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Ijust want sex lose my virigintiy go events places friends Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 19:05:30 475871
5.jpg (90Кб, 740x610)
Ijust want sex lose my virigintiy go events places friends
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 19:34:49 475932
Not as good as it sounds, in the long run, at least.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 20:12:07 475973
easy for you to say when you have that experience while im here experienceless loser
Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 12:43:25 476294
sure, give me money and i come
but dont pretend you are doing me favor when i hate you all croatian proxies and think of you as subhumans, im doing YOU a favor
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 00:44:42 486275
His father beats him when he finds pornography in his browsing history.
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 01:00:23 486296
This is true.

You should research nofap, SPECIFICALLY semen retention. A lot of greatest minds and achievers practiced it. Right now you are obsessed with what you don't have, which is sex. It's hard to change your point of view because you are accustomed to thinking a certain way. You don't know how powerful you are until the moment you have first sex. But after that your lifeforce is gone and no way to get it back. Stucdy.

Besides, if you are religious, it's good to be a virgin til you marry.
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 01:42:48 486337
dont insult kcroat like that

kys u fucking mushbrain retard
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 03:43:02 486368
Anonymous  06/03/19 Срд 02:15:14 570439
a4bfe091.jpg (40Кб, 474x474)
Anonymous  08/03/19 Птн 01:21:07 5707510
yeah watch me masturbate you faggot
meanwhile you go through some painstaking incel process with zero real-life benefits
unless you are a POISman theres ZERO ZILCH reason to go through this painful ordeal
Anonymous  08/03/19 Птн 16:14:57 5708811
>>47587 (OP)
If you're past a certain age sex becomes horribly overrated unless you can score younger chicks.
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