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The final day of the Battle of Nations. 150 vs 150 and awards! Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 17:54:38 584271
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The Battle of the Nations is an international historical medieval battles world championship, first held in 2009, in Khotyn, Ukraine and held in Europe, in April, every year since.

It is a full contact competition using metal weapons and a standardized list of rules. National teams compete in several standard events, with all being full contact - no stage reenactment battles are included.

Teams from up to 25 countries have entered the tournaments.
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 17:58:56 584282
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In this year the British were able to surprise. Very good preparation. (But we still took the best places, because we have the oldest and strongest teams.)
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 19:00:34 584313
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