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Are there any real foreigners here? or this board is only for russians using VPN? Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 08:25:34 584191
p7j9mh4wvely.png (660Кб, 597x556)
Are there any real foreigners here? or this board is only for russians using VPN?
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 16:18:10 584232
1554468643114.gif (411Кб, 1000x546)
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 19:04:23 584333
>>58419 (OP)
iam russian in germany. yes its only for russians and russian pets
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 21:32:44 584534
Anonymous  07/05/19 Втр 04:37:40 584805
Anonymous  07/05/19 Втр 08:42:28 584836
>>58419 (OP)
>Are there any real foreigners here?
Only sometimes.
Anonymous  07/05/19 Втр 09:22:22 584847
Anonymous  07/05/19 Втр 20:31:46 584918
Post some pictures from your town, tbh.
Anonymous  07/05/19 Втр 23:01:53 584949
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 08:30:01 5849810
1552551479315.jpg (55Кб, 552x767)
I am, I came here because I was bored of 4chan and someone mentioned this site a few days ago. Unfortunately I don't speak russian and machine translation only goes so far
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 09:32:31 5850011
Really? How often do you visit this website? Where did you get a mention about it?
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 11:40:04 5850412
1538624548141.png (1046Кб, 1306x1092)
*Unfortunately I don’t speak Russian and machine translation only goes so far
although i haven't i havent posted anything so i guess thats still correct
Some russian one 4chan's /int/ board mentioned a "russian 4chan" so I found this place with the help of google. Mostly I've just been looking at all the boards that seem interesting and trying to keep up with what's being said. I was surprised at how many english images were being posted. Aside from it being in russian it's pretty similar to 4chan, in fact I'd almost say it's an improvement since it's less of a clusterfuck and there's no swarm of newbies every couple of months since it's not so famous
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 11:45:17 5850513
looks like my first post was correct, the translator kicked in and made it look wrong, sorry for sloppy posting
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 12:34:58 5850714
What translator? Aren't you an american so english is your native language?
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 12:41:11 5850915
There is nothing interesting in my town actually, a typical soviet town
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 12:41:19 5851016
russian.PNG (142Кб, 1562x645)
I have my browser set to automatically translate russian pages so it translates ui and fucks up the english some how
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 12:46:54 5851117
May you make a non-translated screenshot?
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 12:49:32 5851218
russian2.PNG (91Кб, 1585x622)
I'd image it looks the same on your screen but why not
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 14:04:36 5851419
I wonder why int isn't translated into english
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 15:06:09 5851520
1537909727824.png (433Кб, 554x788)
It just has trouble when there's more than one language one a page, maybe because Latin letters and Cyrillic share some characters. Anyway its about 7 a.m. where I am right now so I'm going to sleep, I'll check the thread again when I wake up
Anonymous  10/05/19 Птн 23:22:17 5855721
>I was surprised at how many english images were being posted.
Russian internet is pretty well integrated into english internet content-wise. Images with english text often get translated and posted on social networks (read: stolen). I'm talking about lolcats, messaging screencaps and all that normalfag stuff.
Russian imageboard speak has it's roots in 4chan speak. General internet speak is pretty similar too. We call dickpicks and nudes the same.
You'd be even more surprised if you were bilingual.
>it's less of a clusterfuck
Well, there are 159 boards open on this site, so...
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 08:07:44 5902822
Becuase unlike KC, 2ch UI is in cryllic which scares off the normalfags, when I first came here I was confused by the UI but now I can navigate with no problem
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 16:19:18 5903423
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