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Is it true many Russians like Germany and learn German? webm related typical g*rm Anonymous  03/02/19 Вск 18:48:26 501061
german doggy.webm (2211Кб, 224x400, 00:00:21)
Is it true many Russians like Germany and learn German?
webm related typical g*rm
Anonymous  03/02/19 Вск 20:05:01 501072
Anonymous  03/02/19 Вск 20:45:27 501083
>>50106 (OP)
russians dont care about anybody outside of russia. russians like turkey as vacation and slowly take it over. most russian speaking people in germany are germans from russia. not everyone speaking russian is russian dude^^

germany for russia is a like a proxy to control EU, germany control EU and russia control germany via natural resources, get money from germany and slowly buy europe.
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 00:29:29 501174
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 00:44:48 501195
image.jpeg (210Кб, 452x546)
Yeah we love Germany. German is arguably the most oft studied language in Russia after English. The thinking goes, the English we've been having a 400 years of cold war with, and zee Germans are fine, only sometimes they go crazy with their outlandish philosophies and try to fuck up the world, but then again, haven't we done the same? There's a shitton of history btw us, both good and bad, we're gotta overcome everything together.
Yeah and migrating there is easier so that's also a thing.
Anonymous  05/02/19 Втр 00:49:29 501496
Anonymous  05/02/19 Втр 23:05:22 501807
>>50106 (OP)
I like Germany and your mentality at all. I've been thinking about what language to start learn as a third and picked German bc I think that your culture and history is amusing and economic power is the biggest in Europe. I live in province (Perm) and there are pretty much schools that provide classes of German equally as an English (more than French or any other European language).
24/02/19 Вск 11:40:22 526588
33228F39-2826-4[...].jpeg (671Кб, 818x1200)
how to say. personally, i was practically forced to love, respect and learn german. now this is russian education. but in general, in this case “like” and “not like”, the words are abstract. we have no definite opinion about germany. well, germans and germans, okay.
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