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>You are going to watch a movie after dinner with your mother and relatives at Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 02:40:22 502171
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>You are going to watch a movie after dinner with your mother and relatives at home
>After some time on the screen begins bed scene
>The mother begins to fuss and closing your eyes screaming "Slavic do not look!"
>You are 28 and you are still a virgin
Anonymous  # OP 08/02/19 Птн 02:44:28 502182
...and then ricardo milos bursts into the living room and starts dancing
08/02/19 Птн 03:10:42 502193
i just remembered that about 4 years ago, i was watching meme videos with friends on the internet, and at one point went to the bathroom

when i came back to my room my mom was in it and was watching the screen

there was ricardo milos dancing in fullscreen

that's really weird that it only comes to my mind now, thank you for making me remember my trauma, i completely pushed that memory away
Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 10:48:34 502234
Do you notice as you get older you dont care so much anymore abotu supposed Quallity of show ? And just watch it and like insert yourself into stuff in show and thats what it make it good to you. LLike connectijng with theme and chracter and amthosphere
Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 11:14:48 502255
I haven't inserted myself into anything for months now.
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