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Hi all. I want to make a thread for discussing possible health issues with our other Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 19:30:39 460041
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Hi all. I want to make a thread for discussing possible health issues with our other halves.

I will start - I am pretty sure my boyfriend has something wrong with his penis. It is normal size when erect but when flaccid it MASSIVELY changes size from 1 inch at times to 4 inches at others, and seems to have no consistency to it

He says its normal but it isn't. I've told him to film other men in the gym changing rooms and he did it, he picked 4 men that I chose the demographics for (1 smaller man in his 20s with dark hair and white skin, 1 older black obese man, 1 bodybuilder of any race and age and 1 man of his age and race and height which is tall weight in 30s) and he took pictures of their penises in secret for 4 weeks and they have FAR more consistent flaccid penises than him

Is this normal? Am I going crazy?
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 20:14:00 460112
Why wouldn't you ask a doc about that?
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 06:08:51 461283
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Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 11:35:28 461504
15472356696980s.jpg (5Кб, 200x184)
>>46004 (OP)
I have the same history with dick.)))
His penis is normal.
It's just that there may be a greater sensitivity to the cold, like me.
When warm, it is more than 2 times.
In General, the difference can vary up to 4 times.
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 04:20:11 462065
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