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This post with 4chan and I fully support it. Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 08:37:40 462181
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I'm just curious whether you've been visiting this part of the web yesterday or few years ago.

I'm asking because of you fuckers i can't enjoy hollywood movies anymore. Worst of all, i think i've become paranoid about all types of media... (radio, tv).

I rarely ever go to the cinema anymore. Heck, i don't even bother pirating any films at this point. Or very few of them. Yes, i do exceptions...I remember going to see Blade Runner 2049 at the cinema for example. (only because i tend to enjoy Villeneuve's films & i was curious to see the sequel to one of my favorite sci-fi).

But it's like...Whether we're talking about comedies, so called "historical" films or dramas, thrillers, anything that comes from hollywood is now supremely suspicious to me. I can't help it..I see propaganda in 95% of these fucking films. Even just by watching film trailers. I also have the reflex to go on imdb to see (((who))) is producing or writing it. (though I'm kinda ok with Coen brothers films but they're exceptions).

But it's everywhere. Either that of my brain is lying to me..Maybe /pol/ has reprogrammed me. I'm not sure anymore. I'm seeing the world like in this scene

Only i instantly detect multiculturalism propaganda, anti-nationalist, anti-white, anti-everything that's supposed to be "normal". I see jewish influence, LGBT, socialist influence/propaganda everywhere.. It's constant. I'm not sure if i'm going crazy or if i just used to be completely obvlious, blind to it. Maybe it was always there.

But what scares me isn't just the fact that it's all round us. It's NONSTOP...I see it in commercials, news, tv shows, So much so that i no longer watch tv. The other thing that scares me is that too many people in my entourage seem to be completely indifferent to it. Or maybe just so used to it that it's just their "reality" i guess. Sometimes i'd like to talk about these things but i don't want to shock them
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 08:50:20 462192
the redpill is a crucial intermediate step for the inevitable pink pill

Stage 1: Anger
>spends all his time on /pol/
>hates blacks
>lonely and resentful
>hates life and finds meaning by connecting to racial identity

Stage 2: Shame
>alienation drives /pol/ack deeper into isolation and porn addiction
>taboos become attractive
>blacked spam starts having an effect
>begin jacking off to sissy hypno and BBC
>shame from anti-white perversions drive /pol/ack deeper into politics and isolation

Stage 3: Giving In
>in loneliness, horniness, and sheer boredom alt-right sissy hooks up with a black guy
>though shy and nervous, the moment black dick enters his mouth the /pol/ack is hooked
>months or years of porn and fetishism aligns to make everything- the black man's musk, his heavy, chocolate dick, the sissy's soft white hand on dark skin- reaffirm the sissy's fetishes and send so much pleasure into his faggot brain that there is no going back

Stage 4: Dedication:
>sissy white boi begins having gay hook ups at increasing frequency
>gradually loses interest in politics
>more body conscious, begins squatting and running for a better butt
>starts practicing a campy gay voice because it turns him on
>gets into cross dressing and make up, derives submissive thrill from looking slutty and ridiculous

Stage 5: Obsession
>completely broken by black cock
>flaming sissy faggot
>is a devout leftist because white extinction makes his penis twitch, votes for whoever increases immigration
>mannerisms so excessively campy they make his family uncomfortable
>no longer alienated, now extroverted and sassy
>has circle of faghag friends who he gossips with and makes BBC jokes around
>loves going to gay clubs and twerking his white booty for black men
>shameless size queen slut who fucks several strangers a week
>views alt-righters with mixture of pity and bemusement, uses /pol/ only to post interracial and ERP
>thanks black cock daily for changing him from an angry, resentful loner into somebody with a full spectrum of human emotion
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 09:03:18 462203
What is this nonsense?
Is that from the manual?
Blank written by whom?
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 09:06:20 462214
it's from the opposite of /pol/, that almost no /pol/tard knows of, even though they're the actual ebil sjw boogymen that spam 4chan with bbc
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 09:12:34 462235
Understood. Just trolling.
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 09:14:49 462246
honestly i don't get why imageboard users would care about degradation of society in the shape of LGBT/multiculturalism. are they integrated into conservative society to the point where they've built their enjoyments around it? really? imageboard users?
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 10:05:30 462267
489324d396ce761[...].png (220Кб, 661x354)
Do not forget that the image Board is a conventional name. It's just a tape with the posts, which rapidly disappear.
These same can be called and Twitter, and Tumblr, and Reddit...
Who knows where the actual information goes more?

I wouldn't bet she's born on Twitter.
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