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internet surveillance is good change my mind Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 05:42:04 417111
image.png (294Кб, 850x400)
internet surveillance is good change my mind
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 11:24:55 417232
>>41711 (OP)
it doesnt work, because you could easily manipulate all the data which is collected. set up many bots and feed the machine with false information. after many years or even centuries the datagatherting will be falsified and useless.

okay you can put agents to verifiy the data but you could have use them anyway. when do you know its a fake information or a true one ? when will you sent out agents to check it ? the more data you collect the more you should have emlpoy agents to factualize this data.

its like flying to a planet which doesnt exists or got killed by supernova. from your perspective it does exist since you look at it light years before the destruction.

so all in all it doesnt matter. kinda useless. russian surveillance is specificly targetet on groupe or a people. its more precise and cheaper. also you need approval from court, which allows extra approval on not to waste taxes money.

Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 15:20:08 417263
why would a security agency that gathers data for aid in national security temper with the data? that's just self defeating
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 16:07:47 417294
dprk.PNG (846Кб, 1270x671)
haste überhaupt gelesen was ich geschrieben habe ?

es bringt nix so viel daten zu sammeln da diese daten manipuliert werden können, so weit hast du nicht gedacht da du ein robotor hirn hast.

das ziel ist es ja alle daten zu speichern und aswerten, damit man vorraus sehen kann wie sich was entwickelt, kauf interesse, alterentwicklung usw. wenn ich aber das system ständig über jahre mit falscher information versorge und mich als otto-normal internet nutzer ausgebe und die es nicht mitkriegen, sammeln die die ganze zeit falsche daten und somit ihre auswertung ungenau und nutzlos.

ich habe nix dagegen, sollen die auch machen, nur es bringt nix, menschen sind keine computer die immer das gleiche machen.
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 16:15:30 417305
you're assuming that the data gathering is done exclusively for statistical purposes, i'm however talking about national security on an individual level
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 16:17:49 417326
surveillance is bad, also me in pic
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 16:18:45 417337
image.png (635Кб, 750x797)
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 17:01:22 417358
fingerprints.png (124Кб, 500x530)
Cloudcomputing.[...].png (384Кб, 2000x1811)
no iam not assuming for statistics, its more of getting bigger picture of whats going on globaly like a puzzle.
>talking about national security on an individual level
but this machines snowden talks about are not about individual level.

it haz religious conatation.

Isaiah 14:14 New King James Version (NKJV)

"I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High."
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 17:18:28 417369
you live in a dream world neo
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 20:40:55 4174610
we all live in dreamworld, but you think your world is the only real one
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