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Томос Украины и Петр Порошенко. Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 14:04:19 475121
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Может вам и покажется все это теорией заговора, но все равно предлагаю поразмышлять.
Помните, как развалился ссср? Мне кажется, это было охуенным событием 1991 года. Лучшего и придумать для россии сложно.
Пнуть по сраку дотационное днище-территории (особенно не лояльные) - это дало возможность восстановиться россии, сконцентрировать средства на себе.
Но в какой-то момент начали некоторые республики и страны вылазить из экономического дна вверх и становиться конкурентами рф.
Естественно, главный конкурент - это украина.

Ломать не строить и ломать мы умеем. Вот за некоторое время мы начали разваливать своего конкурента.
Острая фаза развала - это майдан 2014, отрезание от газа льготного, нефти, развал заводов, развал сельского хозяйства, переманивание специалистов, отьем Крыма.
Ну, и последней вишенкой на торте является отказ от содержания огромного хозяйства приходов Украины( 12000 приходов) с россии (ведь любому дураку ясно, что на нее тратятся денежки из российского бюджета, ведь патриархат был московский), на плечи налогоплательщиков украинцев...
То, что Порошенко ездит и хвалится Томосом, то это хорошая мина, при плохой игре.
Он этой грамотой, погрузил на себя, свою страну (и без того предбанкротную) дополнительную финансовую нагрузку.
Не удивлюсь, если Порошенко агент кремля.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 14:08:13 475132
yeah but its the actually the other way round
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 14:11:06 475143
I didn't understand... That naobot, write much detail.
Are you saying that the Soviet republics fed Russia?
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 16:20:48 475154
I mean, that Putin is an agent of Ukraine.
If not for this, what would be the reason for Ukraine to exist? The power balance is literally 100:1.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 18:33:31 475245
Well, actually, there are 40 million people in Ukraine. You can't do anything fast with them. An entire country cannot be destroyed quickly. And the Ukrainians of Russia are not strangers, they would never forgive a direct invasion into the interior of the country and staged a terrible guerrilla war.
Russia needs the human resource of the country like air. Disloyal Ukrainians are an unfit human resource.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 20:09:00 475336
>>47512 (OP)
poroshenko is kgb from saint petersburg. he still haz many companies in russia under different names and pays lots of taxes, his job is to ruin ukraine and make realy cheap so russian can buy it.

tymoshenko already said russia must compensate those who suffered under russias "aggresion in donbass" 100 billion image buy a country for such cheap price. it litrally means to buy ukraine for 100 billion.

you remeber when obama visited some g 20 ? he didnt shook poroshenkos hand, he knew he was kgb and lured europe and americans to give "support" against russians aggresion, while at same time selling ukraine to russia for very cheap. poroshenko is sneaky guy.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 20:14:47 475347
I don't care who Poroshenko and what he promised to whom, to whom he submits and who recruited 2, 3, 4 intelligence agencies of the world...
It is important to me that in interests of Russia.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 20:58:53 475368
it is, ukraine will become part of russia.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 21:22:29 475399
I am not sure that it is in Russia's interests now and in the future too.
Russia does not need a competitor in the world market. But Russia needs the people of Ukraine. Russia is huge and the working people are one with the Russian mentality and culture.
I do not even know what the politicians have planned for Ukraine, what their strategic plans are.
It is possible that they will buy its territory for 100 billion, and perhaps much cheaper...
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 21:40:01 4754210
tymoshenko zhopa.jpg (30Кб, 500x430)
yes, the plan is to cuck ukranians for ever for their crimes against russian children in donbass. like with germans, putin wants to descredit everybody to such a point that their will be no possible way to return to zalupa and bandera times. but slowly, first take belarus and make it part of russia.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 21:42:23 4754311
>Russia does not need a competitor in the world market
no u dont understand, ukraine is 40 million people. they have nothing to offer to europe except some "black earth" its not competitor but vital partz of russia, ukraine is root of russia.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 21:57:24 4754712
By the way, today the foreign Minister said that the financial merger with Belarus is being prepared. They want to make one tax space, one currency, one Central Bank. I think this is a big step towards an Alliance.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 22:03:33 4754813
No, Ukraine has the potential in the production of weapons, has a good potential of agro, has a good transport potential, port potential, metallurgy,livestock, coal industry and of course, for Russia it is a military buffer to Western Europe and NATO. If you destroy the industrial potential of Ukraine, Russia will get a big profit from it.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 22:05:54 4754914
holy russian em[...].jpg (589Кб, 3000x1153)
yes was my plan many many years ago. russian goverment does what i tell them. lol

its only natural process, the people should not be devided just because of leaders like putin, lukashenko, poroshenko or even nazerbaeev, kazahkstan should be also part of russia, their is a big disapointement in the kazaq leader. only way to improve all economies is to unite under one goverment, the russian empire.

communism is very bad ideologie it made division among the russian people and invented fake countries like ukraine, belarus, kazaqstan, poland, baltics, armenia, georgia, chechnya etc. they never existed, their was nationality in russian empire passport, only "faith".

maby invent somekind of new religion which unites the people of russian empire.

Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 22:17:18 4755115
russian biggest[...].JPG (35Кб, 635x328)
ukraine trading[...].JPG (57Кб, 582x382)
>or Russia it is a military buffer to Western Europe and NATO
>If you destroy the industrial potential of Ukraine, Russia will get a big profit from it.

you are so stupid realy! where do you get this silly ideas ? russia doesnt want to destroy ukraine, ukraine is one of biggest trading partner is russia, its same people. russia wants to buy it cheap. not destroy.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 23:15:02 4755816
You have listed countries, but I do not agree that they should all be part of one whole - the Empire.
Only loyal ones should be part of the Empire. It does not matter on what basis their loyalty will be (race, faith, economy, kinship, etc.), but it should be voluntary and mass.
Of course, 100% loyalty is excluded, but 70% is enough and the people are already becoming friendly.
And I agree with you that the whole is bigger than its parts. The Empire is always not much bigger than small countries, although it imposes great obligations on the citizen.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 23:25:04 4755917
15476228478970.jpg (10Кб, 329x331)
I'm not stupid. Russia is beneficial to buy Ukraine for a pittance, and advantageous to destroy it as a country-the competitor.
But I do not know what Russian politicians are up to...
But there are indirect signs that it will collapse-the Chinese have shown that the new silk road to Europe will not pass through Ukraine, and through the Baltic countries to the West.
Although geographically closer to carry it directly through Ukraine and then Poland, Germany, France, etc.
According to plans it is visible that from the main railway line the small branch to Kiev departs and on it as on a deadlock comes to an end...
This led me to the idea that Ukraine is not in the plans for any development in China and Russia.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 06:22:14 4756218
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 06:25:39 4756319
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 07:50:24 4756620
I read a couple of articles on the sites, but nothing really is not clear with the silk road. Different road maps, different reasons why the road is not being built...
But I agree with you, there is nowhere on the maps of the passage of the road in the Baltic.
Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 18:43:43 4764121
россия смерть.jpg (90Кб, 600x450)
Это же очевидно. Куда только пидорашки не приходят, везде они сеют смерть и разрушения. Украину ещё в 17 веке "спасли" от поляков и установили там крепостное право. Охуеть.
Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 18:47:17 4764222
Anonymous  04/03/19 Пнд 19:42:46 5456023
>big countries fight in wars
fuckin newsflash
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