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More Russia soon Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 17:28:35 578481
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Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 17:39:38 578492
389db2a480882f3[...].jpg (24Кб, 232x217)
The last time the territory of Russia increased in 2014. As a result of reunification with the Crimea and recognition of the central part of the Sea of Okhotsk as the continental shelf of Russia.
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 20:04:09 578513
>>57848 (OP)
You can't do anything with under water cold mud. The only thing it allows is 1. more oil to drill, and Russia doesn't need more oil. 2. Prevents ships from coming closer to that part of Russia... which doesn't mean much.
It's all so meaningless.
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 20:56:35 578524
1524009804833.jpg (522Кб, 1191x1140)
also georgia and ossetia. and eastern part of ukraine.
>>57848 (OP)
that pic
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 21:13:39 578545
>>57848 (OP)

Russia’s New Arctic Military Bases

America's deployment of futuristic military craft in Germany
(old news from 2015, possibly leading to Russia's retaliatory expansion into the arctic)

Father Frost visits Russian children with special needs in Siberia

Vladimir Putin visits a well known leader of the arctic regions to discuss Russia's expansion towards the North Pole
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 17:08:11 578676
Mininlens-shmilinlens. Good of land got himself more land. Jelous Canada?
More RUSSIA! Anonymous  21/04/19 Вск 10:37:05 581137
imgonline-com-u[...].jpg (275Кб, 1920x1289)
Within the next week, the Syrian seaport of Tartus will be leased to Russia for 49 years for transport and economic use.

A Russian airport will also be built at the site of the agricultural airfield in Tartus.

Tartus is the second largest port city in Syria after Latakia.
Anonymous  21/04/19 Вск 14:46:05 581198
Jealous, Gaynada? Tcw you will newer have so much land and sit on it basically protect it from population and development. OR preserve it if you look other way)
Anonymous  21/04/19 Вск 22:09:40 581259
heavy industry and roads destroy the soil. russia thinks ahead and invest in military to kill people in order to heal the earth from humanity.
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