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Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:14:21 527932
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I should go tommorrow to univerisity office because they dont havve anything on university webistie, and they proabably wouldnt answer to email. Its also weird to send email like is to go to there, because i have many questiost and what other thing: i once sent email about enrolling in second year and i got no answer, no answer!! can you bealive it ? Anyway even if i manage to passs this very unlikely that would mean
2) fourth semestar now -2019-23
3) third semestar-2019/2020-24
4) sixth semestar-2020-24
5) fifth semestar 2020/2021-25
so till by the end if i mange to finish ill be 26yearold, and with such bad grades i probably wouldnt be able to get masters in some other countrie
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:20:12 527953
46121616665618a[...].jpg (167Кб, 950x370)
this is all fanstasy; im severly addicted to staring at screen 24/7 and often ruined by parents, i must not go to lessons, i get mood swings etc even if i manage to enroll like this, there is no way to endure so much more time in this, especially when i ruined it so much alreay
im destined to become lowpay worker if not unemployed schizo locked in institution
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:20:57 527964
>>52792 (OP)
wow, i wish i never went to school, just a waste of time.

the only thing i should have donne in school is grab schoolteachers buttocks.

going to school was my biggest mistake in life. i cant imagine those retards going to study. haha wat a bunch of loosers.
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:23:52 527975
yes i was like this, sitting home and chilling, it was good but not as good as going to work. working is best thing ever made, i have 2 jobs. soon 3rd job.
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:24:36 527986
sucks that you live in croatia, you should enlist in russian army. best thing happen to a young male.
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:55:13 532787
>3 jobs for 1 person in Germany

you live in dream
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:56:14 532798
lowpaying job in croatia is hard work with extreme bydlos for 300euros a month, its not worth it like it is in Germany
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 21:57:52 532809
medium330809111[...].jpeg (56Кб, 361x600)
and even such jobs are hard to get
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 22:20:37 5329010
your 300 euros is like here 1500 i guess. after study, you go mcdonalds. i have seen many guys who study and go to shitty job. the only one who get a job, are related to people work in the company. i have seen guys with much better grades then others and people took the guis with bad grades because they knew them from family. thats germany all vitamin B
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 09:01:20 5336211
you need to stop spending time and monies on useless uni education and start working. when you will reach your professional potolok then you should go and educate yourself. Educate to earn more monies not spend otherwise you dumb gayrope)
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 22:21:36 5339412
1549301488710.png (22Кб, 400x400)
>winter is ending and cicadas are coming back
thank you for remembering me that my dear med bro
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 22:35:39 5339613
this i learned to late. working is best time investement. education is useless.
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