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Присоединение Крыма к Российской Федерации Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 05:04:43 577971
image.png (846Кб, 900x506)
How do I explain to my Swedish friends that the annexation of Crimea was justifiable?

I tried saying that Nikita Khrushchev gave it to Ukraine when everything was Soviet, so it didn't matter back then. Also, I tried explaining that people in Crimea are +90% Russian and wanted to join.

Also; France, Britain, and the USA were ok with Germany seizing German provinces in Poland 1930. Why is it ok now?

People just call me a Russian propaganda machinea
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 17:49:58 578192
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 18:39:44 578213
>>57797 (OP)
I wouldn't waste my time on trying to convince anyone if I were you. Normal humans are like sheep that need to be herded. They just follow their leader. If you want to influence people, you need to influence the influencers.

The objective of a country is to protect its citizens. Swedes chose to welcome Muslims in their country, so it's hard to think that the future Sweden would be pro-Western.
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 22:33:10 578274
>>57797 (OP)
very simple ask them.
1 do you like communist ?
2 do you like soviet union ?
if the say no to both, tell them communist and soviet union invented ukraine. and if they support ukraine they are communist.
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 11:31:53 578385
283EB116-80D5-4[...].jpeg (25Кб, 268x188)
>>57797 (OP)
tell them ukraine violated crimean tatars’ (muslims) rights and we’ve done right by them

Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 12:51:53 578436
It's not the matter of who are they for, it's the matter of who are they againsts. Ukraine is against Russia, so 'the enemy of my enemy' and all that. Even though your new 'friend' is an asshole.
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 15:26:33 578627
>people in Crimea are +90% Russian and wanted to join
simply fake #1 & fake #2
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 16:41:08 578638
According to Wikipedia, Crimea was 67.9% Russian, 15.7% Ukrainian and 12.6% Tatar in 2014. So this post wasn't necessarily propaganda.

I wish Russia targeted my country with propaganda so that we could join too. 100 users posting good things about Russia 24/7 would be enough. Unfortunately we are not getting that much attention because Finland is considered neutral territory.
Anonymous  11/04/19 Чтв 00:01:37 578859
>>57797 (OP)
We did it to prevent genocide of Russians, sth we failed to do in Chechnya in the 90s. Even if ukies didn't massacre Russians like they do in Donbass, they'd marginalize them like the Baltic states do, stripping them of their political, cultural, social rights and reducing them to second-class "non-citizens". The very first law adopted by the pro-eu usurpers right after the coup stripped the Russian language of its semi-official status so the sign they were sending the Ukrainian Russians was pretty clear.
Anonymous  11/04/19 Чтв 11:22:17 5788610
1554522024769.jpg (45Кб, 569x760)
>Legitimate Ukrainian

What Region are you from, friend?
Anonymous  11/04/19 Чтв 15:34:44 5788911
>>5>>57797 (OP)
lakhtodirka shitting in english detected. idi na huy lahtapidor
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 01:08:39 5789412
1554888145660.gif (2624Кб, 300x424)
>>57797 (OP)
What is there to explain? Your morals, feelings or views don't matter.
Stronger will always take what he wants. Are you 12 or smth?
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 01:09:59 5789513
Mate, if it makes you feel better (also myself), in the soon future China will start "protecting its citizens) in Russia too. That day will come soon.
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 01:11:01 5789614
This lad gets it. Is it because we are from east and not brainwashed thinking there are morals or proper etiquette how to annex countries.
Every country line is drawn by blood, no matter where.
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 07:37:13 5789815
>Every country line is drawn by blood
That's how it was, not anymore. White people will soon be a minority in the US. Also in a Moscow Times article the chairman of the Council of Muftis said "According to experts, Russia’s [Muslim] population will increase to 30 percent in a decade and a half"

The Middle East doesn't need to annex countries. It conquers them by immigration and reproduction.
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 09:38:06 5789916
But Estonian country line is drawn by money because Estonia was bought in Swedish pawn shop.
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 18:39:27 5790417
Estonia will be first to join Finland Empire - new 22nd century superpower XDDDDDDD
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 11:51:14 5792518
I don't think so. Finns do not feel solidarity towards Estonians.

I wonder, do Russians view Finns and Estonians the same way? Are we just two small irrelevant countries at the border?
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 19:19:29 5793419
hahaha estonia is badass :D
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 19:30:20 5793520
>I wonder, do Russians view Finns and Estonians the same way? Are we just two small irrelevant countries at the border?
You mean like majority of russian people ? They dont even know those countries. Russia is so big its like an other planet, i never knew that finland or estonia exist when i lived in russia. Maby guis living close to borders know this countries. In russia you have so much shit to do, you have no time thinking about others. Also time feels like veeeeeeery slow. "Boredome" doesntn exists. Everyday is adrenaline day.
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 19:40:33 5793821
Estonia is seen as this annoyingly loud NATO lapdog whose greatest ambition seems to become a WW3 battlefield.
And it's also a Naziland.

Finland is seen with mild envy as it seemed to have made it from a Russian Empire province into a genuinely successful country with admirable values and standards of living. And it also kicked our butt in 1940 which is admirable.
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 21:18:21 5794122
>Finland is seen with mild envy as it seemed to have made it from a Russian Empire province into a genuinely successful country with admirable values and standards of living. And it also kicked our butt in 1940 which is admirable.
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 23:00:20 5794223
come on tankie, finns are cool
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 08:18:33 5794624
I think your answer is closer to reality. According to a poll made by the Ministry of Foreign Agency of Finland, majority of Russians have a very positive attitude towards Finland. 12% of the respondents even said they would like to move to Finland.

From our perspective however, many of us are afraid of Russia because it is seen as somewhat unstable country but we don't have anything against Russians as individuals. There are already about 70 000 Russian speaking individuals in our country which is a lot since there is only 5,5 million of us. Personally, I think Russians are cool and I wish our relations were better.
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 10:49:26 5794725
It wasn't justifiable.

Crimea is rightfully Ukraine.
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 13:08:35 5794926
I think more Russians would be willing to move to Finland if Finnish authorities weren't stealing Russian children from their parents.
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 14:25:39 5795027
News about Finnish authorities doing anything like that is said to be part of Russian information warfare. I'm not sure what Russia is trying to accomplish but it's really saddening. I'm on the side of Russia and see this misinformation as counterproductive. It is obvious that it is not in the interest of Finnish authorities to forcefully take children away from their parents.
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 20:01:57 5795628
>Finnish authorities to forcefully take children away from their parents.
They do, but only russian kids.(best genes)
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 01:28:54 5796929
V5oY2LDi3rQ.jpg (27Кб, 552x289)
Greetings, brother. Teach everybody around you some english, maybe then they will be able to think about things in a wider perspective.
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 02:25:23 5797130
Uh huh. "Information warfare". Steal people's children away and scream information warfare. Glorify Nazi vets and blame information warfare. Oppress Russian minorities and waive all criticism with "information warfare". Shout information warfare and accumulate troops on the Russian border. Froth information warfare at your mouth and leave nuclear agreements. Pull information warfare over everyone's eyes and stage coups in countries that don't bow to your will. Oppress opposition? Recognise land grabs? Hunt down whistleblowers? Information warfare. Stage fake assassination attempts? Set up torture camps in Eastern European countries?Impose unjustified sanctions? Information warfare. Bloat war budget? Hush up Muslim immigrant sex crimes? Information warfare will take care of everything! It's a get out of jail for free card, a universal answer to any bullshit you may pull — just blame Russia and its almighty information warfare. No way you could do anything wrong.
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 03:09:27 5797431
It did matter back then, it always mattered.
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 07:56:00 5797632
Even if it happened, I couldn't do anything about it. Governments have plans of their own. Democracy gives us an illusion of being in control.
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 12:00:25 5797733
It's not about you personally, man.

It's just that I hate this kind of handwavey attitude. Oh, no, don't believe those Russians, everything they say is information warfare.

Take this children thing. It sounds awfully like damage control by that child stealing agency of yours. Oh no, we'd never do anything like that, why would you even suggest such a horrible idea! Pinky swear! And I'd believe that if it weren't for the constant stream of abuse against Russians all over the world over the years. The US are hunting Russians and persecuting them on flimsy cases. Baltic shprots are depriving the local Russians of their rights and denying them citizenship and a chance to integrate into the society. Ukrainian Nazi cosplayers are forbidding Russian to speak their own tongue even though Russians are a sizeable majority in the Ukraine. American perverts are adopting Russian orphans to rape and kill them and getting away with laughable sentences.

Stealing children and giving them up to foster families of homosexual perverts without their parents' consent just fits into this whole narrative too well. It feeds into Russians' frustration that they are vulnerable and can be abused by anyone in this world. That anyone can humiliate, imprison, torture a Russian person and fear no consequences for it whatsoever. That Russian children are just fucktoys to be exploited by the Western perverts. That Russia is not the US that wouldn't hesitate to uproot a whole nation to save a couple of students or diplomats. That Russia is weak and can be abused by anyone in any way they may want.

And should anyone raise a voice about any of it — oh, it's all information warfare, we'd never do anything like that! Why would you believe those Russians and not us?
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 12:48:41 5797834
>constant stream of abuse against Russians all over the world over the years
This is what is wrong with your thinking. Dude, Russians are fine. Russians immigrate to our country in hope of a better life, and they are happy to live here.
You have literally read 2 news articles about child custody cases in Finland and now you are calling our child protective services a "child stealing agency".
>anyone can humiliate, imprison, torture a Russian person and fear no consequences for it whatsoever.
You must be psychotic. There is no other way you think this is the case. End of the conversation.
Anonymous  17/04/19 Срд 13:20:19 5802235
>>57797 (OP)
There is no way to do so because it wasn't a just vote.
Democracy stands on voting and voting process has to be neutral. Voting without both sides having fair acsess to agitation and (what a coencedence!) started after one side literally occupied territory isn't fare at alll.
Still, if there will be a second vote any time in the future and it wil lbe neutral (no guns, fair campaing on both sides) we will have to deal with it no matter the outcome will be
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 05:02:07 5802936
It will be even fairer as ppl will have seen both sides' advantages and disadvantages. Ukraine's water supply and international support and nazi squads eager to persecute Russian speakers or the Russian infrastructure development projects and security provided by the military bases, and international sanctions crippling the region's economy.
And shitton of propaganda from both sides.

Who's going to win, I wonder?
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 18:50:33 5803637
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 18:52:44 5803738
ready for Russians coming and protecting its citizens lol?
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 20:58:38 5804039
bookert.jpg (29Кб, 640x360)
>There are already about 70 000 Russian speaking individuals in our country which is a lot since there is only 5,5 million of us.
We coming for you nigga!
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 18:41:05 5805640
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 00:16:56 5808241
According to the Ukrainian Constitution, Crimea is not Ukraine.
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 00:24:54 5808342
According to the Ukrainian Constitution, Uktaine is unitary state, so parts of state, cant exit from state
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 00:27:35 5808443
After February 22, 2014, when the power in Ukraine was illegally seized by pro-American gangs of Nazis, the authorities of Crimea were the only legit carriers of the Ukrainian statehood. The American type of "democracy", which standes on armed gangs of terrorists defending the interests of US oligarchic clans is not democracy, it is fascism.
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 00:30:24 5808544
According to the Ukrainian Constitution, Crimea was an autonomous republic. By definition, in unitary Ukrainian republic cannot be another republic.
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 00:47:18 5808645
20181016174417.JPG (11Кб, 193x231)
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 00:47:52 5808746
The revival of Crimea to Russia is completely legitimate from the point of view of international, and most importantly, Ukrainian laws. Thanks to the pro-American anti-Ukrainian regime, which, while drafting the constitution of Ukraine, laid it in a position to legally give Crimea to Turkey and thanks to Vladimir Putin, the Russian army and the peoples of Crimea for using this tab in the interests of Russia, Ukraine and all civilized humanity.
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 01:33:58 5808847
Anonymous  21/04/19 Вск 05:04:06 5810448
Anonymous  23/04/19 Втр 18:11:46 5817649
Anonymous  23/04/19 Втр 18:13:44 5817750
Anonymous  21/05/19 Втр 08:11:55 5872951
Anonymous  21/05/19 Втр 14:37:19 5873152
>>57797 (OP)
Tell them Russia way more rich than Ukraine. Every normal Ukrainian would like be part of Russia.
Anonymous  21/05/19 Втр 19:39:15 5873253
>>57797 (OP)
Prepare your anus sweden. Tonight your ass will be kicked.
Anonymous  22/05/19 Срд 12:15:56 5875254
So it was. Wtf Sweden I thought you were good at hockey.
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