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Why did Russians like this guy so much? He killed so many people for the sake of Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 17:27:26 462511
3097D379-2499-4[...].jpeg (40Кб, 384x384)
Why did Russians like this guy so much? He killed so many people for the sake of progress, assassinated people and much more, but people ignore that. Even when they admit some of his wrongdoings, they say it’s not his fault, it’s his underlings fault, he doesn’t know anything about the bad things happening, he is just in a “bubble”.
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 17:55:52 462542
>>46251 (OP)
during his rule not so many people liked him
long ago after his death they started to adore him just because they were young back then
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 18:22:08 462553
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 18:38:54 462564
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 19:41:28 462615
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 20:39:51 462656
grulogo0609a.jpg (49Кб, 968x645)
>>46251 (OP)
you have to see a nation or state as a body, since hes part of the brain he must keep the body from germs and viruses. so he commands the immune system(nkvd, kgb, gru) to kill some viruses and germs

of course germs and viruses will complain about "harsh" treatment of the white blood cells

hostile ideologies which will lead to collapse of the state is like like virus which infects a human cell and spread to other cells, so immune system can not kill the virus, but it can kill the cells which are infected with the virus(subversive ideology) germs how ever can be killed by immune system without harming their own cell. viruses can not be killed. only if they enter the cell. white blood cell consumes/kills the cell of human and all of 3 die.
Anonymous  12/02/19 Втр 17:04:44 520437
крепостные.jpg (68Кб, 600x449)
>>46251 (OP)
Because Russians are fucking slaves and they like when somebody kills them.
Anonymous  12/02/19 Втр 23:31:53 520548
>russians like to get killed
it was communist jews who killed russian peasants in gulags as revenge for pogroms.
Anonymous  13/02/19 Срд 23:49:48 520749
1528130535569.jpg (145Кб, 960x823)
1529255169182.jpg (55Кб, 546x640)
1530883048211.jpg (1369Кб, 1423x2332)
1532892024476.png (215Кб, 501x590)
Anonymous  14/02/19 Чтв 01:03:23 5207610
Anonymous  14/02/19 Чтв 05:00:19 5207811
dddfo.jpg (140Кб, 981x736)
Anonymous  14/02/19 Чтв 05:21:12 5207912
W5LtFUPm6g77ntE[...].jpg (1813Кб, 2528x1820)
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 00:03:07 5209413
fff.JPG (9Кб, 115x93)
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 14:16:09 5210514
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 16:24:35 5211515
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 19:42:05 5212116
Anonymous  23/02/19 Суб 14:42:25 5262617
And? Those were beginnings and it was for a short time.
Stalin got rid of many of them and didnt like jews so I dont know what are you trying to prove here you retard.
Stupid enough that it takes you 3 posts what you could post in one.
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 15:28:02 5890618
Anonymous  28/05/19 Втр 09:57:07 5891919
Comrade Stalin didn't know anything, enemies have snuck into the NKVD!
Anonymous  28/05/19 Втр 09:59:12 5892020
Товарищ Сталин ничего не знал
О выходках товарища Ежова,
Лишь знал о том, что строится канал –
Чего же, очернители, еще вам?

Товарищ Сталин ничего не знал,
А как узнал – Ежову лоб зелёнкой,
Достраивал же вверенный канал
Земляк в пенсне с натурой очень тонкой…

Товарищ Сталин ничего не знал –
Взорвали Храм? Тот, что на русской крови?
Не знал! Не знал! Достраивал канал!
А храм рванул товарищ Каганович!

Товарищ Сталин ничего не знал
О том, что пленный много хуже фрица,
Не он, а СМЕРШ этапы подгонял
До Коми прямиком из Аушвица!

Достроены и ГРЭСы и канал!
Жаль, в мерзлоту не всех иуд вдавили!
Товарищ Сталин ничего не знал
О том, что знал товарищ Джугашвили…
Anonymous  28/05/19 Втр 10:58:30 5892221
>>46251 (OP)
I dunno, why do americans like Al Capone, Gotti and other gangsters? Why do japanese like yakuza? He was, basically, the same figure - a gangster who managed to get a lot of power.
Anonymous  28/05/19 Втр 14:23:32 5892422
Russian schizo slaves have butthurt itt lol
Anonymous  28/05/19 Втр 16:15:42 5893523
He knew. Didn't you read about repressions against NKVD members?
Anonymous  29/05/19 Срд 02:42:24 5894624
Anonymous  29/05/19 Срд 02:42:41 5894725
Anonymous  30/05/19 Чтв 10:39:27 5896526
Yeah, they had nothing to do with making up for killing innocents though... He was removing his closest allies because he was afraid of them getting power and recognition in bolshevik party. He was afraid they'd do him the same he did to Lenin.
Stalin knew exactly what was going on and he used it for his political well-being by creating a dog-eat-dog situation between his clique. He was a paranoid control freak abusing his power.
Look at how he treated poor comrade Ezhov... The loyaliest of the loyal, he was convicted by Stalin for anti-soviet activity and being a homosexual.
What a mustache-wearing acne-ridden wine-drinking cunt. He deserved to get his smoking pipe shoved up his hairy gruzin arse.
Anonymous  30/05/19 Чтв 18:31:39 5897427
stalin was verteling the zhidomasons on his hui xD
Anonymous  30/05/19 Чтв 19:16:46 5897528
Mehlis.jpg (42Кб, 496x500)
Stalin was a bitch of this jew. As soon as this jew died, stalin was removed from his pedestal.
Anonymous  30/05/19 Чтв 19:38:18 5897729
stalin is cousin of nikolai 2, hes son of russian white army agent, the name i cant name. he was orthodox and served russian roaylity.

thhats why he was wearing white suit after victory over (((germany)))

churchill poisoned stalin. but stalin did vertel the dziu on his pisun xD
Anonymous  31/05/19 Птн 00:30:41 5898330
soviet revolution was made by two main fractions: jews and aristocracy who expected to live in Europe for free, but February of 1917 abolished all their free money, so they returned slavery to russians and they made it even more vile than before.
Even Lenin's family got noble title (and monthly payments from a crown) just in the last wagon did they get. So he probably wanted to live in Zurich doing nothing, but suddenly he had to take care of the payments. It was a complete shock a surprise for me to discover, and here where this redpill began for me:
Anonymous  31/05/19 Птн 07:45:37 5898531
>>46251 (OP)
Well, in the face of war and global destruction you'll like every leader who saves you and your people.
Anonymous  31/05/19 Птн 08:38:47 5898832
That's because you're a ram, and your place is in the slaughter.
Stalin provoked that very war. He also didn't give two shits about you and your people. tens of millions died because of him, and you still want to be lead somewhere, probably because your life is useless and you dream of lead
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 22:54:10 5906533
Rus population.JPG (234Кб, 724x955)
>Stalin provoked that very war
yes, but if he wouldnt germany would adcance technologicly and uk and ussr had no chance in winning that war.
>He also didn't give two shits about you and your people.
why should he ? hes just one men, its job of Almighty.
>tens of millions died because of him
russian population almost double, the millions who flee 1917 revolution wer the cause of dramatic decrease, many rusians live abroad, about 30 million. most who died wer germans(18million) poles(6million) ukranians (3million) belarusians (2million) all of those nations had "seperatistic toughts" so their population needed to be reduced.
02/06/19 Вск 02:25:32 5907134
You are sick. Take your meds.
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 20:14:31 5907935
iam russian xD their is no cure
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 20:22:40 5908036
>>46251 (OP)
This is, probably, some kind of masochistic trend among Slavic people. They always adore the one who humiliates them and pisses right on their faces.
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 20:44:32 5908237
Stalin-icon-04.jpg (186Кб, 499x604)
hard times.jpg (78Кб, 600x549)
its a lie, under stalin our soldiers had 3 meals at the front, good clothing and nice weapons. he had to remove many officers because they are not loyal, generals and officers usually betray quickly because of money, so he killed them all and let sergants rule. its not masochistic, it like when tiger cubs play, they play rough compared to kittens. russia is another caliber you cant compare them to weaklings like germans, french or english. russia will always remain tough, aggresive and brutal that way we sort out the weaklings so they dont stain our supperior genetic pool. it is eugenic programm sorta say. also eat raw onions.
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 22:00:20 5908338
I also like to eat onions with lemon. Its very tasty + I think healthy too.
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 23:29:46 5908539
X8yWNb6Kim0.jpg (71Кб, 650x650)
They're bombarded by propaganda. You would be the same if you were made dress as a hare as a child, and one of names for hare is literally rusak, it's so humiliating, some vile black magicians fucked us up for whatever reason, russians speak r with tongue and trus is literally coward in russian. their surnames end with cow, their capital ends with cow, mos cow.
It all is so unaccidental, some sociologic magic, it should be exposed and prohibited.
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 23:03:24 5911040
>fucked us up
you are not russian , stop acting
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 23:04:22 5911141
lemon u eat with chai

onion you eat with potato

like normal human being, but you are not normal
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 09:05:23 5912242
no you are not normal

you eat onions with lemon

and potatoes with salt

and chai with sugar
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 13:42:04 5913343
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 17:44:45 5914144
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 20:55:44 5917745
Russians are slaves and love to be enslaved. Seriously, its in our DNA. We LOVE it when someone acts viscous to us. During Stalins years you would be put into a fucking gulag for 10 years if you stole 1 fucking button from a dress factory. So of course we look back at Stalin with warmth and nostalgia.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 21:44:38 5917946
americanultra.jpg (45Кб, 1036x558)
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 01:09:03 5939247
Better luck with a proxy next time, mr voice of america agent.
Anonymous  15/07/19 Пнд 14:28:01 6002448
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