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Why did Russians like this guy so much? He killed so many people for the sake of Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 17:27:26 462511
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Why did Russians like this guy so much? He killed so many people for the sake of progress, assassinated people and much more, but people ignore that. Even when they admit some of his wrongdoings, they say it’s not his fault, it’s his underlings fault, he doesn’t know anything about the bad things happening, he is just in a “bubble”.
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 17:55:52 462542
>>46251 (OP)
during his rule not so many people liked him
long ago after his death they started to adore him just because they were young back then
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 18:22:08 462553
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 18:38:54 462564
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 19:41:28 462615
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 20:39:51 462656
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>>46251 (OP)
you have to see a nation or state as a body, since hes part of the brain he must keep the body from germs and viruses. so he commands the immune system(nkvd, kgb, gru) to kill some viruses and germs

of course germs and viruses will complain about "harsh" treatment of the white blood cells

hostile ideologies which will lead to collapse of the state is like like virus which infects a human cell and spread to other cells, so immune system can not kill the virus, but it can kill the cells which are infected with the virus(subversive ideology) germs how ever can be killed by immune system without harming their own cell. viruses can not be killed. only if they enter the cell. white blood cell consumes/kills the cell of human and all of 3 die.
Anonymous  12/02/19 Втр 17:04:44 520437
крепостные.jpg (68Кб, 600x449)
>>46251 (OP)
Because Russians are fucking slaves and they like when somebody kills them.
Anonymous  12/02/19 Втр 23:31:53 520548
>russians like to get killed
it was communist jews who killed russian peasants in gulags as revenge for pogroms.
Anonymous  13/02/19 Срд 23:49:48 520749
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Anonymous  14/02/19 Чтв 01:03:23 5207610
Anonymous  14/02/19 Чтв 05:00:19 5207811
dddfo.jpg (140Кб, 981x736)
Anonymous  14/02/19 Чтв 05:21:12 5207912
W5LtFUPm6g77ntE[...].jpg (1813Кб, 2528x1820)
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 00:03:07 5209413
fff.JPG (9Кб, 115x93)
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 14:16:09 5210514
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 16:24:35 5211515
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 19:42:05 5212116
Anonymous  23/02/19 Суб 14:42:25 5262617
And? Those were beginnings and it was for a short time.
Stalin got rid of many of them and didnt like jews so I dont know what are you trying to prove here you retard.
Stupid enough that it takes you 3 posts what you could post in one.
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