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I tend to benis. Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 16:35:57 501961
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I tend to benis.
06/02/19 Срд 17:44:48 501972
that reminds me of the time when the developer of lynxchan, whom is brazilian, kept posting about how he hates being in brazil, and wanted to get out

he'd only ever talk about either lynxchan, or getting out of brazil

i think every brazilians topic of conversation is a mixture of whatever and wanting to get out of brazil
Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 18:09:18 501983
I've been to Brazil. It's by far better than R*ssia
Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 18:13:07 501994
before internet i thought of Brasil much more positive, then seeing all violence and retarded people changed my views
it still seems okay, it just not paradise
06/02/19 Срд 23:37:20 502005
>go to prison for disrespecting corrupt police
>get decapitated by prisoners
>>hmm surely they will be put to justice now by the epic law enforcement of brazil (tm)
>entire prison breaks out of prison
>media covers it up
>>well at least they'll be punished with harsh gangster street life
>brazilian druglords live in luxury and noone can touch them
>>well at least they will get mosquito bytes
Anonymous  07/02/19 Чтв 01:26:40 502016
their is a reason hell exists.
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 01:23:27 502507
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 08:24:24 502548
55chan penis procedure
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 14:41:54 502569
1549712501439.png (429Кб, 499x435)
Anonymous  14/02/19 Чтв 08:02:42 5208010
>they don't get mosquito bytes
>at least they will go to hell after they die
>they go to heaven bc huge jc statue in rio
>but u go to hell bc fuk u
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