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Shitskin mother fackas must killed Anonymous  11/01/19 Птн 16:51:44 461091
VKZi72t.jpg (406Кб, 1691x1228)
I hope you cunts fully understand that the people you call "SJWs" or "liberals", "socialists", "lefties" want you all dead. Keep in mind, they have the government to back them up. They INSIST on parasiting the native homelands of indigenous Europeans. They don't want all of us dead, they also want you to subsidize their degeneracy. They are openly racist and likely hate us more than we hate them. You see, there's nothing more dangerous than a person who feels morally superior and justified. You know, the so called "DO GOODERS" of the world.

As the saying goes:
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

The more immigrants, the more mongrels (who'll end up hating you since they'l never be considered European anyway) is an army slowly but surely, building...Waiting to genetically exterminate us in the name of "human rights", "peace", "equality", "tolerance", "antiracism" etc..

I encourage the lurkers (if you're not yet sure where you are politically) carefully read the type of shit these "moral", "peaceful" people are saying. This is the result of +74 years of incessant brainwashing on a massive scale. (via Hollywood, media, universities etc..) ..They have successfully managed to dehumanize and demonize us..We, the indigenous people of Europe..In the land of our own ancestors. These people feel morally justified to kill and torture your children. Yet they also want you to pay for it. And THEY'LL NEVER leave on their own even though they see themselves as "victims". But genuine victims never insist on living right next to their oppressors. Never lose sight of who these people really are while they're busy dehumanizing us in the name of "equality", "understanding" and "antifascism". They project their own feelings on us and feel we're illegitimate in our own land.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 06:31:11 461292
You project too much. All you see is dumb evil boring shit. Hobos on the streets (there are hobos everywhere though), gray skies, rubbish everywhere, minorities gathering together by ethnicity to commit crimes... I can speak for hours. You live in shit, only see shit and, in your delusion, think that everyone wants to cause you pain, to make your life more shitty than it is. It's not like that in the less hostile world, where positivity blooms, not much is gray and life is more meaningful. The only thing that people really hate is evil, in general. Evil things, evil concepts, evil people. Nobody tolerates them well. Nobody would really kill them, though, maybe only in a mass hysteria, it's all talk. And shouldn't you Russians consider nazis to be a form of evil, like the rest of the world does? And don't you think that you're too evil?
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 07:03:06 461303
yeah yeah the same old story - you russians are evil
try something new
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 07:05:51 461314
This post is not mine.
I copied it from an Englishman and moved it here.
I was very hurt by his words.
And as for this man in the photo, I'd really like to avenge him.
If I had been paid enough, given the right weapons, I would have gone to Germany and killed as many as needed.
When a white kills a black, can not be indifferent.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 07:10:45 461325
As for Hitler, it is a huge, simply gigantic tragedy of our country.
But if not for shitty Communists, Hitler would not have attacked us and killed millions.
There were many Slavic countries that he did not touch Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia...
He killed Gypsies, Jews and Communists.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 07:59:43 461346
You are delusional. I didn't say anything close to that. Go fuck yourself.
>This post is not mine. I copied it from an Englishman and moved it here.
Why do I have to know this information? It had to object my point somehow? Or do you right now try to manipulate your audience into noticing that Englishmen nazi sympathizers exist?
>I would have gone to Germany and killed as many as needed.
Sounds like you're evil! Consider killing yourself, worm.
> He killed Gypsies, Jews and Communists.
Thanks for the history lesson. That's one of the reasons why he is broadly considered to be evil.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 09:03:10 461377
PresvyatoyBogor[...].jpg (33Кб, 264x350)
I'm not trying to manipulate anyone. The English, Germans or other European Nations are no different to me. They are carriers of white culture, white race, white world.
International values are Marxist-Leninist nonsense that my country and people have been fooled by the Communists for 70 years. All this class approach to humanity, to the people of different races, different ethnic groups, different languages, different cultural codes collapsed in 1991 in the USSR.
I remember perfectly well that as soon as the USSR collapsed, ethnic oppression of Russians began in all the former regions of the USSR, the republics in which Russia poured money and forces that could be spent on the Russian people.
These ethnic groups 70 years was brainwashed by the FRIENDSHIP of the PEOPLES and waving to the nose of red flags (red, simvoliziruet blood. Hinting that the blood of all the same color).
And at the moment there is still an outflow of the Russian population from the ethnic republics around Russia. This is not an aggressive policy (no one in Russia would tolerate it), but a policy of discrimination.
Concretely, the West turns a blind eye and the media is silent. Nothing new.
The West does not see the reverse of the Russians and nationalism in relation to the Russian, in relation to the white.

But in 2012, the West began to move these savages from the republics next to Russia, from Africa, from the middle East and they realized what kind of people.
Now many countries do not want to accept refugees (for example Italy, Malta) and people on boats stand in the sea for months of drifting.
And those who arrived in Western countries will not work, but will Rob, steal and sell drugs. Not all, but 20-30%. That's huge.
The idea of internationalism is false.
Internationalism can only stick to violence (as Marx himself said).
Stalin was an internationalist, but even he was for the fact that the Chechens swore Hitler deported a whole nation to the cold steppes of Kazakhstan in 1946.
Loaded into cars 400 thousand people and took out. On the road and in the steppes died of cold and hunger 150 thousand of them.
Quiet life and internationalism was enough until 1994. Began repression and the expulsion from Chechnya of the Russian people and Chechnya is now a mono-ethnic 98%. Isn't that fascism?
I have a racism test for you.

Stand in front of you 2 not friends of man. Nothing in them is different except the color of the skin.
You have 1 choice, you have to shoot one of them. Who will you choose?
Answer me honestly. (I've already conducted a massive survey on this test and know the answer)
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 09:34:33 461398
>They are carriers of white culture, white race, white world.
It's nice that you've stated that you are nazi in the beginning of your post. Go tell your grandmother how you want to protect white culture, white race and white world, by going to Germany to kill people who heavily dislike a goddamn nazi. You'll quickly find out that not only SJWs, liberals or whatever want to get rid of you and your bullshit.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 09:52:35 461409
screen-shot-201[...].png (162Кб, 807x525)
My grandmother and my children worked all their lives to provide international, utopian ideas of Communists. 2/3 of their lives they worked as slaves.
Unfortunately, they're long dead now.
When they were alive, I didn't have time to ask them about other nationalities, other races, other cultures and religions.

But I don't have to ask anyone right now. I am 38 years old and I am an adult myself.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 10:52:23 4614610
Internationalism kinda happened already, nobody really cares about races anymore, and those who internally do just control themselves. And it's not like everyone wants to be best friends with other races, it's just that people want to help other people in different ways, like helping refugees, or feeding the poor, or whatever. White world obviously lives better, so help and attention is more often directed at minorities. I don't know why it bothers you on the global scale, since most countries that have to deal with high influx of people do it quite well. People are a good malleable resource, why lose them? More workers, more mouths to feed, more art, more everything human, basically. If someone has been able to cross quarter of the planet to have a future - they deserve to try on a new place. Minorities are not a problem for a developed country, man, it's all nazi bullshit propaganda.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 11:10:30 4614811
Screenshot20190[...].png (218Кб, 800x1280)
Unfortunately, for some reason dvach did not allow me to post this comment. Here's his screenshot.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 11:54:05 4615212
Maybe that internationalism was only on paper. Fortunately, not all people do good things expecting to get gratitude. I find it depressing that some people live in terrible conditions and can't really do anything about it. I can't blame them for moving and can't blame anyone for helping them.
And nazis are certainly more evil than some people who merely don't give enough gratitude to you. Not treating others like shit is a bare minimum that nobody has to be grateful for. Try being a better person, start small - by not calling anyone a shitskin anymore, it's easy. Small steps. One day and you'll free your mind of the irrelevant minority issues, and you will be able to concentrate more on your own actions and their consequences.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 12:48:39 4615313
No, believe me, in the USSR internationalism was not on paper.
Russian whites kept at their own expense, at the expense of their lives, their health a huge number of people in the ethnic republics.
We built them expensive, we built cities, we shared resources and subsidized their industry, we protected their borders and fought with the separatists.
This went on for 70 years.
It was very often the case that national minorities in ethnic republics received more wages than native Russians.
Trust me, MNEs, since 1991, none of them have been grateful. And it was after that that that the Russians became Nazis. 80% of Russians hate non-Russian, non-white. We have a good memory.

I repeat, do not make mistakes Russian, learn from our mistakes.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 12:59:25 4615414
Screenshot20190[...].png (381Кб, 800x1280)
Look, there's just been an explosion in Central Paris.
Don't even doubt who made it.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 13:22:28 4615615
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 13:26:22 4615716
15472362116872.jpg (87Кб, 720x690)
And the poor Arabs and Negroes are the victims of aggression
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