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Oh, Germans, how I worry about you. Even though you have brought a lot of evil and Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 18:43:32 475841
15477354868330.mp4 (7781Кб, 640x360, 00:02:33)
Oh, Germans, how I worry about you. Even though you have brought a lot of evil and grief to Russia. Fear for their children - this most ghastly.
There is one book, a very famous Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin "Telluria". The author lives in Germany and in Russia. Book this dystopia.
So, it says that in the EU (and in particular in Germany) there will be 2 wars with Muslims.
What, will the leader of Muslims on both sides.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 18:56:41 475852
there's something wrong with your cognition
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 18:57:45 475863
why else would you beware people of things that happen in fiction? moreover, in a low-grade fiction book from a coprophiliac author.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 19:06:36 475884
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 19:11:50 475895
It's simple. I have read all classical literature up to the age of 25. Not interested now.
As for Soroкin, it is a living classic, a living contemporary of mine. 2 books his, as the Bible for me. As for his proficiency, it's none of my business...
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 19:22:37 475926
you sound like a boomer so much
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 19:47:28 475947
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 20:10:50 475968
>>47584 (OP)
germans and muslims we allies for many centuries

germans raped and massakered millions of christians and europians just like muslims did. also children wer killed or kidnapped in poland they stole 200 000 polish children because of blue eyes and blond hair.

germans travel to asia to fuck daughters of asian people, especially thailand, germans run brothels troughout europe and in germany where they exploit eastern europian women also eastern german women too

and you worry that some fugees touch german girls. german girls are extremly horny, they love men of all shapes and sizes or colours. i see what they do when they go out. i saw very young german girl also tall with 2 fugee looking very small boys licking with tounge.

fuck them

Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 20:21:36 475989
I don't know what to say... I hear a man protesting, I see thatton wants to protect his child.
Many of our people also live in Germany.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 20:28:51 4760010
yes their was a russian german girl claiming "rape", some rusaks gather with baseball bats and cars and went to fugees camp and beat everyone one up, latter found out she just "hanged out" with those boys but she still claimed she was raped to not look like a whore. and one boy got arrested, women are like this. young girls are extremly horny the seek some nasty males to try something new and then when shes exposed she claim rape.
iam not saying everyone is a whore, but if you are afraid, keep her inside house, say if you leave house i kill you. it works.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 20:33:27 4760211
i also see lots of hijab/muslim girls, wearing tight pants stretching their butts out, they go out and hunt for boys or males when papa is working. their pussy are on fire all the time because "its not allowed" so they fuck in ass and rub their clit to stay virgin.

all women are horny like animals. especially if they are young, it haz something to do with the food, its full of hormones in meat, which makes their nipples extremly hard and their clit also very hot and hard so they go crazy for cock.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 20:45:33 4760412
You watched it?! Am I talking about adult Russian whores? Spit on those whores. In video the German shouts from-for the child that refugees stick to them and debauch.
In the same way they could to Slavic.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 22:25:20 4760713
i saw it in public, they do nasty stuff in the open, very oung maby 13-14
Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 06:34:27 4761414
Anything you could see. It is the right of the German people to behave as they wish on their land. They earned the right to it with their mind and work. And do not generalize about 13-14 years old. Not everyone is like you describe. And even if all such, then in youth many make mistakes and stupidity. Youth is made for that.
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 21:01:12 4767215
b17058b2b12f627[...].jpg (25Кб, 376x558)
yes all germans are like this. never saw a decent german in my life. only difference is some are much worse then the bad ones.

i am not defending muslims, they are subhuman trash which needs to be genocided. just like germans, both are barbaric and uncivilized.

>It is the right of the German people to behave as they wish on their land.
lol no, they must behave according to human rights and the whole mankinds benefits

>They earned the right to it with their mind and work.
they didnt. totaly disagree. germans never work, they are lazy and do least work as possible. i work with them. they always do problems at workplace.
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 22:07:37 4767616
refugees need to get used to the fact that german children dress like sluts at age 9+
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 22:38:00 4767817
conchita wurst.jpg (35Кб, 860x484)
their is nothing wrong with that. let the child enjoy.

what do people expect ? germany is satan HQ of course the kids are possesed by the devil and wants to seduce poor innocent muslim boys.
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 23:06:18 4767918
Hello my Russian friends. I am from Germany and I love sousadge.
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 23:06:52 4768019
im pretty hecking liberal but if i see slut children my brain cancer grows
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 23:07:14 4768120
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 06:34:54 4768221
So how would the children get dressed, even naked would go, is it not evident that the children, and he is a 30 year old man?
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 13:30:56 4768922
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