually think Finland should remain a neutral region between the West and Russia.
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 14:18:13 5760345
You can declare a referendum by becoming the Finnish Republic of the Russian Federation. In this case there will be many problems, the whole world hates you, calls you aggressive and declares sanctions.
But the Russians will not refuse to integrate with Suomi, even if a new stream of hatred towards RF starts around the world
Тест Viktorblom  29/03/19 Птн 16:49:34 5760446
Anonymous  30/03/19 Суб 17:41:33 5761847
finnishwoman1.jpg (77Кб, 639x995)
I could definitely exchange one of our girls for a beautiful Russian Anastasia. haha
Anonymous  30/03/19 Суб 19:57:04 5761948
As a russian male in germany, iam against annexation of finland, it should die due to mass immigration like all western europe.
Anonymous  30/03/19 Суб 19:59:12 5762049
>Why do you think so?
because freemasonry
>Would you not like to be a part of Russia?
iam part of russia i have russian passport and iam russian by genes and blood.

i didnt said finland is irrelivant country, its how it is not my thinking. its reality.
Anonymous  30/03/19 Суб 20:10:26 5762250
finnishgirl.jpg (109Кб, 1080x1350)
Why do you wish for the destruction of our nation?
Look at this girl in the eyes, do you really want it?
There aren't many Muslims here yet, probably less than in Russia.
What are you doing in Germany, if I may ask?
Anonymous  30/03/19 Суб 20:33:55 5762351
kosmosnew0.jpg (85Кб, 1024x672)
slavery.jpg (20Кб, 220x293)
ebanienigeribid[...].jpg (186Кб, 600x750)
sehen-alles-ban[...].jpg (48Кб, 417x470)
because annunaki will destroy us all. like they did with dinosaurs. if they see evolutionary stagnation(meaning the same pattern of behavior) they will eventually destroy this live, because its suffering and doesnt evolve into higher beings.

NOW, i see only russia and russian people capable of developing high technology and thus leading mankind into next step of evolution. i see no progress in western countries alike, and finland. all finland wants is sit all day, get free money and do meaningless repetitive jobs. finland doesnt want to suffer and doest want to evolve. all it wants is vegetation.

western world believe in slavery, meaning the elite enslave majority of mankind via money, forces them to do repetitive jobs(stagnation) while sitting all day enjoy "live" or do drugs and childsacrifice.

now western world, the satanic elite wants to destroy russia, the child of mankind who cry for becoming bigger and smarter and evolve into adulthood, but the western satanic world wants to malnurish this child (sanctions), with proxy wars and suck its blood(resources) via money

the western world is a tumor on the childs body, we must remove it in order for the child to grow, which is the intergalactic russian federation
Anonymous  31/03/19 Вск 08:36:06 5763252
finnishgirl.jpg (164Кб, 897x1121)
I would never have thought that I would get an answer like this. haha

>all Finland wants is sit all day, get free money and do meaningless repetitive jobs
The problem is democracy. People who have no idea how the financial system works are allowed to vote, and of course they vote for free healthcare and free education. If this is a problem for you, Russia might offer a solution by taking over our political institutions. Or maybe this would give Russians more freedom. Those who want to stay in Russia could do so, and those would like to visit or move here could do it too.
>now western world, the satanic elite wants to destroy Russia
Yes the West is after you. In Finland however, I think the problem is those who are in power, not the people who live here.
Anonymous  31/03/19 Вск 20:04:48 5763853
>for free healthcare and free education.
its normal in russia

we want to spent more on education and healthcare but forced to spent in on military.
Anonymous  31/03/19 Вск 21:14:43 5764054
budget2018grafi[...].jpg (109Кб, 800x928)
iam just kidding, russia doesnt care about finland.

here like 5 retards posting stupid shit. so i join aswell.

russia budget 30% is social politics. russia education and healthcare for free(they invented it and forced on europe). dont listen to pidorashkas who whine, russia is much better then europe usa or western world. all they see 2000 euros a month and convert it in ruble and think its all that easy. in reality russians earn much more money have more freedome then west. problem is russians are very lazy and entitled brats...think about it, some hobo wanted money from my uncle and he asked them if they could put on a lightbolt cuz he got backpain. for 2000 rubles, they refused and asked give us money for free, so he gave and they bought some vodka, think about it how lazy russians are, the most lazy people on the planet.
Anonymous  01/04/19 Пнд 04:27:16 5764955
15289917693000.jpg (23Кб, 448x448)
kys you mongrelmutt putinshill
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 00:04:05 5766756
iam 80% russian not realy mixed. yo, yes iam pro putin. hes a cool guy. simply because you dont like him. thats why i like him.
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