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Why did Russians persecute Jews for 300 years? Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 19:37:23 577531
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Why did Russians persecute Jews for 300 years?
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 19:46:54 577552
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>>57753 (OP)
it was germans, but they ruled over russia. the royal family romanov are "germans" real name romanow holstein gottorp. but they are grandchildren of pharao, they are semetic thats why hitler have semetic dna.

egypt royal family moved to europe after egypt got destroyed. then they build rome and stole the temples gold where they hide it in vatikan. this gold was given to hebrews when they "left" egypt.

russians are slavic and good people.
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 20:01:44 577563
pyramide kazan.jpg (74Кб, 700x471)
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 20:52:25 577734
IMG201904062235[...].jpg (1378Кб, 3006x2458)
But Jews still hate Russia and whoever is in it. That's why they caused Germany to go to war with Russia.
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 23:32:32 577765
yes, russia is gog in gog y magog war. russia eventually will attack israel with turks and rape their women and then messiah will come.
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 23:32:56 577776
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 19:57:53 577877
Vlasov.JPG (52Кб, 718x402)
vlasov2.jpg (6Кб, 275x183)
Actually jews killed the german zar=kai-zar=ce-zar (nikolai romanow holstein gottorp). He was repressing them. so they mobilized russian peasants and workers and made revolution.

jews took control in 1917, then german elite decidet to take back their colony(which was russia at those times) and sent hitler to liberate it from jewish bolsheviks. they succeded when udssr fell apart and russia got back their flag. which is the flag of vlasov army.
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