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Is this true from where you come from? Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 11:10:37 500121
1548606202430.png (1806Кб, 774x2065)
Is this true from where you come from?
Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 11:57:39 500162
Other thing i thought about: why is it I want to review it ?
is it my job ? no
is it my hobby ? no
what is it then
I liked to read before, but it wasnt so much, i read some books not so many that i could call myself "avid"
Yet that tasty title is associated with another which is "mr intellectual man" . this been "silent torment" of mine for as many yeares Why I still climb to such ideal ? I dont like reading, it takes much time to me and it is not enjoyable, especially harder onex where have to think and english is too hard too and there little book in croatian and they are fucking BOORIng and wast e waste of time
Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 12:09:27 500173
You are a proud man, I think. You probably like to look at people while reading some difficult book and say: "Ha! Those people don't have the intelligence nor the willpower to read such books. Those normies!"
Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 12:10:24 500184
I don't play games and have never been bullied past middle school. Only very special queen bees lead a life on the left, i know of none. It's true if you cherrypick certain 5% of population probably
01/02/19 Птн 12:49:48 500195
bullying mostly happens in poor areas and bad schools, and looking at the left side (horse, private parties, smartphones as kids that are probably not stolen) it looks like the rich life for kids

you got a nerd boy from poor neighborhood and compare it to a rich girl from rich neighborhood

if you got a rich boy from rich neighborhood, he'd have all the good shit too
01/02/19 Птн 12:51:18 500206
but the sexual partner count for all girlls is same yeah lmoa
Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 13:00:54 500217
books give you slight advantage to seem more intelligent, but if you dont have courgage to pick one point of view and vocalise it its all in vain. normies way, of gaining new thoughts thru socialising is much healthier and natural.
Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 13:18:26 500238
Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 14:20:56 500259
01/02/19 Птн 14:57:04 5002610
Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 23:47:05 5004011
Yes OP. Your image saying the true.
I also have some girlsfriends in the past time.
One past time girlfriend foe each of the time parts at your image.
Girls are always doing other boys, while you love.
Do not love, so you will be on the left part of the image.
As smart men say, do not love woman more you love yourself.
I also hate stupid woman girls. I want not love vagina and bobs.
Any tips for that?
01/02/19 Птн 23:56:14 5004112
if u think that u can control if you love someone or not, you haven't been in a relationship with someone whom seems like they care about you
02/02/19 Суб 00:04:00 5004313
honestly the sensation of 'love' is just the longing for someones attention giving side

if you give a grill a constant amount of attention, she's gonna get bored

typically it's like a sine wave of you giving attention, then stop giving attention, then she longs for the attention so she gives attention, then she stops giving attention and you start giving attention again

if you're a narcissist you can naturally manipulate grills with perfect wave lengths
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 00:12:22 5004414
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 00:22:07 5004515
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 00:36:29 5004616
i didnt understanf a single word

how you even got a gf with these mind stats
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 00:55:14 5004917
it's english.
one i got in school, i got her a plush toy rabid on february 14.
and later same later day we got girlfriend.
two i got during playing mmorpg game online, and then we decided to meat each other in real live.
three i found in incontacte, i liked her post, and we added friend, then we decided to meat each other in real live soon after this.
for i also randomly found in incontacte, similaire history.
five i found in chat in the telegram app, we friendship for some time, and then i asked for nudes to joke, but i got nudes. and i ask if she was so eagle to share it, if she pervert. and then we somehow started relation ship.
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 02:21:14 5005218
should i say more, fellow incels?
02/02/19 Суб 02:36:38 5005319
ur english is just as broken my dude
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 14:59:39 5005920
sorry, i just wanted to under hold OP with my experience.
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 17:05:08 5006121
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 18:17:11 5006222
>>50012 (OP)
The left column is ABSOLUTELY true for Russia, because it is not Europe or USA where SJW-liberal feminists forbid girls to do smth like this and make them work hard. But the right column is not. It is only true for loosers and boys from intelligent fmilies. There are only 10-15% of them in RUssia. Others may build a career, but they still have an opportunity to live like the girls from the left column.
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 18:45:58 5006323
02/02/19 Суб 23:19:03 5008224
Anonymous  03/02/19 Вск 09:41:16 5008425
1545927729983.gif (891Кб, 300x300)
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 19:46:10 5843526
1549682677546.jpg (694Кб, 1976x1623)
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 22:05:27 5845527
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 22:18:59 5845728
heck yeah
Anonymous  05/07/19 Птн 21:54:43 5986429
hgh.jpg (94Кб, 624x960)
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