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Could someone please characterise the /b/ board here for me? What kind of Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 09:45:28 585671
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Could someone please characterise the /b/ board here for me? What kind of threads does it usually consist of? I've seen a lot of porn dump threads, daily webm threads (dark webm with edgy stuff sometimes flooded with gay content) and nostalgia/slice of life threads.

Also is there a lot of Ukrainians posting on this imageboard? What do the Russian users think of them? Can you identify them by the way they write?
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 10:55:29 585682
Co tam janusz
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 14:35:50 585693
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 17:20:09 585714
The Ukrainian alphabet is a bit different from Russian and some Ukrainians try to resemble it, for example, by typing Ukrainian Єє instead of Russian Ээ.
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 18:58:32 585725
russia libertar[...].jpg (316Кб, 1280x720)
>>58567 (OP)
/b/ is libertarian board, almost everything is allowed except some stuff against the russian law. their is no difference between polack, ukranian and russian its same people. their are "ukranians" which are not realy ukranian, they wer born in ukraine and speak language but they are something else.
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 19:12:53 585736
R1adistribution[...].jpg (274Кб, 863x560)
>>58567 (OP)
also i forggot to say. you are also russian because polack is russian nickname the emperor gave to people in poland which is поляна=polye=field, this polyaki is "fieldpeople" and ukraine is у края на = at the edge/border, so "borderlanders"

german for exampe is немец or nemez=ne moi=не мой(not mine) or also dull(not able to speak,->my language) germans used to be like niggers(well they still are) they mumbled some wierd noises so slavs didnt understand them, then romans came and took them as soldiers.
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 22:10:38 585807
>>58567 (OP)
>What kind of threads does it usually consist of?
1. The ones revolving around relationships.
2. Threads about jobs/salaries and politics.
3. Troll threads are also frequent. "I'm going to fuck your girl and you aren't gonna do shit" with pictures of muscular men attached. "Reply to this thread or your mother will die in her sleep" and other baiting shit.
4. Feels threads.
These come up often. Other than that it's pretty random. Much better than 4chins /b/ that consists solely of porn.
Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 01:16:16 585818
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