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>fase when irl Russian name is Karina Anonymous  27/01/19 Вск 21:16:28 499111
hqdefault.jpg (13Кб, 480x360)
>fase when irl Russian name is Karina
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 07:06:36 499172
So what? You can call your child anything nowadays and nobody will care. Karina, Elvira, Milana, Snezhana, Huilopana – there are more young people with freak names like this in Russia than people with traditional Russian names. I named my son Ivan – but only because I'm a arsehole whowill be cursed forever by his decendants for giving them such odd names in the world of Askolds, Arturs and Arsenys.
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 13:51:16 499243
hqdefault.jpg (14Кб, 480x360)
>he doesnt know

Anonymous  29/01/19 Втр 02:13:29 499414
>>49911 (OP)
Wut? My name is Karina. Is this some fucking meme?
Anonymous  29/01/19 Втр 02:40:12 499455
Karina, do you know that I still got my moves?
Anonymous  29/01/19 Втр 02:56:00 499466
Anonymous  29/01/19 Втр 07:11:39 499517
He's suggesting you might be Tatar.
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 20:22:08 545438
Blac.jpg (164Кб, 990x1146)
1551581522753.png (1032Кб, 909x890)
Karati is euphemism for having sex with a woman in croatian, equivalent to saying fucking.
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 20:56:19 545499
1549599621180.jpg (1086Кб, 1440x2160)
Actually, no. My Alamonds are activating.

Kara means dick in Croatian slang.

So thots named Karina are literally named "Dick-ina".
Anonymous  04/03/19 Пнд 00:43:28 5455310
не чего не понял, но интересно
Anonymous  04/03/19 Пнд 03:24:06 5455511
1548822956353.jpg (895Кб, 3000x2000)
Actually when i think about it.

Karina means "Big Dick" in Croatian slang.
Anonymous  04/03/19 Пнд 06:51:26 5455612
04/03/19 Пнд 14:54:13 5455913
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