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music Anonymous  31/01/19 Чтв 14:05:01 499901
bonchi.jpg (68Кб, 640x639)
Anonymous  31/01/19 Чтв 22:01:15 499992
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 00:00:13 500423
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 00:42:55 500474
cd-shostakovich[...].jpg (12Кб, 400x394)
>>49990 (OP)
though this is not exactly the performance from picrelated (which I prefer the most) this one includes the score:
for whatever reason I couldn't find picrelated (rostropovich, vishnevskaya, reshetin) on youtube (though it used to be there)
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 00:48:48 500485
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 01:02:18 500506
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 01:02:53 500517
what a day! I'm out
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 05:32:18 501208
Thanks, I'll look for it someday when I'm in the mood. Shostakovich was inspirational to me back when I studied composition for a quick minute.

These days I don't listen to much classical. I wonder if anyone would recommend some Russian jazz? I'm not too well-versed, mostly just stick to Thelonious Monk, Mingus, and random other stuff I happen on.

I don't think Russia is particularly well-known for its jazz, but there's likely some interesting stuff out there.
My internet is absolute garbage, sorry if this posted a few times.
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 06:13:09 501219
I really see no point in listening to old music.
Especially classic. You look like an elitist shit to me.
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 06:41:41 5012410
So u want some hipster stuff huh. Ok sure y not.

Try this. It's from Kaluga, very popular with qt pseudointellectual Moscow teenage turtles girls who drink cheap wine right from the bottle
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 13:27:53 5012811
auktyion2016081[...].jpg (37Кб, 680x340)
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 13:31:59 5012912
nobody wants to listen to your poor talentless random crap
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 13:33:27 5013013
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 15:29:28 5013214
You do not listen to the classics because you like it. You listen to her because you consider yourself an elite, but in fact you are crap.
Anonymous  05/02/19 Втр 00:22:17 5014715
Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 03:18:25 5018716
wrong.gif (98Кб, 220x199)
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 02:42:02 5025117
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 06:39:57 5025318
eurasian youth [...].mp4 (26960Кб, 960x720, 00:02:36)
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 22:16:56 5025919
test blah
Anonymous  10/02/19 Вск 17:34:33 5027420
Anonymous  10/02/19 Вск 18:30:55 5028621
Also (not really related, but still) you probably should check out Glintshake if you haven't heard of them yet:

some more random stuff:
(btw check out Fleur also)

obviously yanka:

I don't think you'll get most of the good stuff if you don't know russian though.
Anonymous  12/02/19 Втр 17:25:28 5204522
Anonymous  12/02/19 Втр 22:42:24 5205223
Anonymous  13/02/19 Срд 01:06:32 5205624
1550009133.png (93Кб, 311x273)
This is fantastic, thank you so much.
Who is this person, does anyone know? He looks familiar to me but I have some face blindness
Anonymous  13/02/19 Срд 03:18:56 5206025
Kobzon  !!10DH0GS2Xw 13/02/19 Срд 04:08:34 5206126
2012-03-03Кобзо[...].jpeg (574Кб, 851x1132)
Anonymous  13/02/19 Срд 07:45:53 5206227
1550033141257.png (611Кб, 600x450)
lol, those stupid murricans
Anonymous  13/02/19 Срд 18:35:54 5206728
gerard depardietk (or whatever his name is spelled like)

Also, this >>52060 post reminded me of another 90s pop-rock band:

And Sergey Kurekhin (and his band "pop-mechanics") is another man you might mention in relation to russian jazz... he's a classically trained pianist and a fine free improviser, but he said he finds it all boring and out of context, so instead he mostly played this ugly awful post-modern-pop-whatever... here he actually "plays" together with Sergey Letov, Kino and Аукцыон (basically all the best people from that era, lol):
Anonymous  13/02/19 Срд 18:42:29 5206829
Also in mind that all happened on the federal tv in the soviet times. It really is hard to tell whether it's trolling for the sake of trolling or an actual artistic statement (or both?)
Anonymous  13/02/19 Срд 18:50:17 5206930
Anonymous  18/02/19 Пнд 10:00:50 5233031
Anonymous  18/02/19 Пнд 10:03:26 5233132
Anonymous  18/02/19 Пнд 18:35:07 5236833
> How truthful is this?
If you're talking about the video, I believe you should ask germans instead.

If you're talking about the title, catholicism is stupid, but the right faith is, well, the right one. ;)
Anonymous  18/02/19 Пнд 18:36:51 5236934
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 17:01:52 5241335
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 17:06:39 5241436
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 17:09:12 5241537
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 17:36:43 5241838
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 18:24:42 5241939
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 18:47:07 5242240
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 20:00:23 5242441
Anonymous  21/02/19 Чтв 08:18:00 5253342
Anonymous  21/02/19 Чтв 08:22:58 5253443
Anonymous  21/02/19 Чтв 13:59:19 5254344
Anonymous  25/02/19 Пнд 03:17:15 5269645
Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 01:18:55 5271546
Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 20:53:25 5274647
Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 21:38:12 5274748
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 19:54:21 5278649
Do you understand the lyrics?
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 20:01:46 5278750
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:32:30 5316251
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:38:18 5327552
KGB-SSSR-2slika[...].jpg (407Кб, 1600x1200)
making soviet youth rebel against soviet regime, then he had car accident...hehe
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 22:55:46 5329353
Well, you are wrong. They are about people who think they want to change something, but never actually do anything (hence "we're waiting for changes" - just sitting there in the kitchen, lol, classic soviet(c)(tm) and waiting, completely passive).

Сигареты в руках, чай на столе,
Так замыкается круг.
И вдруг нам становится страшно что-то менять.

Smoke instead of fire. Think about it.
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 23:00:00 5329554
yes he was implying dont sit in kitchen and do something. thats why he said "we only sit in kitchen and wait for changes"

and then he died by car accident. and later soviet union died aswell.
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 23:00:48 5329655
iam not wrong, you just dont understand the bigger picture cuz u have not the same info i do.
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 23:15:04 5329756
Anonymous  28/02/19 Чтв 01:18:06 5329957
What "info" do you think I do not have?
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 06:35:11 5335058
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 07:43:02 5335159
andrey-surnov-.jpg (361Кб, 765x1400)
>>49990 (OP)
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 08:22:02 5335260
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 08:40:11 5335761
Спасибо очень мило
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 08:42:50 5335862
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 08:47:47 5335963
This is fantastic
I love knife for frau mueller so the live is so fun, I'm getting to the rest

thank you friend
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 08:58:41 5336164
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 10:08:30 5336565
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 10:28:59 5336866
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 11:02:59 5336967
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 17:46:27 5337768
sorry for my degenerate-level translation in advance

instead of warmth - the greenness of glass
instead of fire - just smoke
the red sun burns down to the ground
the day burns down with it too
the city in flames, now covered by shadow

the changes, our hearts call for the changes
the changes, our eyes call for the changes
in our laughter and in our tears
in the pulse of our veins
the changes
we're waiting for them

electric light continues our day
the matchbox is empty
but in the kitchen the gas-stove is blazing blue flowers
cigarettes in our hands, tea on the table
the scheme is simple
nothing else exists, all contained within us


we can't boast the wisdom of eyes
or skillful gestures of hands
we don't need any of that to understand each other
cigarettes in our hands, tea on the table
that brings us the full circle
and suddenly we get scared of change
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 18:29:00 5337969
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 10:30:57 5341670
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 14:53:15 5343371
Anonymous  09/03/19 Суб 05:27:06 5709872
Put russian and english next to eachother and relink the youtube
if I'm being demanding but fuck you anyhow I love you and thank you
Anonymous  09/03/19 Суб 05:31:09 5709973
kot.jpg (33Кб, 600x496)
Actually in general, if anyone can present examples of great music such as a lot of this thread, in both english and russian.

I know it's a lot to ask which is why I say fuck you do it you lazy shit raspidor

but it would be very helpful
Anonymous  09/03/19 Суб 05:32:46 5710074
Anonymous  09/03/19 Суб 10:25:29 5710375
Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 00:34:26 5711276
plz stahp visiting /gd

I'm not quite sure what you want exactly, but here's the same lyrics iin russian:

Вместо тепла – зелень стекла,
Вместо огня – дым,
Из сетки календаpя выхвачен день.
Кpасное солнце сгоpает дотла,
День догоpает с ним
Hа пылающий гоpод падает тень.

Пеpемен тpебyют наши сеpдца,
Пеpемен тpебyют наши глаза,
В нашем смехе, и в наших слезах, и в пyльсации вен –
Пеpемен! Мы ждем пеpемен!

Электpический свет пpодолжает наш день
И коpобка от спичек пyста,
Hо на кyхне синим цветком гоpит газ.
Сигаpеты в pyках, чай на столе – эта схема пpоста.
И больше нет ничего – все находится в нас.

Мы не можем похвастаться мyдpостью глаз
И yмелыми жестами pyк,
Hам не нyжно все это, чтобы дpyг дpyга понять.
Сигаpеты в pyках, чай на столе – так замыкается кpyг.
И вдpyг нам становится стpашно что-то менять.
Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 00:35:47 5711377
also, you can just scroll the comment section under any Tsoy song and you'll probably find an english translation

also source pls
Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 00:36:54 5711478

The songs that are not written yet, how many of them?
Tell me, cuckoo, sing to me.
Shall the city be my home, shall I move out of town?
Shall I lie as a rock or shall I burn like a star?
Like a star...

Sunshine of mine, look at me:
My palm has turned into a fist.
And if there's gunpowder, give me the fire —
That's how it is.

Who will follow the lonesome trail?
The strong and the brave had fallen in the field —
Too few of them remained with bright memories,
With a clear head, with a steady hand, in the line.
In the line...

Sunshine of mine, look at me:
My palm has turned into a fist.
And if there's gunpowder, give me the fire —
That's how it is.

Where are you now, my dear freedom?
With whom you see the sun gently rise?
Too good to be with you, too bad to be without you;
Patiently the shoulders go under the whip.
Under the whip...

Sunshine of mine, look at me:
My palm has turned into a fist.
And if there's gunpowder, give me the fire —
That's how it is.
Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 00:38:49 5711579
Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 02:25:12 5711880
Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 11:52:26 5711981
incorrect translation judging by the preview
Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 17:36:05 5712782
there's a better one in the comments
Anonymous  12/03/19 Втр 09:46:16 5714983
Anonymous  13/03/19 Срд 18:40:50 5717184
Anonymous  13/03/19 Срд 19:05:23 5717285
Anonymous  15/03/19 Птн 05:08:59 5721186
dunno, massive thread of awesome. Post what you think is good.
Anonymous  18/03/19 Пнд 21:10:16 5729787
u-nas-ochen-mno[...].webm (9991Кб, 800x450, 00:01:18)
psoy-korolenko.webm (11014Кб, 500x280, 00:02:29)
Мама, я не зигую.mp4 (4605Кб, 640x360, 00:01:31)
Anonymous  18/03/19 Пнд 21:13:29 5729888
Anonymous  18/03/19 Пнд 21:18:08 5729989
Anonymous  21/03/19 Чтв 23:18:29 5741090
Anonymous  22/03/19 Птн 07:18:14 5741191
Anonymous  22/03/19 Птн 08:19:32 5741292
Anonymous  22/03/19 Птн 08:20:00 5741393
test kalich
Anonymous  22/03/19 Птн 13:54:15 5741494
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 04:10:14 5742695
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 04:18:38 5742796
gene tierny.jpg (71Кб, 725x921)
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 04:19:04 5742897
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 04:26:56 5742998
fsol.jpeg (9Кб, 225x225)
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 05:03:36 5743099
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 05:08:25 57431100
better hope for the best

Better come right down, do it all over again
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 03:24:06 57452101
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 08:47:35 57479102
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 20:17:39 57496103
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 20:38:22 57497104
nozhdljafraumju[...].webm (3156Кб, 0x0)
Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 01:53:40 57539105
Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 07:36:59 57544106
Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 19:40:44 57558107
Russians think cockhole is pussy and they're about to fuck it with their tiny cock, but I just googled cockhole, and I saw it's male urethra, so some powerful flow of urine is about to wash us away, because whole the wide white world is behind that proxy.
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 07:05:03 57587108
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 08:07:34 57589109
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 08:16:04 57591110
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 08:17:52 57593111
sicp.jpg (304Кб, 1552x873)
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 09:39:55 57596112
Anonymous  30/03/19 Суб 00:05:20 57610113
Anonymous  30/03/19 Суб 01:09:31 57611114
Anonymous  01/04/19 Пнд 21:18:12 57663115
Anonymous  01/04/19 Пнд 21:36:01 57664116
01/04/19 Пнд 21:59:42 57665117
Unosi svoyu porashu otsuda cyka blyad!
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 00:13:14 57692118
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 17:04:08 57704119
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 18:09:42 57705120
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 23:36:33 57714121
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 12:08:55 57926122
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 12:10:45 57927123
realdoll conven[...].jpg (85Кб, 671x447)
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 12:43:36 57928124
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 21:35:02 57960125
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 02:09:13 57983126
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 14:16:54 57985127
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 19:53:30 57989128
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 21:01:08 57992129
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 11:01:45 58049130
certainly hope.png (9Кб, 257x258)
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 12:10:27 58050131
why are all of you fucking russians posting shit music with no melody, no rhythm, no harmony, and shit lyrics. is there something in the water of your квартиры?

i like the first two songs of this album. has good syncopation.
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 15:08:55 58053132
face.jpg (353Кб, 1280x960)
fuck off subhuman trash
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 20:32:29 58058133
>why are you so shit russia
We had european tier culture once
but then one (((afro-asiatic nation))) conquered us with a little help of your (((american))) banksters
So first we missed out on jazz
Then we missed out on swing
Then we missed out on rock'n'roll, but in the 80s some of our heroes was doing something similar to what you did in the 60s
And then we jumped straight to the 90s (with its rave & rap & death metal) so we completely missed out all that funk, and whatever else you had in the 70s (not the worst decade in the history of music, btw)
>come on stop being such a retard
We're trying. Here's an album which blew mind of Joanne Stingray:
That was one of the bands which ended ussr. So you probably want to watch them in video:
here's a song which blew mind of one of the best soviet poets, so he was the first one who dared to right about them in soviet press:
Here's the best relatively modern russian band (but chances are you won't get it without understanding what they're singing about, though their best songs are prohibited on youtube and in russia too: "cut those well-fed mugs", "crushing the crescent (raises my land, getting cleared from muslim, from jewish shit)", "kill the president" & "JEWS") they disbanded several years ago (after fsb psy-op'ed them by some "questioning")
this country turns everything into shit, so that could be the best answer to your question "why are you so shit"
But Аквариум was turned into shit by some canadian faggots who gave them cocaine in montreal.
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 20:39:43 58063134
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 02:44:02 58090135
no niggers in this chat please
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 02:46:02 58091136
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 02:49:13 58092137
Anonymous  23/04/19 Втр 11:40:59 58164138
Anonymous  24/04/19 Срд 12:02:25 58188139
Anonymous  24/04/19 Срд 13:52:31 58190140
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