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What is your opinion on Finland? Anonymous  22/03/19 Птн 18:10:32 574151
71ccd9e6.jpg (214Кб, 1016x1117)
What is your opinion on Finland?
Anonymous  22/03/19 Птн 18:27:38 574172
Anonymous  22/03/19 Птн 18:37:54 574183
Anonymous  22/03/19 Птн 22:48:32 574214
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 10:43:47 594435
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 11:56:06 594446
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 12:09:56 594457
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 14:04:46 594488
Is it true Lunups Torwalds learned in a Saint-Petersburg school?
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 14:05:11 594499
I am sorry Linups
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 14:55:59 5945310
Sorry for what? Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks.
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 18:22:53 5945511
Especially since they're such a good size and all.
Anonymous  15/06/19 Суб 12:32:52 5946612
Anonymous  15/06/19 Суб 16:29:05 5946913
>>57415 (OP)
finland is a legitimate part of russian empire
Anonymous  15/06/19 Суб 16:49:29 5947014
15600801145021.jpg (255Кб, 1083x1024)
Oh, russish shwine)) What empire?
Anonymous  15/06/19 Суб 17:16:24 5947415
Anonymous  15/06/19 Суб 17:16:55 5947516
Anonymous  16/06/19 Вск 19:38:00 5949017
Okraina is a legitimate part of Russian Emoire as well. Just you wait.
Anonymous  17/06/19 Пнд 07:52:42 5949618
Russia and Ukraine are legitimate parts of American Empire.
Anonymous  17/06/19 Пнд 12:12:58 5950119
And American Empire is a part of Reptiloid Empire.
Anonymous  17/06/19 Пнд 12:32:19 5950320
suomi on paska)
Anonymous  29/06/19 Суб 12:56:03 5972321
Anonymous  29/06/19 Суб 18:35:18 5972922
Polish Finnish [...].jpg (94Кб, 600x856)

Anonymous  30/06/19 Вск 20:35:18 5975023
Anonymous  30/06/19 Вск 20:35:46 5975124
Anonymous  09/07/19 Втр 21:54:02 5994325
>>57415 (OP)
iam thinking off taking it back to russia, because finns dont have western mentality. they are wierd people, so they must have access to russian federation.
Anonymous  10/07/19 Срд 13:03:54 5995126
Anonymous  10/07/19 Срд 14:46:12 5995227
>finns dont have western mentality

what did you mean by this
Anonymous  11/07/19 Чтв 00:05:11 5995728
you dont think western, you think like russian but with pinch of autism.
Anonymous  11/07/19 Чтв 02:09:42 5996229
>like russian but with pinch of autism
Will they accept me? Under what conditions?
Anonymous  12/07/19 Птн 18:25:40 5998030
I think Finland is what Russia could have been if it wasn’t for all the turmoil of the 20th century
Anonymous  13/07/19 Суб 11:29:49 5998931
Anonymous  13/07/19 Суб 13:49:13 5999032
b9e57ee68536fbb[...].png (396Кб, 598x1021)
Anonymous  13/07/19 Суб 15:09:38 5999133
>>57415 (OP)
i like finland but many finns are agressive against russians (in internet), that is sad. i have ethnic finnish friends in russia (born in russia), they r good people.
Anonymous  13/07/19 Суб 15:10:41 5999234
he's under your bed, watching you
Anonymous  13/07/19 Суб 20:38:31 5999735
No, israel is best country(cuz its smoll)
Anonymous  13/07/19 Суб 20:51:42 5999836
Israel and Finland is most young countries on planet. Both countries was created by professors of universities upon on most modern social and economic theories.
Parfen Rogozhin  13/07/19 Суб 22:44:53 5999937
kuusisen.jpg (164Кб, 1400x954)
I wish you had deserved much more progressive government than you have now.
Anonymous  14/07/19 Вск 10:19:46 6000738
suomi on karabas)
Anonymous  14/07/19 Вск 19:39:26 6001439
Israel is oldest country, i think 3000 years old

I dont think Finland is a country, its russian province which got lost and forgotten
Anonymous  15/07/19 Пнд 00:18:47 6001840
Anonymous  15/07/19 Пнд 07:00:31 6002141
Winter War.PNG (116Кб, 324x960)
Anonymous  15/07/19 Пнд 23:06:43 6002842
Anonymous  16/07/19 Втр 11:22:56 6003243
Suomi on hyvää maa, suomalainen ihmiset on kiva ihmiset, mutta mielestäni kaikkien suomalainen ihmiset tarvitsevat ei olla introvertti.
(minä opiskelen suomea kaksi kuutta)

Anonymous  21/07/19 Вск 01:14:42 6009044
Anonymous  22/07/19 Пнд 11:56:27 6011345
Anonymous  22/07/19 Пнд 16:55:51 6011546
I think, that is nice country.
Anonymous  24/07/19 Срд 14:31:26 6015947
Anonymous  24/07/19 Срд 14:44:44 6016048
Anonymous  24/07/19 Срд 23:51:24 6016749
Anonymous  25/07/19 Чтв 15:00:59 6017450
god bless suomi
Anonymous  25/07/19 Чтв 17:54:04 6017751
ce736209.jpg (170Кб, 1220x800)
Anonymous  29/07/19 Пнд 11:36:09 6026152
You should never go to a imageboard website and think that it represents what people in some country think. For example Ylilauta is full of trolls and nationalists. Most people in Finland are open towards immigration and have nothing against any group of people.
Anonymous  29/07/19 Пнд 13:54:10 6026353
пидораха не палится, там уровень жизни в 3 раза выше, и у них нормальный язык а не кацапский
Anonymous  29/07/19 Пнд 13:56:05 6026454
It is Russia is Finlands land, russians are ugro-fins.
Anonymous  29/07/19 Пнд 13:56:32 6026555
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 01:43:28 6028856
15644225087150.jpg (125Кб, 900x637)
>>57415 (OP)
Только если эта страна будет в составе Российской Империи.
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 10:57:09 6029457
le disapproving[...].png (17Кб, 635x441)
уже был один раз.
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 11:24:56 6029658
>>57415 (OP)
You forget the year jews kill themselves in nuclear showa fbi/kgb bait fest you dumb idiot.

Get well soon.
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 11:55:37 6029759
ae983dd69a1157a[...].jpg (8Кб, 200x200)
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 13:59:21 6029960
what, you didn't like it? i thought we were okay...
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 14:57:55 6030261
kiitos paljon.
Jos sinä olet vielä täällä. Voitko sinä kertoa mitä sinä ajatelet Venäjältä (tai +lle?) ja mitä sinä ajatelet vienäjälset ihmiset?
Mistä sinä olet kotoisin?
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 15:26:50 6030362
I'm a different guy but I think it's really cute that you are learning Finnish :D I think Russians are good people. However Finnish imageboard websites are typically filled with nationalists and trolls who will tell you otherwise.

Are you going to move to Finland or what is the reason you are learning Finnish?

>Voitko sinä kertoa mitä sinä ajatelet Venäjältä
It is "-stä", which means "about" in this context. So: Venäjästä.
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 16:16:42 6030563
Moi, a different guy.
Minä opiskelen suomea kieli, koska minä pidan soumestä. Hän kuulostaa hyvää. IN SOVET RUSSIA WE CALL IT "to do for the soul" (when you do something because you like and don't make profit).

p.s. Miksi milloin minä keskustelen (tai puhua?) suomen kanssa, he vastaavat minulle englantia?
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 16:37:18 6030664
>Finnish imageboard websites are typically filled with nationalists and trolls
same here
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 16:53:40 6030765
You realize that Soviet Russia doesn't exist anymore right?
> Miksi milloin minä keskustelen (tai puhua?) suomen kanssa, he vastaavat minulle englantia?
This is because we can see that you are still learning and we want to make sure that you understand what we are saying. There are several small errors in the text you have written. However, that's really good since you are new to the language.
I'm glad that you enjoy learning Finnish. Hopefully it proves out to be beneficial for you some day. Are you interested in learning languages in general or is there a reason Finnish language is special?
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 17:07:17 6030866
vittun paska
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 17:07:51 6030967
jummalauta helvetti
oi saaatana
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 17:08:12 6031068
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 18:55:15 6031569
мне нравится россия и русский люди, которых я говорил. Ну, просто 2 человек. Не знаю, почему россия как интересно для меня. Возможно красивая русская душа. Читаю /int/ и /b/ потому что я ненавижу учиться язык с книгой

Я из юго-восточная финляндия
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 21:17:52 6031670
финландия была рабами шведов. посли битвы между шведами и росси, россия освабоддила финнов и дала им автономмию.
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 21:52:30 6032271
/b/ и /po/ - лучшее, что когда-либо было на 2ch. Хороший выбор.
У тебя есть родственники из России? Русскую литературу читать не любишь?

>You realize that Soviet Russia doesn't exist anymore right?
Kyllä. Tämä on paikallinen memes
Ok. Minä ymmärsin. Anteeksi. Suomi ei ole tavallinen kieli. Minun on vaikea oppia kieliä, mutta mutta pidän suomea. Minä en tiedä miksi. Ehkä siksi, että pidän suomen rauhasta.
Anonymous  30/07/19 Втр 23:59:26 6032472
никого знаю из России. я читал преступление и наказание на финнском, я не знаю достаточно русский, что могу читать по русский
Anonymous  31/07/19 Срд 04:15:48 6033273
Anonymous  31/07/19 Срд 16:37:24 6034174
>>57415 (OP)
Финны не откажутся побыть столицей России раз уж они в нашем составе побыли. Может это голова отвалилась, потому что когда они были в нашем составе мы очень так нехуёво развивались, один из славнейших периодов в нашей истории.
Anonymous  31/07/19 Срд 23:10:50 6034675
изображение.png (2179Кб, 2048x2048)
>никого знаю
Никого НЕ знаю. Double negation.
>что могу читать по русский
Чтобы читать по-русски, without й.
Anonymous  01/08/19 Чтв 00:21:18 6034976
i dont give a rats ass if my grammar is correct or not. close enough is fine by me
Anonymous  01/08/19 Чтв 00:52:55 6035077
if you don't go for perfection you don't need to study languages imo
Anonymous  01/08/19 Чтв 04:27:16 6035278
Anonymous  01/08/19 Чтв 06:14:06 6035479
Anonymous  01/08/19 Чтв 15:09:16 6036380
>>57415 (OP)
it would be a better country if you abolished conscription
Anonymous  01/08/19 Чтв 16:03:13 6036781
Finland is not dumb and understands that NATO will not save their miserable asses in future conflicts so with population about half of Moscow it will need every man and pizda to be able to hold a barrel in right way. So conscription is only option.
Anonymous  01/08/19 Чтв 17:05:15 6037982
The biggest threat to the sovereignty of Finland is Russia. Russia could take over Finland in a second despite conscription. This is why conscription doesn't make sense.

I personally think being an autonomous part of Russia would make the most sense. However, I'm afraid there aren't many who think the same. If multiculturalism doesn't win, we are headed toward a war. I hope we choose the right side.
Anonymous  01/08/19 Чтв 23:11:56 6039883
>The biggest threat to the sovereignty of Finland is Russia.
I dont think so, you are not on the plan.
Anonymous  02/08/19 Птн 01:33:38 6040084
Anonymous  02/08/19 Птн 09:07:05 6040585
>I dont think so, you are not on the plan.
This is what we're told so that we don't join NATO. In addition, we are afraid that joining NATO would disturb world peace. The airspace violations that Russia occasionally commits remind us who is in control.

Picking a side would disturb the political equilibrium but we should do it anyway.
Anonymous  02/08/19 Птн 16:19:22 6041786
Minä ajattelen, että tämä on jo hyvä. Sinä et tiedä koskaan mitä sinä tarvitset elämässä. Ehkä venäjän kieli on sinulle hyödyllinen.
Mikä on muslimimuuttajien asenne Suomessa? Mikä on parempi ryssa (kuinka tämä sana kirjoitetaan?) tai muslimi?

Melankoliaa, ristiriitoja, kaipaus? Puhutko sinä tästä?

Я не смогу выразить мысль на финском языке. Мне пока не хватает знания финского языка. Поэтому пишу на английском.

State-owned media do not say anything bad about Finland. Before the war with Ukraine, for several years they told on television what injustice was happening in Ukraine, what is Russophobia in Ukraine, showed reports about crucified Russian children (I don’t know if it was fake or not).
Now we hear news that the Russian language is banned in the Baltic states and recently the level of Russophobia in the Baltic states has grown very much.
I think you should worry only if the media talk about the high level of Russophobia in Finland, because in order to fight the enemy, you need to create an image of a cruel and dishonest enemy.

Anonymous  02/08/19 Птн 18:20:57 6041887
Before visiting 2ch I didn't even know there was a thing called "russophobia" and I still doubt that it exist to any large extent. The only phobia I have encountered is directed toward the Russian government, not the people.
Even if Russia annexed Finland, would it be that bad anyway? It would save us from the endless waves of Middle Eastern immigrants, and at the same time we would be a part of a superpower. My vision of the world is not peace, happiness and one big race, the human race. It could never be that way. We have to take into account the underlying mathematical process that governs life, evolution. This is a struggle for survival and reproduction, and there are populations that I'd rather share the struggle with.
Anonymous  02/08/19 Птн 18:44:36 6041988
generally people are not fond of muslim people, at least from my point of perspective after talking to people and reading stuff on the internet. not many people hate or dislike ryssä unless you go around causing mayhem. it's the old folk mostly who might give some hostile thoughts towards ryssä but they keep them to themselves.

wtf how old are you exactly? you must live in some happy-free-go-environment in helsinki or something if you've never even heard of russphobia, let alone experienced it first hand.
Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 09:06:00 6045189
>I personally think being an autonomous part of Russia would make the most sense
FYI There are proportionally more muslims in Russia than in Europe. There also many immigrants from south. The homicide rate in Russia is higher than EU average. Those immigrants are likely to move to Finland and drop the average monthly wage to standard russian $500/month. Yet, the prices for food and all the stuff will be higher as they are today.

Russian poverty and retardness in not a result of some misfortune, but of Kremlin's politics. They use corruption to keep the distant governors loyal. The law system is inefficient for economic development. Courts are completely corrupted.

The russian model to keep Finland occupied would be to install a loyal suomi governor there. He would be allowed to do anything with locals: taking business away, robbing, imprisoning, killing. Once you revolt against the governor, Kremlin will send troops to suppress the riots.

Russian defense model is quite efficient, yet cruel. Imagine that Sweden declares jihad to Russia and attacks Finland. As you may guess, russian people do not care of you. They call derogatorily call you, estonians and other nothern asians "chuhoncy" meaning stinky dirty bitches literally. Before counter-attacking Kremlin will make some propagandist campaign on TV: "Look what those muslim radicals do to our suomi brothers! They kidnap fins to slavery, they cut their throats. We must come and save them from oppression!" After that they will simply bomb Finland leaving all your cities in ruins. They did with Belarus during WW2. They did it in Chechna in 1995.
Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 12:57:14 6045490
I would like to retract that statement. I am aware of the corrupt political system of Russia. Political opposition is silenced and psychological operations are used to control the population. I know it would be bad. All I'm saying is that it would save us from mass immigration of refugees. There is only a finite amount of space on Earth. And when there's no space left, we are going to have to fight for it.
>immigrants are likely to move to Finland and drop the average monthly wage
I think Russian labor would operate more efficiently in our advanced economy if taxes and additional regulation wouldn't be imposed on our economy. This is one of the most common arguments for open borders. Also, the average wage is higher in more advanced areas of Russia.

All in all, I think you are exaggerating a bit. It's not like Russians are crying for help in their country.
Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 14:41:31 6045691
>I think you are exaggerating a bit. It's not like Russians are crying for help in their country.
I can provide proofs and illustrations for any of my statements, just specify what makes you doubt. Russian pride prevents them from crying for help. They never cried even during worse time. Remember the case when finns wanted to provide some humanitarian aid to russians a few years ago? They refused because felt shame that chuhoncy demonstrate superiority by helping russians.
Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 16:20:06 6045892
>Russian defense model
>they will simply bomb Finland
By the time Sweden declares jihad to Russia and attacks Finland, Finland is a mixed population of Russians and Finns. Russian is taught in schools and Finland is one of the most important economic centers of the country. Do you really think that they will just call us chuhoncy and bomb the their own economy?

Also one thing I find funny is what you describe as "the Russian model."
>The russian model
>install a loyal suomi governor
>He would be allowed to do anything with locals: taking business away, robbing, imprisoning, killing.
Do governors really have these rights in Russia? Do they really do this without any justifiable reason?
Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 16:34:49 6045993
Is this Truth? Are Swedes hates Finns?
Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 19:00:49 6046494
640x422.jpg (21Кб, 640x422)
97tn.jpg (60Кб, 380x285)
>Do you really think that they will just call us chuhoncy and bomb the their own economy?
They are still proud they have burned Moscow in 1812 before surrendering it to Napoleon.

>Do governors really have these rights in Russia?
Privileges seems to be the correct term. When opposition protestors occupied the Press house building in Hrozny in 2014, Ramzan Kadyrov, the governor of Chechnya, ordered an attack on the building and shot them. He also publicly announced that the families would be kept responsible for their members' actions. He ordered to burn their homes as the punishment for not reporting. There are also many unconfirmed reports of activists being kidnapped by paramilitary, tortured to give out their allies and sometimes returned dead to their relatives.
Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 19:29:21 6046795
they see them as russians see hohols.
Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 08:52:57 6048396
What political opinions do you hold? You are probably not pro-Russian.
Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 09:26:30 6048597
Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 10:09:43 6048798
Is a serial murderer wrong when claiming 2+2=4 ? No deeds no political sympathies of a man can undermine validity of his argument. I am pro-truth and pro-people_being_informed.
Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 11:34:40 6048899
I wasn't trying to undermine the validity of your argument. (What ever it even was). I was genuinely interested what political opinions you have.
Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 12:32:22 60489100
>They are still proud they have burned Moscow in 1812 before surrendering it to Napoleon.

Гордиться тем, что бросить своих раненых солдат на милость Наполеону это полный пиздец. Россия никогда не считалась с человеческими потерями.
А ты долго жил в России? Или сейчас живешь?

Minä ymmärsin.
Mielestäni, vallankaappaus Suomessa on huono idea (for Suomi). Valitettavasti Venäjä ei ole hyöty ja rauha. Venäjän hallitus on arvaamaton hallitus. Minä en tiedä mitä tapahtuu. Pari vuotta sitten kukaan ei tiennyt sotaa (RU sv UA).

Minä ymmärsin. Vanha sukupolvi muistaa todennäköisesti vielä talvisodan. Ja tarinoita hänestä (tai sestä?).

Onko totta, että finnille jokainen Neuvostoliitossa / Venäjällä syntynyt on venäläinen? Ei ole eroa tatarin tai tšetšeenin.

Moskovassa ja Pietarissa ovat paljon migrantia nyt. Suuri kaupinki houkutelevat migrantia. Ihmiset ovat oikein tyytymätön. Hyvin usein konfliktit.

Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 15:13:20 60492101
>Onko totta, että finnille jokainen Neuvostoliitossa / Venäjällä syntynyt on venäläinen?
Of course there is a distinction between ethnicity and nationality. The stereotypical Russian is of Russian ethnicity, there is no doubt about that. Whether we think about the ethnicity or nationality depends on the context.

>Ihmiset ovat oikein tyytymätön.
Are you openly allowed to express your discontent with the situation?
In Finland, a culture of political correctness has been developing for years. Many people call nationalists racist on social media. It might be still acceptable among the less educated people.
I wish the culture was more conservative but the days of political correctness are here to stay.
In what ways is the culture more conservative in Russia?
Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 17:49:25 60495102
Russian criminal code assumes the punishment upto 6 years in prison for public hatespeech against a person or a group identified by sex, ethnicity, religion or any other parameter.

It is absolutely acceptable to express discontent among your friends or co-workers regardless of education. But in the media or online one has to be very careful and use aesopian language.

Nationalists and conservatives discredit themselves worldwide because of their stupidity. Once I was watching an interview with american cons. Those were good looking guys, seemed polite and calm. When they went their typical family values and shit, the host noticed:
- the youth do not want to merry. how are you going to motivate them?
- we will ban sex! yeah, no sex before marriage!

I also heard some unpopular shit from swedish nationalists like forcing all men into military slavery. No surprise when people hear stuff like that, they vote left choosing the lesser evil.

Also you have not defined the word conservative. It really depends on the context of location. In former USSR conservatives are people similar to your radical leftists. They want socialism back.
Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 19:13:47 60498103
Livign in Saint-Petersburg i'm visiting ur country every month for quality products...
Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 23:20:14 60499104
>>57415 (OP)
Холодно и мерзко. Конечно лучше чем православная, но не самый привлекательный вариант.
Anonymous  07/08/19 Срд 17:56:10 60574105
Anonymous  08/08/19 Чтв 10:11:43 60596106
Minä ymmarsin. Kiitos.

Are you openly allowed to express your discontent with the situation?
Ei. Me emme voi ilmaista vihata. Koska se on syytetty. Nyt venäjällä paljon ihmiset ovat vankilassa maailmankatsomuksestaan.
Enemmän kymmenta voutta takaisin oli paljon taisteluita maahanmuuttajien kanssa, markkinoidensa pogromia. Jopa räjähdyksiä

Nyt ei ole vastaavaa. Nyt sanoissa ja teoissa on oltava varovaisia.
Anonymous  08/08/19 Чтв 11:52:42 60597107
Anonymous  08/08/19 Чтв 13:17:54 60598108
Jos Venäjä ei välitä edes oman kansansa tulevaisuudesta ja olemassaolosta, ei koko maassa ole juurikaan mitään hyviä puolia.
Anonymous  08/08/19 Чтв 20:03:43 60601109
TheWoundedAngel[...].jpg (243Кб, 1280x1030)
>>57415 (OP)
A county, that somehow manages to be both in the top on the lists of the most happy people and most suicide (unhappy) people.

Mysterious Finnish soul. Probably like mysterious Russian soul, only with even more vodka on and hand and a Scandinavian ordnung on other.

This all makes Finland a very weird place.
Anonymous  09/08/19 Птн 00:35:54 60603110
15397925592890s.jpg (5Кб, 200x160)
>>57415 (OP)
Greetings from MIGHTY Russia.
Well my opinion is that it's weird country to the west-north of the Russia. I've never been there.
I also wonder how hard your language is to learn.

How come that you are bilingual btw? Is English is popular there?
I heard that English is pretty widespread in western hemisphere among ethnic inhabitants. Is that True?
Anonymous  09/08/19 Птн 00:37:03 60604111
Anonymous  09/08/19 Птн 14:39:45 60613112
venäläisiä pidetään vähän viekkaina ja epäluotettavina, vähän kuin satujen kettuja, etenkin vanhemmat ihmiset suhtautuvat venäläisiin suurella varauksella, nuoremmat ei niinkään
venäjän valtiosta ihmiset ei oikein pidä

itse pidän kaikista venäläisistä jotka olen tavannut, on myös vähän sääli ettei maamme suhteet oli kovinkaan hyviä, olisi kiva jos naapurissa olisi enemmän kavereita viron lisäksi

t. eri
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 03:39:17 60675113
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 03:41:07 60676114
Finally someone described finnish people. Finnish = russian with autism.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 08:49:12 60681115
Thank you for your openness. Hopefully Putin comes to rescue us from liberalism. I watched an interview with Putin in which he said the liberal idea has outlived it's purpose and then criticized globalism. He will never let feminists destroy Russia like they destroyed the West.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 15:58:50 60686116
Russia is a post-feminist country, already destroyed because feminism was part of marxism. It is among the world leaders in the rates of abortion. Also the disparity in rights in favor of females lead russian men to die 12 years earlier than females. Despite of this the retirement age for men is higher in russia. Basically men pay to the retirement fund but never get pension because they die before they retire.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 17:03:46 60690117
>Also the disparity in rights in favor of females lead russian men to die 12 years earlier than females.
I don't buy that, neither do I care. There are more important things in life. The reason men die earlier than women is mostly genetic.

Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 17:44:52 60691118
What can be more important in life than life itself? You buy into genetic reasons. What is so different in russian genetics from a western europe where men live longer than russian females? I think it is caused by life conditions. Also european females live only 5 years more than men.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:22:13 60697119
rodina mat.jpg (222Кб, 600x600)
krasaviza.jpg (51Кб, 500x422)
>post-feminist country
xD russia is matriarchat, which means mothers rule russia.

we have no fenimism in russia, only women dicktatorship

Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 20:47:40 60703120
>it is caused by life conditions
That is true. There are more variables than you think.

>What can be more important in life than life itself?
The existence of our people. When there's no space left, we are going to divide into groups and wage war like we did in the past.
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 07:04:38 60720121
Finland sucks.
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 13:14:38 60730122
>The existence of our people.
We have a saying in the context of elections "hide grandma's ID to save the country". Everything is interconnected. When men do not live as long as females, they become the minority in the voting process. Today an average russian voter is a female above 45 years old. Those old females do not care your future. They are left 10 years to live and their major interest affecting their voting preferences is to get paid their pensions before they die.
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 23:10:21 60740123
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 07:30:03 60748124
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 02:38:36 60770125
kNtZDOTuBkM.jpg (96Кб, 368x516)
My mother from Finnland. And she has finnish passport, but for some reason we cant leave this rotting shithole. It can sounds too rude, but i saw too much for my short life.
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 02:46:01 60771126
Russia ruins its potential to be a superpower. We have such nice history, literature, music and art and at the same time fucked up government. I hope i dont go to jail for this.
14/08/19 Срд 04:01:50 60772127
>We have such nice history
Are you sure you know its real history and not the fairy tale from a school book?
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 11:45:32 60786128
Anonymous  18/08/19 Вск 20:40:50 60882129
95112817-2B8D-4[...].png (283Кб, 1200x1200)
>>57415 (OP)
I want to get a finnish gf, because they are the only women in the world, who are as autistic as me. Russian women are to open and sociable for me.
Anonymous  18/08/19 Вск 20:41:21 60883130
95112817-2B8D-4[...].png (283Кб, 1200x1200)
>>57415 (OP)
I want to get a finnish gf, because they are the only women in the world, who are as autistic as me. Russian women are to open and sociable for me.
Anonymous  18/08/19 Вск 20:41:47 60884131
Ебаная капча, который раз такая хуйня происходит
Anonymous  19/08/19 Пнд 08:15:44 60904132
mitä vittua lue[...].png (268Кб, 378x412)
OP should get his wig split for such a piece of shit thread
Anonymous  09/09/19 Пнд 07:27:19 61291133
Anonymous  09/09/19 Пнд 12:38:40 61292134
Anonymous  09/09/19 Пнд 18:07:36 61294135
skrattar du forlorar du
i love surstromming and ikea
Anonymous  09/09/19 Пнд 22:01:35 61300136
Anonymous  27/09/19 Птн 10:28:09 61564137
Anonymous  27/09/19 Птн 21:37:49 61565138
Anonymous  29/09/19 Вск 19:46:24 61595139
CsYWofaWEAANZUC.jpg (54Кб, 923x644)
Good country.
Much better than Sweden :DDD
t. not finn
Anonymous  01/10/19 Втр 10:23:56 61614140
huijausta.webm (397Кб, 450x360, 00:00:03)
Anonymous  03/10/19 Чтв 13:32:33 61649141
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