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No pigs allowed in this thread. Anonymous  05/03/19 Втр 02:14:53 565651
1551558185587.jpg (126Кб, 1080x1350)
No pigs allowed in this thread.
Anonymous  08/03/19 Птн 06:43:54 570762
1401377521.jpg (42Кб, 400x391)
pigs are amazing creatures, very lovely and tender, when i was a kid we used to have a farm and a lot of pigs, and also a pet boar we were always very sad when we had to slaughter them
Anonymous  09/03/19 Суб 00:36:23 570963
dont be sad, the pig becomes part of you if you eat it. it never gets lost. unless you die.
Anonymous  12/03/19 Втр 08:13:04 571484
Anonymous  12/03/19 Втр 13:06:08 571525
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