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I dont want to be NEET. I want to have easy high paying job. Yet my parents ruined Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 13:17:44 521011
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I dont want to be NEET. I want to have easy high paying job. Yet my parents ruined university for me and now I dont have university and Im a NEET, because thats only thing there is. It is sad, wheres there chance, someone always finds a way to ruin it for me, whatever be my parents, other Croatians, or Croatia itself.
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 14:15:26 521042
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 14:44:38 521063
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it often came to me; i must tell about how other Croatians were bad to me; not only parents(thats childish to blame parents!)
and it is, there can be some blame to them: they ignore me, they dont want to be friends with me, i must say they didnt bully me
but like they wanted to stay neutral and safe, they didnt be friends to me, couple of "friends" i had, all felt forced as heck
like they knew i fucked their mothers and it felt it felt (croatian experssion) it was like elephant in the room, so they felt they stay neutral
and some of them almmost i think have something against me, because i too civilizated and show weekness so they think its "moral"
like i did something immoral whatever so they can be negative towards me, like i said this wasnt bullying, something little gentler, still ofcourse
not being friends with me
there is really not much to say, because i havent interacted with them much, there is lot of emptiness, not much of nothing, me keeping by myself
them not being friends with me,
little things wich can be easily be ignored, brushed off, by some more driven determenitnate energetic person, take tool on me
and there is ofcourse other reasons which make sense; i was older than them, and when your younger there is a difference noticed more i guess
or if you want to make difference, there certaintyl is some, i remember on old uni when i was young, there been some guy, little bit older
and everyone also noticed, and everyone was different too, so i can understand it a little, dont know what happened to guy tho
he certaintly was more talktive than me, and knew to present himself, even when it might not be so obvious for it to be necessary and expected
my expetations didnt grow up, i still had same dream of big city big university which nobody notices me and knows me and nobody excpets anything
and if they do then its some generic good guy i want to be friends with type in my mind. where i had to assert, express myself i didnt, even being older experienced smarter powerful
i allowed to them to make negative of mumbling nothingness i was
there obviously made some their own characterisation of me, which was def negative and condesceding if you wanted to look it that way, but still somewhate polite and still there some place for me
local culture of beta ugly gay childish cringy boys def exists and associate me to such, out of respect for me trying to fit in with my unnaturally forced accent and eyes seacrhing for belonging, when could search for dick in prison instead
there also some guilt while knowing im gultiy in their minds something like that,
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 14:55:38 521074
320312169670f6c[...].jpg (230Кб, 800x533)
i guess i could try to write more about this, yet it somehow feels same way when i ""wanted"" to make planned conversations like i did some times before with reasonable success. i never seem to find time to write planned conversations for this uni and it showed.
same with this flatmate i didnt mention.
and what can be said about him ?
again, must be said, he didnt bully me, he be polite and respectful to me, talk when others dont, and i dont, and be my flatmate when nobody be my flatmate. yet it felt so forced all the time, like he forcing himself, and not reall connection chemistry click however you want call it, he play videogames yet never exchange steam yet never want play multiplayer, he say anime yet we never have good talk about anime( that was mostly my fault tho i admit)
so my side has it lot fault in sense i ddint know what to talk much yet what i take him evil is fact he never wanted to go out with me. this is most eviliest thing with him, he my flatmate but dont want go out with me, and it hurted me deep because thats really only thing i needed him for, not for going to lessons i ddidnt need those lessons he insisted so much on, i needed him to go out with me and he didnt want
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 14:58:18 521085
You fucking Ustasa and deserve it all.
To be serious, I'd say: that's the life, don't blame your country or people. People are people, they're nasty wherever they live. Although, I would suck 100 meters of dicks to live in Croatia, far away from the cold, post-Soviet setting, poverty and endless government's fuck ups.
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 15:02:03 521096
By the way, your English is very bad. It's worse than what you get with Google Translator. So please use it because I didn't get a sentence from you, dude (yeah, didn't stop me from saying something good to you, lol).
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 15:26:51 521107
how did your parents ruin university for you
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 15:46:06 521118
when i was NEET i learned a fuck ton about computer science and then worked my way into uni with trade schools and student loans etc
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 15:59:08 521129
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 15:59:36 5211310
>way, your English is very bad
t. assburgers
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 16:09:20 5211411
16/02/19 Суб 08:35:17 5228612
>>52101 (OP)
What a fucking loser. We get 1000€/month for not doing anything and we still are the worlds best in everything because were not niggers like croatians or russians.
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