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what is your excuse for hating kavkaz ? Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 00:34:57 580261
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what is your excuse for hating kavkaz ?
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 03:46:00 580282
I lived there for ten years.

Too hot and windy and dusty, fugly chicks, aggressive criminal bydlo, nothing to do for fun, no good jobs or opportunities.
Maybe things changed since I left 13 years ago but I really doubt that for some reason.
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 13:42:05 580343
>>58026 (OP)
I was fucking your mom while you was writing this , Lakhtodirka
Your mom was sucking my dick and promised to to do it again tomorrow
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 15:06:59 580354
nice runglish, proxyhoholik
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 21:06:26 580415
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>>58026 (OP)
nobody hates kavkaz here.


i take 2 please :)
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 18:48:37 580576
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 21:07:58 580697
caucasus is big, where did you lived exactly ?
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 23:57:17 580818
dagistan sila.png (683Кб, 700x600)
caucas is big
but caucas mens have small dick
Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 18:08:24 580989
loner.jpg (55Кб, 634x454)
Anonymous  25/04/19 Чтв 06:40:34 5820210
znakcom-2076331[...].jpg (53Кб, 580x386)
>>58026 (OP)
Kavkaz was a buffer zone between Russia and Turkey. But now we just can't get rid of it...
Anonymous  25/04/19 Чтв 09:14:59 5820511
I agree that the hot and windy part may be specific to that local place but the ugly chicks are pretty much universal throughout the region.
Anonymous  25/04/19 Чтв 18:39:13 5821012
bufferzone between russia and turkey is azerbajan. where mountain jew live.
Anonymous  26/04/19 Птн 05:41:26 5821613
but stravopol is russian, not caucasian
Anonymous  27/04/19 Суб 11:53:31 5823614
Caucasus is Russian. A good chunk of it, anyway.
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