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me rate Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 03:04:25 414871
80446c4233b8b9e[...].jpg (56Кб, 480x689)
Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 18:12:59 415242
puti asperger.JPG (17Кб, 530x133)
>>41487 (OP)

>he annexed crimea cuz hes asperger

crimea was always on the plan, they think putin is the only guy who choose what to take...their millions of people who decided that, crimea came naturaly because its russian land but was given away by stupid communist. crimea, ukraine, belarus, half poland, baltics, kazakshtan will become part of russia, because its natural. nothing to do with putin, hes kgb, you will be fucked so hard in the head and will know so many thing which regualr folks dont know, that you become lil bit fucked up in the head. its not for normal people to do this kind of job.

if you want to know how he feels, try this: think one thing, say something different and do completly different to the too.

for example do mathematics in your head or counting from 0..too 100 think about it in your head and then sing a song, while you count in the head and sing with your mouth try to keep a ball with your feet in the air. thats like basic training.
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 14:49:05 415783
че за омежка
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 15:55:52 415794
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 21:29:12 415885
hes 164 cm. but thats a good thing, you can put him in tank, in submarine, in plane. putin is perfect combat soldier. harder to hit, and need less food to work and hes also cute :3
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