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do you love russia? Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 00:11:30 579621
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do you love russia?
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 01:22:37 579672
arakul-1.jpg (234Кб, 467x700)
>>57962 (OP)
Just as we all we both love and hate the place where we live.
The place itself is actually great (even with winter, even with lack of infrastructure, the nature beyond Ural mountains is incredible and unlike any other) But what the faggots who sometimes even liver right here did and keep on doing with it, it's just beyond any form of civilized speech.

I also don't consider picrelated work of nature, I think it's ancient humans' one of the first attempts into concrete. Because Roman Pantheon is officially concrete, Egyptian pyramids are somewhat more primitive, and here's a guy showing how they could have been actually built, which made me thinking hm... those pyramids are rather advanced. What was the previous example of the same or similar technology, and I understood that picrelated wasn't built by itself (with straight angles (not just in forms of blocks, but in form of the wall itself sometimes)) by some official version which is so assinine I wouldn't even repeat it here, but I was told that glacier melted and left those stones accurately packed by
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 01:24:34 579683
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 01:38:23 579704
Слендермен это [...].jpg (206Кб, 1023x678)
>>57962 (OP)

Perhaps it is better to love than to hate, especially when interacting with Russians in the real life world of the imaginary realm of fantasy. Dreams of imagination have a higher degree of reality than the real world, especially since they are closer to the realm of the Russian saints and servants of God. Also, Russians may be less hostile to some Americans than many of the evil faeries whom have neither respect nor toleration for humans.

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