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Yugoslavia soon Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 17:43:00 527421
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Belarus donated 8 MiG-29 fighters to Serbia. Over the past year, Russia and Belarus have overrun Serbia 14 fighters, 30 tanks, 30 APCs, 3 battalions of Buk anti-aircraft missile systems.

In the near future, Serbia will receive another battalion of T-72 tanks, 4 combat helicopters Mi-35M, 4 transport helicopters Mi-17, battalion of BMP-2 IFVs, battalion S-300 and Tuguska AA missile systems.

Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 21:52:54 527492
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 02:47:44 527683
You may call it whatever you want as long as kebab is removed.
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:16:56 527944
their is more kebab in russian then kosov and albania.
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:34:23 532745
cati.png (952Кб, 1200x800)
>>52742 (OP)
elzin let kosovo annexation slide, to get crimea in the near future.

without albos taking kosov, the world would scream much more against russia taking back crimea UN resoltion, now russia haz a claim. look you took kosovo with force and bombed belgrade without UN resolution, we made a voting, we are more democratic. western world will bark anyway but the rest will see how the UN works and all the international laws, its to further discredit them, it much come to such a point that nobody would care about rules and un laws. THEN russian will whatever it wants. it does anyway, i mean more drastical steps-
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 13:34:50 533726
15496354811500.jpg (120Кб, 850x1391)
>>52742 (OP)
That's cool and all but it's all for nothing if you can't supply them via Montenigger ports during war due to them being surrounded by NATO.
Anonymous  12/03/19 Втр 23:43:46 571577
regnumpicture14[...].jpg (253Кб, 560x420)

Putin, Serbia and the Serbian people
That is a very important aspect Putinova visit to Belgrade, they his meeting with representatives of Serbs outside Serbia. Despite shushruta program, Putin found the time to deal with the representatives of Serbs in the environment, first people, Democratic Front of Montenegro Andrea Mandie and Milan Knezevi, leader of the Bosnian Serbian Milorad dodika and the representative of Serbs from Croatia, Milorad Popowcer. Thus, it was supposed to be Putin well, that Belgrade, at least for one day to be something that should be in any time – centre for the protection of the interests of the Serbian people in the entire Western Balkan Peninsula.

This clearly shows that Putin is Serbian national issue, not a binding only for Serbia and the Serbian regime, but broader direct contacts with institutional representatives of the Serbs in the region. From this may be deduced two main conclusions. The first thing Putin is the current state of the Serbian people, i.e. it is fragmented into more Balkan drzewica resulting breaking up of Yugoslavia, is considered to be a temporary solution. And second, that it is not too much confidence that Vicia Serbia, as Queen, to protect the rights and interests of Serbs in the region. Both is the correct thinking.
Anonymous  15/03/19 Птн 12:56:00 572158
There's more anything in Russia than in Kosovo and Serbia, so what. Remove kebab is Serbia's historical mission.
Anonymous  15/03/19 Птн 13:55:10 572169
>>52742 (OP)
>battalion of T-72 tanks
Russian tank batallion = 10 tanks.
T-72 without expensive upgrade is no match against Javelines which US supplies to its allies.
Anonymous  18/03/19 Пнд 00:54:52 5727710
r-ynUG-2q2g.jpg (275Кб, 1280x852)
Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 13:56:42 5755211
Serbia will not lose, it will be reborn. In the future there will be only three states on our planet: Russia, Germany and Serbia.
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