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What is your favourite dish? Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 15:42:45 476631
(86).jpg (62Кб, 500x750)
What is your favourite dish?
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 20:36:15 476682
kasha.jpg (296Кб, 1336x1002)
potato eggs.jpg (127Кб, 1280x720)
Russian-colesla[...].jpg (21Кб, 300x248)
>>47663 (OP)
food a day

1 oats+milk+apple

2 potato+eggs and russian salat(carrots+onion+cabbage+sunflower oil)

this i could eat every day.(i do sometimes)
+extremly cheap
+all vitamins and minerals
+best protein source
+very easy to digest
+keeps you lean and ripped
+gives you hard cock
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 16:54:56 476943
what about this is best protein source?
egg and oats, thats it buddy boy
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 20:16:38 476994
potato aswell, lots of amino acids.
most of this BCAAS are made of potato extract.

eier weils sie kaum harnsäure bilden und 97% bioverwertbarkeit haben also meiste wird von körper gebraucht.
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 20:22:40 477015
eggs have only 6g protein per piece
how is it a good source?
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 20:29:11 477036
biologischeWert[...].jpg (25Кб, 643x323)
Lebensmittel-Ko[...].jpg (62Кб, 710x357)
биологическая ценность

eggs 100 points

best combination is eggs+potatos=137 биологическая ценность

als science no bullshit. which means everything you eat in russia is perfect food.
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 20:31:28 477047
aAxAvYg700b.jpg (24Кб, 550x543)
>how is it a good source?
i didnt said that, retard read what i wrote

Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 22:36:43 477068
ok tankie whatever

i dont know what biologische wertigkeit is, is it protein percentage per one egg or what? bioavailability?
anyway in sum there is only six grams of whatever biologische wertigkeit
which means you have to peel fucking 12 eggs to reach the dietary minimum, MINIMUM
good luck with that as it takes too much time
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 22:41:04 477079
also dont eat potatoes, it unironically fuels autism
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 23:33:59 4770810
>biologische wertigkeit is
биологическая ценность

how good can your body utilize this food. not everything is used by the body. much of it go to poo poo-
Anonymous  21/01/19 Пнд 04:51:36 4771111
fb6a109b-9274-4[...].jpg (78Кб, 842x316)
lasanha-quatro-[...].jpg (134Кб, 1024x768)
Anonymous  21/01/19 Пнд 05:02:43 4771312
Anonymous  21/01/19 Пнд 13:17:46 4771513
fe27bc9361b17f2[...].jpg (31Кб, 555x416)
pickle tomatoes
Anonymous  21/01/19 Пнд 19:30:11 4772014
UF20Florida20Cow.jpg (344Кб, 700x467)
Anonymous  21/01/19 Пнд 21:08:38 4772415
IMG201812081232[...].jpg (585Кб, 2048x1536)
Anonymous  21/01/19 Пнд 21:16:11 4772516
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