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why /int/ so f*cking sucks - me rate threads get deleted and boring ass Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 00:47:36 459751
your-seat-desig[...].png (77Кб, 500x654)
why /int/ so f*cking sucks

- me rate threads get deleted and boring ass kc tier threads thrive
- boards gets spammed with cp nobody bats an eye (pedophilia aint good. period.)
- mod deletes two weeks worth of messages like its nothing. codoles.
- tankie german still hasnt a ten posts a day posting quota

when do we film a petition to /d/ fams
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 01:38:51 459762
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Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 03:36:04 459773
- latin american IP ranges are banned in a seemingly random manner because sometimes i'm able to post, sometimes i'm not
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 04:00:42 459784
good lol
go eat some bananas
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 13:38:05 459795
so i suppose int will now die slowly
merate finn tried to breathe some life into it without him we're all doomed
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 14:26:42 459806
slish ti oxyel.jpg (61Кб, 660x628)
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 14:27:58 459817
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 16:09:56 459848
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 16:24:24 459869
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 16:28:14 4598710
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 16:37:12 4598811
hans, please don't be so german or go back to kc
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 16:44:51 4599012
what do u mean im on kc rigtht now
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 16:48:53 4599113
lol, frietz, go home you're drunk
09/01/19 Срд 17:47:12 4599214
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 17:49:40 4599315
sent you a letter pls check
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 20:15:59 4601216
>mod deletes two weeks worth of messages like its nothing
me okay with it
Anonymous  10/01/19 Чтв 04:29:39 4605717
I'll try that, thanks
I understand being rangebanned in russian speaking boards but it happens even on /int/
Anonymous  10/01/19 Чтв 05:31:09 4606218
true dat no value was lost))
Anonymous  05/03/19 Втр 06:26:38 5701819
>>45975 (OP)
What a fuck is this? Your asshole?)))))))
Anonymous  05/03/19 Втр 06:38:53 5701920
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