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A finnish soldier stands on top of a hill and yells down >Blyatman you need at Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 23:03:48 462711
e047621d.mp4 (570Кб, 536x548, 00:00:24)
A finnish soldier stands on top of a hill and yells down
>Blyatman you need at least 10 russkis to kill finnish soldier
The russian commander get's angry and sends 10 of his soldiers over that hill.
Noone comes back and on the next day the same finnish guy is again on that hill and yells
>Nice try, but you need 20 russians to kill a finnish soldier
The russian commander is really pissed and sends 25 soldiers.
Nothing happens until the next day and the fin is again on the hill and yells
>Actually you need 50 russians soldiers to kill a finnish one.
The russian commander sends all remaining 100 troops and calls for reinforcements.
The next day one russian crawls back, barely alive and whispers to his commander:
>It's a trap, there's two of them
Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 13:05:27 474012
image.png (419Кб, 500x531)
it was an estonian soldier, not finnish.
Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 13:27:22 474023
do women think that men like their roast
Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 16:17:50 474134
you laught you lose
like Finland lost Karelia
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 15:19:31 475765
1276520102.jpg (85Кб, 640x464)
Thanx for Karelo-finnish SSR.
Suomi whores good remember red dicks :3
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 20:22:40 475996
i saw finnish girls in hamburg, they are extremly horny and very small look like blond japanese, i think my giant russian cock would hurt them. its is well known fact that russians are niggers of white peoples clan.
Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 23:46:52 476537
it's a pitty that Fin has lost Karelia. i was there last summer and it's better Karelia to be finnish...
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