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Your favorite American president? Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 18:26:47 579531
abraham lincoln.jpg (50Кб, 360x450)
Your favorite American president?
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 19:09:48 579542
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 20:20:28 579573
what do you care about then?
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 20:48:55 579594
William Henry Harrison
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 00:12:27 579635
Lincoln freed the niggers, worst president and an American traitor.
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 00:36:23 579656
he handled the civil war pretty well
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 00:57:20 579667
Jefferson mostly.
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 02:27:06 579728
>>57953 (OP)
Van Buren. His name was lent to the real Fallout 3, the one we never got.
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 06:55:47 579759
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 17:50:14 5798710
reagan-trumptra[...].jpg (47Кб, 480x300)
>>57953 (OP)
Ronald Reagan is great, because he helped to end ussr. Too bad he had to go, so it all went astray after he left the office. He also fucked up when he legalized illegal mexicans (but that he himself admitted as one of his biggest fuck-ups)
Donald Trump is one of the best. For me personally because he legalized weed on federal level. Too bad he (or whoever fuckwit works for him) left THC extract illegal, which is a huge conspiracy. I hope he will be informed on this subject and dismantles DEA & FDA & FED & all the other evil motherfuckers.
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 18:35:38 5798811
jefferson airplane, not mostly
those murricans are stupid
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 21:22:41 5799412
>>57953 (OP)
Couldn't care less. But you've got to respect George Washington for stepping aside after serving his second term back when monarchies were the norm.
He was the one to start this fine tradition after all.
Anonymous  21/04/19 Вск 06:40:08 5810713
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